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450 Sales In The First 3 Months Of Business On Etsy. HERE’S HOW

450 Sales In The First 3 Months Of Business On Etsy. HERE’S HOW

Friendship Bracelet

Read about how Lisa’s Etsy shop got suspended:  Etsy Shop Suspended! What You Need to Know

Lisa from the energyshop says:

I’ve kept close watch of what works and what doesn’t since I started. Here’s are some Etsy tips I know for sure work:

♥ Give Stuff Away.

If you check out my shop, it will come as no surprise to you that I’m a real believer in karma. Share your product. If anyone I know personally shows interest in my product, they get a bracelet. I appreciate support in all forms. Before I started selling anything, I gave packets of bracelets to many of my friends. Their feedback was essential to my beginning, and it proved that I had a lovely little gift in each creation.

This reminds me of something written by Wayne Dyer, “When you say, ‘How may I share?’ the Universe responds, How may I share with you?” Let me be clear in that I don’t share for what I’ll get in return. I’m often thinking of someone when a new stone comes across my desk, and I love making a new bracelet with loving thoughts of someone I know. Having clarified that you don’t want to give just to get, here’s my point: Anytime I put an unexpected gift package in the mail, I see a huge increase in sales that week. How can you share?

♥ But, Don’t Do Give-Aways.

Early on, I ran a sweepstakes on my own blog site for a free bracelet. I was just starting out and I had a lot of time to play with my blog and try to push my website on the free advertising forums (read Help Your Customers Find You below). By the time of my sweepstakes drawing, my business had increased and I had become quite busy. I made the sweepstakes bracelet and sent it to the winner, who had an issue with the bracelet on arrival. Her story was slightly suspicious. I was sorry to disappoint the winner, but I did not have the time or personal energy to perform customer service for a non-paying customer.

I’ve learned to work around this by offering gift certificates for sweepstakes, and I only do this for other bloggers to go along with their reviews. In order to redeem my gift certificate, the customer will need to log into their Paypal account and fill out all of the information on Etsy as well. That person is then a customer with a gift certificate, rather than a sweepstakes winner, which means we’re “in business” and following all of the regular policies.

♥ Celebrate Your Sales.

When I hit 100 sales in my first month of business, I was beyond ecstatic. To me, it meant: I really have something here! I saw a full-time job and a second income in my near future. I needed to CELEBRATE! and I wanted to do it with the people who got me there.

At 100 sales, I created a “Customer Appreciation Special.” I ordered Chrysanthemum stone for the first time, and this sale is how it was debuted in my shop. I made a stock of 10 bracelets and priced them so that I didn’t lose, but my customer clearly won.

Once I reach a goal, I make a new one and plan the next sale accordingly (including bigger stock for higher landmarks).


♥ Help Your Customers Find You.

This means to have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, Pinterest , a blog (if you like to write), a website, and a public email address. Encourage other bloggers to review you. These forms of spreading the word are a slow-moving, but steady progress. You are building a brand. Every spot where you leave your mark is leading people to your shop. Also, my Facebook fan page is, BY FAR, my best form of free advertisement. I post something once or twice a week and those posts often lead to multiple sales.

♥ Be Wary When One Customer Finds You Too Much.

I do well enough wasting time. I don’t need other people to do it for me. :)

When I first opened shop, I earned a huge fan. Man, she loved me. She followed me on Twitter and tweeted to me often, she found me on Facebook and commented all over the page, and she wrote me direct messages through whatever forum was available to her in the moment. She had a boatload of requests. My site had all of the things she loved; she’d just like me to alter them slightly: a different size, another stone, etc. For two months, I worked for her, ordered for her, researched for her, and just as I was about to jump through 3 hula hoops on fire, I looked her up in my records. She had made one sale, with no promise to make anymore. It seemed one of her hobbies was managing my business, and I was allowing it! I stopped doing anything just to please her, and we grew apart gracefully.

I love my customers so much. 99.8% of them are not anything like the person I mentioned above. Moreover, when I’m dealing with that .2% of customers who are all-demand and no check-out, I don’t have time to appreciate my valued buyers. When the convos are coming daily, but there hasn’t been a sale in weeks, you might want to determine who’s really interested in your products from who’s just bored at home. ♥

♥ Buy Advertisements.

Etsians talk about renewing listings every day. This means you refresh your listing by checking it and clicking “renew,” which then re-charges the $.20/item listing fee. I’ve done this a few times, especially when I have anything wedding-related listed. A lot of Etsians rely on the traffic that comes through the Etsy home page or site search. I’m in the jewelry business on Etsy, so I absolutely have to fish a bigger pond. I spend an average of $.20 per click on Facebook advertising, bringing the outside world into Etsy.

I love! love! love! my Facebook advertising. Where my stuff is trending is where I need to advertise. I pick very select groups to sell to, which keeps my cost per click rates on Facebook very low.

I’m not going to give away my entire strategy here, so let’s say I made boutique-y children’s clothing (I don’t). I used to subscribe to US Weekly,* and man oh man, did I think that I needed to outfit all of my children (there are four) in upscale, boutique-y, one-of-a-kind outfits. If I were selling this line, I would take out an advertisement on Facebook for married women aged 26-38 who “like” the US Weekly Fan Page. I would put a child that looked simple and neat, a life-like Suri Cruise, in one of my cutest outfits and create a fabulous headline.

*If I were a boutique-y children’s clothing store, I would also subscribe to US Weekly to keep up with Hollywood baby trends and change my item tags to match what other US Weekly subscribers might be searching each week.

In start-up, Facebook Ads have been everything I need. Facebook recently started accepting Paypal, which is just one more convenience. Google Ads are another very user-friendly advertising resource. However, I find the cost per click to be insanely over-priced. Books that teach the CPC strategy, like The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris, have increased the popularity of search engine advertising. I recently cashed a coupon for $75 in free Google advertisements (magazines, like Inc., will offer great deals and coupons for small business owners) and I was paying more than $1 for every click (two years ago, each click would have cost $.10). In my opinion, $1 is simply not worth it.
However, you may have a product that would do very well on Google Ads and every $1 spent could potentially bring in great profit. Obviously, your marketing strategy depends on your market. So, ask yourself:

Who are your customers? How old are they? Are they predominantly male or female? Do they have a family or are they single? Are they conventional or quirky? What do they read? What movies/TV do they watch? Where do they take vacation? Are they laid-back or adventurous? What are their hobbies? Build a typical customer on paper, and then you’ll start getting ideas on exactly how to find them.


♥ Follow Your Customers Lead.

For me, this means always carrying 3-packs. My 3-packs are 3 bracelets made of smaller gemstones, listed at inexpensive prices. The 3-pack is not my favorite listing, they take up a lot of my precious time and they are always at a reduced price, but the customers ♥ it.

I’ve spent these last few weeks trying to cut 3-packs out, but when I do, sales drop.

The 3-pack is especially important when I think of new customers. I imagine them coming to my site, seeing all of the different gemstones with all of the different meanings, and feeling completely overwhelmed . . . “This one means this; that one means that. I need a little of the moonstone, and a little of the jasper in my life . . .” I imagine them doing this until they just leave my website and we part ways . . . forevermore.

If a customer comes looking for a great place to start, there it is: the 3-pack. For this reason, I try to always carry a starter 3-pack because even if I’m not gaining profit, I am gaining a new customer—which is so much more valuable than that of a single sale. The point is to follow the customers’ lead, and give them a simple place to start. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll thank them for all the future business to come.

♥ Think Outside the Box.

The Energy Shop has taught me that I have an entrepreneurial spirit. This does not feel like work to me. It feels like Cake Mania or Wedding Day or Spa Tycoon, or any other virtual business games that I have become obsessed with in the past. Every seed you plant is important. Even though it doesn’t take root and sprout immediately, you’re putting yourself, and your brand, out there.

♥ Finally, Realize That I Am Not Your Competition.

I am always your friend. We have neighboring shops and we help each other, whether you realize it or not. My Facebook advertising brings hundreds of people to Etsy each day (FYI, I usually spend $20 per day). I guarantee that some of them have shopped around and spent elsewhere. I’m glad, I want them to! Because I love you, Etsians. I really, really do! I care for you and your well-being. So good luck! ♥ and all the best.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips. I do a lot of these things but you’ve got some great refinement techniques that are worth looking in to for certain :)

  2. This is one of the best articles on thissubject I have seen!

  3. What a great post, filled with fantastic tips! Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong! I’ve only had 9 sales in 9 months, in my store

    I do giveaways, promote on FB, flicker and twitter. Tried re-listing but just incurred fees rather than sales.

    I love your idea of doing a gift voucher and will give that a try next month. I think it’s because I’m in a saturated market, jewelry! There are alot of us out there, but I hope that my style will take off one day!

    • Hi Deborah, your story caught my eye, and I hope you will not mind a little wisdom from a stranger. We are hobbyists who sell honey and beeswax candles at multiple venues, food fairs, craft shows and farmers markets throughout the region (small city of 500,000). I am sorry to report that every last one of these shows is also over-represented with hand-made jewelry, most of which doesn’t sell. Nice stuff, too, sometimes up to several hundred dollars. It’s a heart-breaker to see the sellers’ enormous investment in time and pre-sale product. A few lessons we have learned about people’s buying habits include: People tend to buy things that attract, by being different AND by being practical. Jewelry is a luxury item at any price point, and may not be a necessary investment. It is usually women selling to other women, a great number of whom may be already deep in debt. As you observed, people giving you the ‘run-around’ probably don’t have the money to spend, but recognize that you will spend time with a potential customer, providing them endless assured-return communication, which they often try to work into a friendship. They can be tedious. We don’t sell at all on the internet, nor do we use social networking, nor do we pay for internet advertising, or gadgets like the ‘Square’ for iphones. We offer taste-testing samples, and talk about the bees; it’s interesting, and it’s different, and it has a ‘story’ that piques their interest. This allows time to build a trust relationship with the client. There is simply no replacement for talking to a client in person, and no shipping costs either. Unfortunately, we also get people who just want to waste our time, and those INVARIABLY are the ones who buy nothing. After 3 questions or so we realize they are just killing time and we have learned to nip that in the bud. We don’t take credit cards. Fact is that trying to sell to a credit-card crowd on or off the internet can be a no-win situation and doesn’t increase sales, at least not at our price point ($4 to $32) and most people have that in their wallet or get it from an ATM). You are so correct that jewelry is an over-saturated global internet market, so merely publishing photos may not be sufficient to convince people to leap for their credit card. You might consider changing venues to include live shows or bundling (wholesaling to businesses and high-scale shops like airports & hotels) in, or out of your area, or offering something free with every purchase, upgrade your packaging, or doing a retail trade show, or perhaps think about changing products altogether. Maybe do a little research on what sells best on the internet, and at what price point. It’s getting to be a racket that so many agencies in the virtual markets have discovered ways to milk your profits, and have learned how to make money every day, even when you don’t. Gosh that was a mouthful, but I feel very badly that so many are in your situation. Best of luck to you.

      • Thanks Ruth, I am a newbie in Etsy and search all kinds of information about selling~
        I am in the saturated market also, your comment really touch my heart, make me think deeply about it! Just like to say thank you for you.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love that you point out that others shops aren’t competition – I’m happy to have someone be inspired by something they find in my shop!

  5. I agree with Heather: definitely one of the best articles on this topic ever! :) What great advice about giving away a gift certificate instead of an actual product. Thank you for a terrific article!!

  6. Oh, this is so helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to share these tips. Getting views is such a stumbling block for me and you’ve given me some specific direction for increasing them. Thanks again!

  7. I’m curious about sending gift packages. Do you ask people for their addresses or are you sending them to people you know? I love the idea of sending things to people who show interest, but I am not sure how to go about it.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  8. Thank you, Handmadeology! ♥ I just found your Energy Shop reference through Google Analytics and I’m honored!! I appreciate the kind things you’ve all said about my article and I hope to add on to it at 1,000 sales!

    Martha, I’m sending my products to people I know. For instance, my daugher (4th grade) is my best saleswoman and she couldn’t just HAD to mention the Energy Shop at our back-to-school meet the teacher. The teacher was genuinely interested, asked about my site, and wanted more information about my products.

    In that case, I would prepare an order for her, just as if she were a paying customer, with wishes for a good school year.

    I also send Energy Shop items to my family and friends on a regular basis.

    Thanks again, all! ♥

  9. Thanks for the great tips!

    I will read again :))


  10. What an energetic positive article ! Thank you !

  11. I have been one click away from advertising. I do relist often during the day (with results) but felt like I needed to get out there more as in advertising. Thanks for the push.

  12. Very helpful ideas – thanks for sharing!

    BTW, Lisa has great customer service AND a great product – I happen to be one of her very happy customers!

  13. This is great info. on what you did and how you did it and it has surely paid off.

    Thanks again for sharing

  14. Thank you many times over for such great advice. Some products on some shops just do not draw as many customers. My kusudama flowers and paper art are a small niche in this world, but i love Asian arts and most importantly love what i do.

  15. Great article!
    Since I’m mainly a service-based business I offer 10% off to a new customer.

  16. Some great tips! I know I make great stuff, so many people have told me, but I really need to get it OUT there! I’ve wondered about the facebook ads. Looks like it’s something I need to try!

  17. Thanks for the great tips – very much appreciated! I also believe in karma in helping others! I’ve had many people stingy in their assistance & I believe it will come back to them – just as good mojo comes back to those who are helpful & kind hearted! Continued good things to you!!

  18. Great post! Lots of super-useful ideas.

    Thanks for sharing,

  19. Nice article. How do you find the target market in facebook. I sell leaf art of birds especially parrots. How do you find the person who collects art work of birds. I am the only one who make leaf art of birds in USA. Unique collectible original leaf art. Help me.

  20. Loving the gift certificate instead of free goods — also increases chances of the winner going overboard a little bit and getting more items!

  21. This was just fabulous advice!

    Thanks so much for your insights.

  22. This is very good information. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great post. best advertising for etsy i have read

  24. Super helpful, thanks!

  25. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  26. I am definitely going to apply some of your great tips. Thanks for being so generous and sharing with the handmade community. It’s nice to be in a mutually supportive environment like Etsy. :)

  27. thank you for sharing this great article, Lisa. I’ve been hesitating about advertising on facebook but with your information i’ll give it a try and research deeper for my market.

  28. Oh my goodness! As I’m nearing my two-year anniversary, I am loving on this quote:

    “When I hit 100 sales in my first month of business, I was beyond ecstatic. To me, it meant: I really have something here! I saw a full-time job and a second income in my near future. I needed to CELEBRATE! and I wanted to do it with the people who got me there.”

    And here I am: full-time job, second income, and still celebrating! Love that Handmadeology is renewing this today; it comes as I’m working on my biggest post yet, after two years of business! Thanks and all the best!

  29. Fantastic! thanks for sharing..

  30. So pleased to read this article. I’m amazed how current it feels considering it’s almost two years old., and lovely to see your comment today too! I’m ready to kick my crfty stuff into a business so it’s a big Thank You to handmadeology for putting this out again. There have been facebook changes since you wrote but i’m off this moning to see what they can offer this little business that up cycles used plastics….. a smaller ppnd to fish I I think!
    Sorry bout bad typing, me and new tablet still establishing a relationship here! :-)

  31. This is lovely! Great suggestions!

    Carol Joy

  32. Thanks for sharing so many useful tips :)

  33. Great tips, Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to start using them in my Etsy shop endeavors. Enjoy your day!

  34. OMG thank you so much for this! it’s so helpful! I may just invest in some FB ads after I have made my shop all beautiful again hehe. That last bit you wrote made me all warm inside lol. I feel that way to! If I can help a fellow artisan get a sale then I do it. I love to support others and in turn others support me. I love the handmade community :D ~Chloe

  35. Great advice. I’m so glad experienced, successful Etesians are willing to share their success and enthusiasm with others like me who are just starting out. Thank you! =D

  36. Glad they reposted :) Thanks for sharing your insights! glad you are up & running after the brief hiatus. your items are just as lovely as you are. congrats on your success, loving what you do!

  37. Thanks for sharing! I love Wayne Dyer. Trying to stay positive and focused! 100 sales in a month is pretty impressive. I feel like I have a great site and product and I have gotten 10 sales a months since I opened four months ago. Any advice!

  38. Thank you for all the great advice! I really found this post helpful, as well as inspiring.

  39. Very good post, thanks for taking the time to give all this information. I am also looking to increase sales. I currently have a gift certificate paypal button on my tumblr page, and I am thinking about giving away one for my facebook fans.

    If you have any comments or tips for me, please do not hesitate!

  40. Thank you for the great advice! I am new to Etsy and have been floundering so far, but this is a step in the right direction!

  41. Thank you so much for the great article! I have done a few giveaways through FB and Twitter and only one person even bothered to say thank you. I had to pay for the promotional listing, the cost of the artwork, and shipping. I didn’t receive any sales and the “likes” i received were from “fake” profiles that people created just to win sweepstakes. I am going to try doing the gift certificate giveaway soon though. Maybe for Valentine’s Day!

    I’ve been paying for the Etsy Ads at $7 a week and it has only generated more “favorites” but no sales. I’m wondering if I should even bother with the Etsy Ads?

    Back in 2007, I used to sell a lot in my other Etsy Shop. All different price ranges and didn’t do much advertising, didn’t have an FB or Twitter back then. Maybe it was before Etsy was so popular and saturated with similar work.

    I’m having a hard time with pricing my work. My original (larger) artwork locally sells for $800 – $1600 dollars. I’m offering much smaller pieces on Etsy, but work from $25 – $200 isn’t moving. And its the same type of work that sells for much more in Minneapolis. I can’t go any lower with my prices. I wonder if it’s hard to sell decently priced art when so many sellers are pricing their work ridiculously low.

    I sell high quality professional printed archival giclee prints and have had to lower my prices because of so many sellers, selling average quality prints on photo paper from their printer. I don’t think buyers are paying attention to the difference. So they could get a $10 print (low quality photo paper) or a high quality $30 giclee print….. I wonder if they care about the quality difference or it’s just about price (let’s just assume the artwork from the sellers is similar and equal quality in terms of craftsmanship, technical ability, creativity, etc)

    I’m trying out some different themes and styles right now. I’m even going to add handpainted jewelry this weekend. I’m not sure how to price them though. I feel like the pendants with silver necklaces should be $40. But a considering pricing at $28 to begin with until I can increase sales.

    I have two etsy shops right now. One for my personal portfolio with higher end art, larger scale.. work that i exhibit in galleries locally and nationally and affordable prints of this work.

    My second shop is Sweet Murmur and is focused on creating affordable, colorful artwork for the home.

    Now, with creating handpainted jewelry. I’m wondering if I should just include it in the Sweet Murmur shop or open a brand new shop to feature that. I don’t want things to look jumbled but wondering if it will be harder to sell and (more expensive!) to have three shops going. (the first shop i don’t update that often so not much cost there. I mostly direct my local buyers to it for in case they miss my exhibitions).

    Sorry this is really long..but I’m just trying to figure out the best way to organize things, pricing, selling, advertising, and how many shops to have. I work full time on my art so I have all day and night to create different products.

    Any advice is appreciated. I’ve been reading articles online but personal advice from other etsy sellers is always helpful. I also love that you are supportive of other sellers. There’s some amazing artwork out there and it’s great to have a platform for us to sell and share with each other. A virtual artist community. :)

    Sweet Murmur – Art for the Home

    J. M. Culver – Fine Art & Prints

  42. wow great articles ! though I started etsy for years now, I never really had much time for it as I was teaching in school, itsonly this month that i started working and listing, but I wonder if there’s any improvement i can make, I only got 2 sales for the moment.

    thanks a lot !

  43. Hoang Oanh Rodgers

    How sweet you are! You are a great motivator!

  44. I totally agree, I just started a blog, for my etsy website. I don’t have much sale for the moment, it’s okey, I have to admit it’s only these days i that I had given attention on my shops because of daytime job. If you guys can see my shop on etsy or my blog, i’ll appreciate the advice, merci ! more power!

  45. Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  46. This was exactly what my husband and I were looking for. Thank you very much!

  47. I’m contantly revamping my site to try and tighten up every aspect that isn’t perfect so information like this is brilliant and I’ll make sure to do a three pack of my soaps ASAP.

  48. Just the information I was looking for, I have been thinking about paid advertising for a while now but most reports on Facebook adds have not recommended it. I was wondering if you had an immediate increase in sales/visitors or did you have to do the advertising for a while before you saw the results. I used to have an Etsy Shop but now have a Zazzle Store called Flissitations you can find me here*
    Thanks for the information.

  49. A great post! So glad you talked about competition vs. collaboration. That’s a great big thing with me. I know we all benefit when we cooperate. I even blogged about a while back.

    Lots of great ideas here (I made a list while reading). Absolutely love your blog!

  50. Great info thanks for sharing :)

  51. Great article. I can’t wait to put some of these ideas into practice.

  52. Great tips! I use Facebook Ads too and really love it! :)

  53. Really good article. Thanks! :)
    I feel like I’m just kind of stuck and can’t get forward with my Etsy shop. I just can’t seem to get people to find my shop. Only randomly. I guess I really need to start using those tips and others that I have read to make things happen….
    What would you say are the baby steps to take to get started?

  54. Great tips!Thank you for sharing, hope this tips will work on my bow tie work :)

  55. You are just what I need! Sound, logical advice.

  56. Love this article! Thanks so much for sharing this advice.

  57. Great advise!but i feel like a lot of luck i involved like you said its such a saturated this point i have two shops i have spend thousands on …i even bought Facebook ads out of my own pocket and am 20 sales in both shops in over a year !
    the funny things i always have soo many views and soooooooo many favorites you would think i would sell something…

  58. Thank you so so much for such an amazing sharing.
    Well, I have just some great free give away on offer now coz I am celebrating my shop’s birthday – 1 year old – here is the link to my special offer – it ends tomorrow at 2 pm UK time

    Thank you again and massive congratulations!!!
    Tatiana x

  59. Thanks but why i dont finde sea Shell Items any were, look things like this.

  60. Thank you so much for these great tips! I just found your blog and I love it! Can’t wait to continue reading more and learning more.

  61. Great article, I really hadn’t thought FaceBooks was such a good media for advertising, but I will certainly give it a go.

  62. Just opened my shop. Need all the advise I can get – and this is great advice, especially regarding Facebook advertising.

    Thanks for being so open and supportive.

  63. Thank you! This was so helpful and spot on.


  64. Wonderful information, Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to share it!

    Like Jessica Marie, I am an artist who has her shop on Etsy, among other sites. I am wondering if these strategies are successful with artwork. If so, what should the thrust be? I’ve heard from many other artists that FB ads have not increased their sales. Are the gift certificates the way to go? It’s hard to give a gift of art, because everyone’s tastes are so different and personal. It seems that jewelry always trumps art at an arts and crafts show and I suspect that it’s true on Etsy, too.

  65. This is one of the best articles I’ve found on marketing an etsy shop! Can’t wait to put my nose to the grindstone!!!


  66. Hi,

    I am new to etsy. I have just created my shop few days back. Can you please check my shop?


  67. thanks! here’s how I do my promotion!

    Message me on ETSY with text “tip10″, you will get a 10%off discount from my shop!

  68. Love your advice and just linked up to your shop. I will follow what you have spoke about here, thank you for sharing I really appreciate it.

  69. Show off your work!
    I recently started a website called Handmade rustic decor and would like to invite you all to post pictures of the items you have created. I have pictures of items that I have personally made posted on the site but I would love to share the room and have others post there creative work. Again it is a new site and there is plenty of room!! Thank you for your time.

  70. This is a wonderful article, very well detailed. I’ve learned a lot from it and will try most of your suggestions out.

    Thank You.

    P.S. – Can you please review my shop? We make a variety of clothing and would appreciate it!

  71. I am not interested in a facebook page yet my pages shows my likes… which is zero

  72. This article has made me really think about a lot of things. I have had my shop for about 3 years now and my sales just recently started to go up. I think this year’s holiday season really is what increased my sales but I’m glad they haven’t stopped and are keeping up with November and December.

    I started making jewelry as a hobby and I don’t have as much time as I’d like to dedicate to my shop. I know that the key to a successful shop is putting time into it. I have recently started being more active on etsy and instagram and I hope that will help drive sales.

    I, personally, am not a big Facebook user. Which I guess is the reason I haven’t really been giving my facebook page much thought. Maybe that will need to change if I truly want to increase sales.

    I’m always looking for new ways to better my product and that is what I have been focusing on. I will keep working on my craft and I will try to share my passion for jewelry thru the social media. Maybe that will help improve the sales that I need to help me keep my passion for jewelry alive.

    Thank you so much for this great article. I am so glad that you are doing so well with your easy shop.

    Good luck!

  73. Amazing blog Lisa. Very helpful and honest indeed. Got some great tips and may be if I incorporate some of these, I proceed right. Lets see if my Etsy shop gets some swing up. Fingers crossed! :)

  74. Great info, thank you so much. My etsy shop is open since january 26. I’m waiting my first order while i try to improve and update :D

    take a look:

  75. Now this was an incredibly helpful article and useful tips that anyone of us can follow. Thank you so much!

  76. I found your site by google searching how effective facebook ads are for Etsy shops. Thank you for your advice. I have begun the facebook ads and hope to see an increase in sales! I handcraft natural fair trade skin care products.

  77. Thank you so much for all of these tips. I am trying to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to my advantage. It takes so much work but I’m hoping it will all pay off soon.

  78. Great story! And great motivation.
    I do believe in my products and I know its hard in the jewerly section.. I also sell bookmarks that I created and painted myself. I still try to figure out how to get people to my shop.. as it doesn´t really work. At least I have one fixed client that bought 8 items from me and she told she will buy more in the future. I have just opened my shop 14th of january and I do believe I need to be patience and create more things.. at the moment I only have 36 items for sale.

    But your story motivated me to not give up and made me think aboout writing a blog. On facebook I only have family and friends and maybe 3 other etsy sellers who like my page. This week I tried to add a like, share and win.. but this I think is too soon, because I don´t see anything happening.

    Thanks for motivating me today! :D

  79. Thank you for the wonderful article. We are fairly new to Etsy and are finding that instead of a marketplace such as ebay, you are truly a community that looks out for each other. I think that is what is making Etsy a success. I’m glad that we are able to join and share our love for soap making and making other handcrafted items. It’s nice to find help on getting traffic to your shop, we were looking into Facebook ads, just hadn’t tried them yet and Google Shopping is outrageously overpriced as you stated. I greatly appreciate you trying to help others with this post and best of luck to your continued success!

  80. Thank you for your advice…I was searching the web to see if anyone is paying Etsy to promote their shop…because I don’t get a lot of traffic nor sales…Your advice is very helpful…and I will defiantly use your ideas in my marketing strategy. If anyone would like to visit my shop and give me any feed back you have had with paying for promotion I would greatly appreciate it. I am working on a limited budget and of course want to get the biggest bang for my buck.

    I also have a blog which I need to give more attention to…smile…but It has links to my Etsy shop and my FBP
    I welcome all email…in fact I would love to hear from you

  81. I make jewelry with aromas of vanilla and lilac. Forward to my first buyer :)
    Advertising on facebook does not work, but I believe that I will succeed :) My shop dyeing with smells:

  82. I love your articles! Always have the latest and greatest tips and advice! Surprised is not mentioned. Maybe the next article… ; )

  83. Thank you for your lovely post. I am new to selling jewelry on Etsy. I stumbled upon your article while looking at how to increase my sales. I hope to share in your success. Best of luck in your endeavors.. Light and love, Sarah

  84. Thank you for taking the time out to write these helpful tips and hints.
    I have only recently joined Etsy, and let me just say how nice it is to be part of a supportive community rather than one of cut-throat and daggers.
    Most people aren’t one to share in their success, usually just one to gloat, so it is quite refreshing for someone in your calibre to help and wish others for the same success.
    Sincerely looking forward to more articles such as this,

    Erin of Tinka. Costume Jewellery

  85. I have to say that when I signed up for etsy I didn’t put much thought into it. I even left it empty for a few years. Now I’m back and I feel like I’m starting over. Traffic was easy to get when etsy first started. Now I feel like you really have to know your target market. This article was really helpful. Thanks :)

  86. As a newbie in Etsy, I read through so many articles, this is the best article ever~~

  87. Thanks for the helpful tips! I’m a newbie at etsy selling handmade jewelry. Stumbled upon your blog while googling how to increase sales for my shop. Looking forward to my first sale on etsy. :)

  88. Thanks for the helpful tips! I’m a newbie at etsy selling handmade kurti.
    What a great post, filled with fantastic tips! Thank you so much for all of these tips. I am trying to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to my advantage.
    Looking forward to my first sale on etsy. :)

  89. Thanks for really good tips!

    We are running two similar shops:

    Afrodable: , which has it’s own website and has celebrity inspired clothes which are hand made from high quality Ankara (African Print).

    And Shopafrik , which is an extension of online-store

    We are also running Facebook page:, twitter: @afrodable and Pinterest:

    We are really looking forward to our first sale on Etsy.

  90. Thank you so much for this article! I found myself doing too many ‘giveaway contests’ as you described yet not getting the sales from them! Which became very frustrating to say the least. I’m going to try your methods. Thanks for the great tips, much appreciated!

    • Thanks for all the great advice. I’m going to start an etsy shop soon, and it’s great to read about what works and what doesn’t in advance. Good luck everybody!

  91. Hi!I love this article so much! I did so many givaways but no sales from them. I was looking for any useful idea how to increase sales and your article ticked all the boxes!I did not get 100 sales yet but now I am more positive!thanks for all advice!

  92. This is an amazing article. I really like how you do the gift card. I have been doing giveaways on Facebook and I am going to switch to the gift cards!! Although the giveaways are fun I do not see sales from them! I am going to switch things up!

  93. Great article. I have been on Etsy for the past two years and have done pretty well. I just opened an online store which I need to start promoting. Theses tips will help me out!

  94. This was a great article, and I will definitely be taking some of these suggestions into consideration. We just opened our shop 2 weeks ago and have already had 5 sales! Getting our first sale was so exciting, and I hope that we can hit that 100 sale mark as soon as you did!

  95. Hi, this blog post has some great information! I am also a new Etsy seller for jewellery patterns. I have a lot of work to do. Basically, I aim to make my 100 listings, while making Facebook posts and Twitter pinnings on them. Then, I will swing my marketing machine into action and pay for Facebook ads as well as Google Ads. I am confident both will work cheaply with long tail keywords, since it can be hard to get your Etsy listing featuring naturally for long tail key phrases. I am confident with my photos and artwork and pricing. Just need lots more of it, then find my followers! But I do have one advantage. I have all the time in the world to create and was going to make my projects anyway, Etsy shop or no Etsy shop. So I am a bit slow, but the projects look better than I would have produced had I felt in a hurry.

    Come check me out at:

  96. Great information! Unfortunately after Etsy decided to close my account with no good reason, I can no longer support their website. I have found there are TONS of people who have had their shops unfairly closed, and with no way to reopen. I have decided to search for a more dependable website that is more trustworthy.

    It is really terrifying to me to think about if this happened after I have been running my shop for two or three years and was depending on its income for survival.

    How can they hope to grow their customer base if they are treating the sellers like this?

    Their responses were very open-ended, and when I asked for specific reasons why they closed my store they refused to give them to me staying, “Policy violations”

    What policy violations? Absolutely unbelievable.

    This isn’t spam, its just that Etsy not only banned my shop, they also banned me from the forums so that I can’t warn these young sellers to forget Etsy and find a new website.

  97. Very nice info. Thank you!

  98. Hello and thank you SO much for all the info and that you´re sharing :)
    Love it!

  99. Great article! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  100. Thanks for sharing! I am trying to promote my business on ETSY more and I already have a Facebook page, but I have not been very successful yet with my store. I understand that I sell things like crocheted headbands for adults and babies may be seasonal, but I wish I had more business.

  101. Thanks for the tips! I opened my shop since 2013, well ok I just gave it a try and at that time I was trying to sell one item. So obviously I did not pretend to have a large amount of sales. I took it more seriously from last year. I tried everything – Advertised on facebook, where I come from is not cheap, tried to share on facebook groups too. I used a few fiverr gigs to promote my shop, done promotions, give aways and I even google about selling at Etsy and how to succeed. Nothing changed that much. I believed that the reason is that we are not reaching the amount of people that are interested in our things. From my point of view, if I don’t like an item other 5,000 people will like it. We need to reach more people and no I don’t believe that people spend a fortune to have 20,000 facebook pages like to be successful. I don’t imagine a person open a shop at Etsy, list a few items and in a few weeks start to sell frequently. If really someone happened to him or her well they are the luckiest sellers. My option is to find a blog etc where I can show my shop to people that really interested in my stuff and ready to buy. Keep in mind, that you have not to give up! I would love to sell frequently but I took it more as a hobby and an everyday thing. Every time I create something for me, I took a photo of it and list it at my shop to do more like it to whom would purchase it. And not least you have to be versatile!! I started to design clothes, then crafting chainmails and now I’m going to purchase a few tools to create a few leather bracelets. Well good luck everyone!

  102. Hello I am wondering if anyone uses the paid promotion on etsy to pay per click to promote and if they have had success? Thanks I am new and just started my shop last month.

  103. This is a very insightful blog :)

  104. Your passion really comes through, what an engaging and enlightening article full of useful tips. I particularly liked this comment… “It feels like Cake Mania or Wedding Day or Spa Tycoon, or any other virtual business games”

    This encapsulates how I feel with my shop which sells CV Templates / Resume Templates… – keep plugging away, having fun doing it and building something great for the future and my family (I have two boys and a wonderful husband)


  105. Thanks so much! Please check out my shop!

  106. I like the idea of doing giveaways. I did it in the past and it did well. I think I am going to bring it back to my shop.

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