Tuesday , 24 November 2020
Have you taken the time to identify what you want your business to become? What does your ideal work day look like?

5 Days to Build a Better Business: Part 1

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5 Days to Build a Better Business: Part 1

I’m building my best business in 2013, and in keeping with that intention, I’ll be teaming up with Tim here of Handmadeology to lead a course to help you do the same. It’s launching in February, and details are coming soon! In addition, I’m giving away one free pass to our course in my Build a Better Creative Business Give-Away (the grand prize is valued at more than $1,400, so be sure to enter!).

What does your best business look like?

I was recently on the phone for an interview, and the reporter asked me, “So, what’s your ultimate goal for your business? You want your products to be in big box stores?”

It’s not the first time that I’ve fielded this question, and to be honest, the idea that my ultimate goal is to be mass-produced and in big box stores annoys me. There’s nothing wrong with that goal, but it’s very generic, and I’m tired of defending myself against it. Since all of our businesses are built upon creativity, they’re very personal and unique. We each have a different vision of success, and I like to nurture the individual nature of our creations.

I’m curious: Have you taken the time to identify what you want your business to become? What does your ideal work day look like? How many employees would you have (if any)? How would you know you made it? What does a successful career look like to you?

These all sound like simple questions, but many people don’t (1.) know themselves very well or (2.) have a clear definition of what they want. It’s imperative that you figure this out!

I created Marketing Creativity with the specific purpose of helping creative business owners define and create the success they seem to seek. I offer tips, ideas, and instruction for gaining sales and earning income. However, most people read business advice all day long without applying it toward what they hope to achieve.

In other words, if you don’t have an intended destination, how will you ever arrive? Unless you apply what you learn toward defined goals, you’ll be zigzagging all over the map.

I have an important request of everyone who reads this series. I ask it kindly, but urgently: please do not settle for anything less than the best in this life. Please do not vaguely wish for more money, more exposure, more family time, more love, more success, more laughter, or more adventure.

If you want more of anything, turn off the TV and stop surfing the internet, sit down with yourself, and clearly identify what needs to change for you to feel fulfilled, satisfied, and hungry for more Life every day.

Because we all deserve more LIFE! in our life. 

This means no more accepting, keeping, or doing what you don’t want. That’s a tough statement because it calls for change. Change can be uncomfortable, but the discomfort only lasts a minute in the grand scheme of things. I’ll talk more about embracing change later in the series, but the point is:

When you push yourself by creating big goals, it forces you to stretch your comfort zone to a place of constant expansion.

As Cherie Carter-Scott said, “You deserve to have everything in your life exactly as you want it.” To kick-start your success, I ask that you create a clear definition of what you want. The rest of the series will help you start organizing your wants and desires into an action plan, but first you must specifically name what it is that you want for your life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Compose a business-oriented “I Want” list. It will have three columns based on things you want to see happen for your career and business: (1.) I want to have: (2.) I want to be: and (3.) I want to do:

Please try to list at least three items under each category. And don’t you dare put easy things on that list! For the sake of a successful mission, you want to stretch your imagination, reach for the stars, and envision your very best business. You absolutely deserve to have everything in your life exactly as you want it, so go make your list, check it twice, and be sure to come back for Day 2. Until then!

{This content is adapted from a report I wrote and offer on Marketing Creativity titled, The Success Series}

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  1. I’m in – and thanks for the homework :)

  2. Hello,
    Where is this being held. I am interested in going if it’s close enough.

    • Hi Renee, This will be on online webinar… you can listen via phone or on the web. We will also be recording this webinar for those who may miss. Makw sure you register asap.. as our spots are filing up quickly.

  3. I’ll be working but I’ll looking forward to hearing the recorded version! btw…nice intro photo…”thanks”~

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