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Creative businesses are built on, well, creativity. That typically means that your creation isn't just one seed that produces one plant.

5 Days to Build a Better Business: Day 3


Five nesting bowls in rainbow colors by: Blue Sky Pottery

Five nesting bowls in rainbow colors by: Blue Sky Pottery

5 Days to Build a Better Business: Day 3

Day 1 

Day 2

Welcome to Day 3 of the 5-Day Build a Better Business series!

I’m building my best business in 2013, and in keeping with that intention, I’ll be teaming up with Tim here of Handmadeology to lead a course to help you do the same. It’s launching in February, and details are coming soon! In addition, I’m giving away one free pass to our course in my Build a Better Creative Business Give-Away (the grand prize is valued at more than $1,400, so be sure to enter!).

Create an “I’m SO Good at This!” List

Creative businesses are built on, well, creativity. That typically means that your creation isn’t just one seed that produces one plant. Rather, think of your business model as a tree that could branch out into many different fruit-producing directions.

That’s how many successful creative businesses operate, and for good reason. It can be scary to rely on one source of unpredictable income, but it’s much more comfortable to work on different areas within the same spectrum. For example, Energy Shop Jewelry is my business, and Marketing Creativity is a blog where I write about running a business. Both are passion projects that are income-producing, and they compliment each other: it’s sort of the natural yin and yang of my  personality. Additionally, when one branch of business is experiencing a slow season, I work on the other. Having two projects helps me avoid ruts or lulls; I’m able to build a more complete cycle of productivity.

You have similar talents and abilities that can be used to enhance your creative business as well, you just haven’t discovered them yet!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Create an “I’m SO Good at This” list. This should be a joyful exercise! It will have four categories, and I want you to list at least three items in each (though I encourage you to list as many as you can). Your categories are:

  • I do this very well (I’m practically an expert or I am an expert)
  • I do this rather well (I’m better than most)
  • I do this well (I’m better than some)
  • Things I want to learn to do well in the future

Take your time with this list. You’ll find that you enjoy most things you do really well, and so you probably do them without realizing that same activity doesn’t come naturally to others. Train yourself to be conscious of what you’re doing and how good you are at it. Some activities to get you thinking: organizing, writing, social media + networking, socializing, care-giving, cooking or baking, marketing, copywriting, gift wrapping, designing, crafting, sharing, introducing people, etc.

Go through your day from start to finish, and think about your routine. You’ll surprise yourself at how many items you can add to the list. Keep your lists and notes from days 1-3, and I’ll pull this all together for you as we wrap-up the series. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Day 4! Until then~

{This content is adapted from a report I wrote and offer on Marketing Creativity titled, The Success Series}

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  1. Similar to tasks/exercises in the Artist”s Way. I’m finding a lot of interconnectness. Kudos for using fellow Etsy Mud Team member, Blue Sky Pottery’s photo.

  2. I just love this article!

    What a way to boost yourself up by writing a list of your positive attributes!

    Thanks for the lift!

    Carol Joy

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