Thursday , 28 January 2021
If you sell on Etsy, you know how hard it is to get traffic to your shop. Here are 5 great tips for getting traffic to your shop from Renae Christine from

5 FREE Etsy Traffic Tips

If you sell on Etsy you know how hard it is to get traffic to your shop.  Here are 5 great tips for getting traffic to your shop from Renae Christine from

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etsy shop url
Replace “ETSYSHOP” with your store name.

Viral Pinterest Mini-Mall Board:


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  1. I love this video, thanks for sharing. I have to admit I did not know about the RSS feeds or Handmadeology Market – how crazy it that!! I am off to put these tips in action. Thanks again.

  2. Renae, GREAT video, you are hilarious, fun to watch AND have great advice- this was truly a treat and a great HAPPY way to start my day!!! Would love to be added to your pinterest board- but couldn’t find your email address-

    Again, GREAT post…super fun! You are fantastic!

  3. Renae, this was SUPER helpful! I started my Etsy shop week ago and so this was perfect timing. I am basically writing for the exact same reason as the commenter above! How do you get invited to a group board?

    Alesha <3

  4. Renae – “Awesome sauce”….I love it! Girl, you are hysterical and very clever. You gave a lot of info in a very short, and very entertaining manner. I love the camera angles and “Wait…what….” because that’s exactly what I’m thinking when I hear about the new digital gadgets that are popping up. Thanks for catching me up on digital coupons, collab boards, RSS grafitti & twitterfeed…phew…now I’m out of breath!!
    p.s. me too- your email

  5. Wow, I loved your video!!! You are so cute and entertaining, but very smart and knowledgable about what we’re all looking for. I too would love to be added to your board, email please.

  6. I just realized that I should ask you to add me to your board. I have not been using Pinterest much. Thanks

  7. WOW! So much amazing ideas!, I’m going to have to keep your video replaying to make sure I get all of those done! THANKS!!!


    XoX, Meli
    ♥———♥ MUDDY HEART POTTERY ♥——-♥
    Porcelain Jewelry + Home + Garden + Gifts
    Like me on Facebook: muddy-heart-pottery
    Follow me on Twitter: @muddyheartnc
    **P.S. Enter to win a $20 gift certificate from our shop

  8. Debra Schwartz (DatzKatz)

    Please, add me to your email and Pinterest Mini Mall Viral board.
    Great video with valuable info for selling online :) Thank you!!!!

    Check out my jewelry designs on Facebook

    Visit my etsy store DatzKatz

  9. Thanks for your tips. Recently opened an etsy shop and. Please add me to the viral board! Mahalo!

  10. Hi, that was Legen….daaaary :) So much fun. Thank You for he tips.
    See me on FB

    I`m starting with my Etsy shop, and it`s still “unpluged”


  11. Many thanks for this – very helpful and appreciated!
    Please add me to your Pintrist board – thanks:)

  12. Super video, enjoyed and all the tips. Please add me to your viral board.

    Many Thanks,

    Lisa D

  13. Too awesome for words…

  14. Oh, and please all ME to your Pinterest Mini Mall…:)

  15. Hi everyone. Sorry I’m so late in responding! My email is if you haven’t found my email through the board link already. Peace out yo!

  16. My tip is hashtags for twitter and instagram, if you make art hashtag art and home dec, etc
    make fashion things hashtag fashion, style, trends etc
    Basically what your potential buyer might be tweeting or instagramming about

  17. AWESOME video. Four short minutes to a total makeover. Bravo.

  18. I loved this video and your spunky attitude. I was perfect with my morning cup of coffee!

  19. Hi Renea, can you ad me to your Pinterest viral mini mall thank you.

  20. Thank you for the opportunity! Mio Capriccio is a gemstone jewelry made in Massachusetts and we are proud to introduce our products to you! This is a business made by a mother and daughter! Thank you!

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