Friday , 7 May 2021

5 Killer Blog Improvement Articles

Notebook Style Stationery - Customized or Plain

Notebook Style Stationery - Customized or Plain | by: colettepaperie

This weeks links with out a doubt are the top articles on blog improvement I could find.  From just showing up to write, to building your audience, these tips will make you think and help you improve your blog.

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  1. That pushingsocial article has lots to recommend, I’m not sure I totally agree with copyblogger as I like to do a bit of research for my articles rather than just writing what I know at the time. So for each blog, I learn a little as well as my readers.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the article on PushingSocial. There’s a lot there but hopefully the tips are easy to put into action.

  3. Another great article to put on my list of things to read – if you don’t stop posting these every day, I will NEVER catch up!! :-D

  4. Tim,
    this is a great list. Ive printed them out for easy refrence. Some really great suggestions! Thanks for some more excellent info. ~Linda

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