Thursday , 13 May 2021
I am going to let you in on a little secret--brand is not about how it looks, it’s how it feels. No matter how small you think your business is your brand can speak volumes!

5 Steps To Get You On The Right Path To Branding Your Business




Brand is a fancy word for experience

I am going to let you in on a little secret–brand is not about how it looks, it’s how it feels. No matter how small you think your business is your brand can speak volumes! It is the story you set out to tell, how your business will grow, and the solution you are offering. Stand behind what your business is here to do and your brand will take you places you didn’t think possible! But because it is a bit daunting of how to put your brand to work for you or to predict what your business growth will look like here are 5 steps to get you on the right path:

Step #1: Define why your business exists–If you don’t know WHY you wake up everyday stoked to get into your studio and create how will you know where your business is and where you are going? The WHY your business exists is the VALUE you put into your work and the value it gives back to you.

Step #2: Go for passion– Simple enough really, passion is where it’s at. You are going to experience ebbs and flows with any business you enter into so make sure you LOVE what you are doing. If you are talented at something but the thought of reproducing this something or spending all day around it sounds awful or just mundane don’t make it a business! Passionate brands shine through and you know when a business LOVES their work.

Step #3: Ask yourself, “What am I really offering?”– What you offer is how your brand stands on it’s own. You might be a collage artist, or a textile designer but I don’t think what you are really offering is collage art or textiles–I think what you are REALLY offering is a rich history because you are an expert in your medium and I think you are offering a connection to the story of why you create. If you are a kids t-shirt company I think you are offering a place for kids imagination to be inspired. What are you really offering through your work?

Step #4: Narrow your niche and dig deep– Pick that ONE creative idea you could work on everyday for the next twenty years. I promise you that there is plenty of direction in that one idea. When you choose your niche don’t be afraid to really nit pick and define EXACTLY what that is and how it will look. Then learn everything there is to know about your industry–find out what already exists, decide what angle you want to offer, and become the expert! Being an expert in your niche is branding at it’s best.

Step #5: Solve a problem– Unique simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Your business idea and products might be the most unique thing in the market today and I still guarantee someone else is already doing it. It’s inevitable–but that’s ok! We are not going to focus on unique– instead we are going to focus on solutions. This is what successful brands do, they solve a problem their consumers already struggle with. (Whether they know it or not!)

Here are your three steps to finding a product solution:

  • Find the problem you see in the demographic you want to serve most
  • Define the solution to that problem
  • Find the product that best creates that solution


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  1. Love these suggestions I am going to print this and hang it up to keep reminding myself to stay focused on one direction

  2. I like these lists, but how does jewelry “solve a problem”? Isn’t it a luxury?

    • Not necessary. The problem could be, adding that certain something an outfit needs to be pulled to gather. Or an item that makes ts wearer stand out, etc. It also solves a problem of being a solutions for finding that perfect gift, etc.

      Because there are so many different styles of jewelry, the style you create solves the problem for your audience whose taste fits your jewelry style. Their problem is locating jewelry that THEY like amongst all of the masses of jewelry that they don’t.

  3. I have scheduled a post for July 19 where I work through the steps outlined here and invite you to drop by to see the answers. I welcome your comments on Hide a Heart’s wordpress blog.
    Laura: While jewelry is a ‘luxury’ isn’t it also a means of self-expression for the wearer? At least that’s how I choose what I purchase to wear.

  4. this is just the thing i needed this morning. thank you

  5. I have read so many article on branding your business that I got lost and confused. But this article spoke to me!!! I will also be printing and posting it in my craft room. Thank You! I am looking forward to your next post.

  6. You broke branding down to some nice simple steps.
    Like Laura, the tricky one for me is #5 Solve a problem. I am looking forward to you July 19th post.

  7. I know the problem I am solving now that you asked it. I didn’t think about it before this article. My original idea wasn’t working. I am narrowing down on a specific product.

  8. Yes, thanks for the simple formula! !!!

  9. What a great article and perfect timing for me. Thanks for making me think!
    I will also need to include a link to this post at my blog.

  10. Great article! I love concrete steps that I can relate to instead of “vague” ideas that sound good, but are hard to implement. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Something I have been thinking about for a while.. Thank you for the concise steps!

  12. Great description of what a brand is. perfect.

  13. I need to tweak a few things in my shop, and my brand has been on my list. While I think I’m close, it just needs a few additional special little changes to make things pop. Thank you for answering how jewelry can indeed fill a niche; it’s easy to know it when you make jewelry, not always so easy when its time to describe it!

  14. Great post…thanks for sharing!

  15. Loved your article, very clear and concise. You made it simple to follow. The only place I get stuck on is the part of solving a problem. I am a Watercolor Artist and I have specialized my niche into into home illustrations. But I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is that I would solve. Perhaps it’s right in front of me but i just can’t see it, any suggestions??

  16. This was a perfect little read to get me on track! Thanks!,,

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