Monday , 25 January 2021
Over the years I have notice a definitely direct correlation between my weekly blogging activity and the number of sales I make in my Etsy shop.

40 Tips to a Better Craft Blog from Craft Blog Uk

Green Cursive Hermes Baby Manual Typewriter

Green Cursive Hermes Baby Manual Typewriter from : BMTvintage

I have been consistently blogging  since 2007 and the constant blogging for my business not only increases blog traffic, but in directly increases traffic to my online shop as well. Over the years I have notice a definitely direct correlation between my weekly blogging activity and the number of sales I make. The more I blog, the more traffic I see to my blog.  The more traffic that my blog gets the more traffic my Etsy shop sees…. we all know that traffic equals sales!   The key is to post a variety of different posts, but sticking with your brand’s theme.

I wanted to provide the Handmadeology readers with a blog resource they could return to over and over , so I started searching for articles.  When I went searching for killer blog articles geared toward the handmade/craft niche, I remembered the Craft Blog Uk.  Ran by Hilary Pullen , this blog is jam packed full of amazing blogging tips!

So here are a bunch of articles for you to check out!   Read them,  learn from them , bookmark them, share, pin, tweet, like, and enjoy!


Here are a few more article from Handmadeology!

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  1. Wow what a useful article with lots of links to other useful stuff! I haven’t got a craft blog yet as I’ve never been able to find the time – after reading this I will be doing one.
    MANY THANKS I am about to update my old and useless website and will add-in a blog.
    Christine Harvey
    Rose Cottage Crafts

  2. I do have a blog but I am not consistent with it and sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to blog about. Thank you for the resources. I’m definitely hoping to improve in this area.

  3. Hey, what a treat, thanks a lot. I am going to religiously read all of this. Was just explaining to my husband there is no degree or masters in Craft Blogging so we have to craft our own handmade curriculum and I guess post like this are a bit part of it!

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