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5 Steps to Organize Your Blog

5 Steps to Organize Your Blog

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5 Steps to Organize Your Blog by Regina Morrison

In order to gain much desired readership of your blog, it helps to have an organized space.  And a blog which your readers can rely on and visit in search of daily information, humor, or inspiration.  Flipping from topic to top without any symmetry, not blogging for days and then posting 4 posts in one day, typos, and clutter are a few things that might hold your blog back.
Everyone’s blog and situation is unique, but I find the following to be the most helpful when editing and organizing my personal blog, Acute Designs (

1. Create an editorial calendar –  This doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  I just use a standard spreadsheet.  At the beginning of each month type out the days in one column and then brainstorm ideas for posts – listing each one next to a day.

After you get all the info down that comes from brainstorming – start to organize.  If you have a lot of posts that have to do with fashion, perhaps you could do one each Monday, photography each Tuesday, updates on your business each Wednesday, and so on.

It is ok to sway from the calendar when unforeseen events occur, but a decent amount of consistency will give your readers a sense of stability.  They will have an idea of what to expect each day.

This consistency will also create trust with your readers.  If you are a DIY expert and post your newest how-to advice every Friday, your readers will begin to trust that they can find a fantastic weekend project on your blog each Friday morning.

2.  Proofread – Even though it is a blog and not a formal essay or business letter, there is value in proofreading your work.   It helps to write your post, step away from the computer for a few hours and then proofread it.  When the information is not fresh in your mind, you are more likely to catch silly mistakes.

Spelling and grammatical errors will happen and that is fine, however  several  errors in a post tends to look sloppy, which might give your readers the feel that you just threw something together – rather than put a bit of heart into it.

3. Add relevant images –  Remember when you were a kid and you gravitated towards the books full of pictures?  In many ways, we still do that.

Blogs that are all words and no graphics can look dry.  Take a little time to find a graphic or take a photo and add it to your post.  Or add several.  Or better yet, make some posts more images and less words.  Some days your readers just want to glance through a post and take in soothing eye candy.  Not every post needs to be word heavy.

4. Blog consistently – In relation to #1, it is important to blog on a consistent basis.  You don’t need to post every single day  but make an effort to be consistent.  If you have the time to post three days a week, plan to do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday rather than three posts all shoved into one day.  As previously stated, readers will enjoy the consistency and begin to trust a blog they can depend on.

5. Clutter – Try to keep your sidebar and links at the top clutter-free.  Don’t add every button you come across online, this tends to cheapen the aesthetic of your blog.  Choose items that you feel add to your blog, rather than simply fill up space.
What other ideas do you have for maintaining organization on your blog?  Share them in the comments – I would love some more tips!


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  1. The editorial calendar is so important. It can be daunting, though. I’m not so good about sitting down at the beginning of the month to plan, but I do have a steady stream of google alerts geared to the topic of my blog. It’s a simple way to find new things to write about as well as a great way to keep up with what others find interesting.

  2. One way I organize my blog is that each day has a specific theme. Monday is marketing where I focus on other shops, marketing for them. I have some sort of theme with those. This week is elephants because of the new movie “Water For Elephants”. Tuesdays is my Etsy help day, Wed is my weekly words day where I post news about my shop, Thurs is treasury thursday where I post treasuries I’ve done and one that I was featured in, Friday is feature friday but I haven’t started that yet. I may substitute a day with just something like you said, a photo day where it’s all photos. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Consistancy is so important. I am at work every day and consistantly early. I would never dream of missing a day. I am new to blogging and can’t seem to commit to a schedual. I know I need to treat it like part of my job if I want it to work for me. Thanks for putting it in perspective for me.

  4. Thank you! I love blogging, but truly there was a lack of consistency. I already wrote down my weekly plan :)

  5. I use the schedule feature, because I tend to want to blog all at once rather than daily. It helps to spend one day blogging (for me) than spending time each day.

  6. Thank you for a great post!!

    Yes, I am STILL overwhelmed by trying to keep up with my blog, 2 years after I started it. I usually wait until the end of the day – and I mean end, just before I run to turn on The Daily Show – and then I get frustrated because I can’t organize my thoughts well enough to write something cohesive. Last year I did start a blog calendar – it lasted for a week or so….but your suggestions have inspired me to get back to it. Thanks again!

  7. Yes, proper planning is important when it comes to blogging. I do blog thrice a week and the days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I feature artists on Fridays so I really have to chalk out ideas for Mondays and Wednesdays. When I do get time I create a written draft on my blog so that on the day the blog has to be posted I am not swamped with lack of ideas and how to begin them.

  8. This timely advice really helps me, as I’m in the process of redesigning my blog right now. Thank you so much for these invaluable tips!

  9. New blogger here – so glad to have started and love to write! Thanks for the tips – #5 was important to me, definitely want to create a blog that’s enticing but not too jumbled looking. Like any other good endeavor – always a work in progress.

  10. thank you so much for breaking it down. I love the planning with a spreadsheet idea (I am a succor for spreadsheets)
    Right now my only consistantly scheduled thing is Music Mondays on my blog, but am thinking of other themes for days of the week. Consistancy is my biggest problem on every other day but Monday. But with a monthly plan, that may change.
    thanks again.

  11. Thank you for the information. I just didn’t know where to start with my new blog and your spreadsheet idea is something I can manage. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

  12. These are some great tips for organizing your blog. The editiorial calendar has helped me the most and is just a great way to see everything all at once.

    Finding images has been the hardest, I think I try to look for images that illustrate the blog perfectly, instead of using images that convey a mood.

    Thanks for the great tips. Alease

  13. I’ve decided to draft blog ideas ahead of time instead of having a specific blogging day. Less daunting, and it gives me a chance to proofread and find those accompanying pictures.

  14. My blog has several pages so that I can offer more information without having it all show up at once and overwhelm the viewer.
    Pages are handy for “MY Etsy” “Upcoming Events” “Resources”, etc. On other blogs I have seen “FAQ’s” “Tutorials” and photo galleries.

  15. Even if you have trouble meeting a schedule it does not mean your blog has to. There’s little point publishing 5 articles on one day so if you have a creative day and produce a lot of content then simply schedule those articles to be published over a series of days.

  16. Thanks for the first idea. I also like the idea of taking a breather before you publish.
    I’m already putting these to work!

  17. I recently added a weekly reminder tickler on my Google Calendar to write a blog post…it’s really helping! Taking a breather is also excellent…especially when deciding a blog title, which it turns out is kind of ‘key’. Who knew???
    OK! OK! I’ve decluttered the sidebar on but keeping the ‘decorative touches’ to They are just sooooo cute!

  18. Thanks for the great info, Tim. I’m polishing up my blog.

  19. Thanks for a simple and concise info.

  20. Welllll, i am sorry to say that blogging may not be for me. With my etsy business keeping me ‘folding paper’ each day, i jusy can’t seem to get to my blog. And with all the thousands of blogs in blog land i wondered who the heck cared about my day anyway? It felt almost like a journal no one was reading. I am having trouble getting organized here. Maybe i should just start over again in a new direction using your helpful points. Thanks always.

  21. Excellent ideas and thank you for sharing!

  22. Thanks for sharing. First time I’ve seen organizing as a part of being a successful
    blogger. Makes sense.

  23. I’ve almost got my blog ready to go public! This advice is great!

  24. Very good tips :) I have now 3 blogs and it’s essential to plan out what you do with them and keep up with everything else!

  25. An excel editorial schedule is great advice, a good platform to start your Etsy strategic marketing plan. A great feature I use for my email blasts (Constant Contact) is the scheduling tool. You can set an exact date and time for each of the emails (can do the same in WordPress)to show consistancy to your fans. I can design both my emails and blogs on Sunday and schedule them for according days.

    Learn more about my Etsy Shop:ChalkTalk…

  26. i hope i’m on the right track…let me know what you think.

    thank you for this advice, i needed it

  27. Thanks for such an informative post. So far, I’ve been consistent about update my blog, but I had gone kind of crazy with buttons and badges in the beginning. After reading this post, I pared it down to the original front page, and it feels so much less cluttered. Thanks for the advice and the much-needed kick in the butt to get my blog organized!

  28. I have the idea of doing something like this sooner and that would be awesome now that I can refer to this tips. simple ideas comes to life like this jewelry display box. exquisite and unique.

  29. Great ideas. The editorial calendar is a very valuable point. I also think taking off the clutter from a blog is also a very important thing. My problem is blogging consistently. I must work on that . Writing the blogs and scheduling them with the auto pilot is a solution that I do not take much advantage of.. Again, thank you. Dita from

  30. I’m new in blogging, so far I love it. Very nice article, I tried to do the same and it was working very well for me.

  31. You must always be ready to cope up with the increasing or decreasing demand of your audience. You must have enough resources to tackle the situation, you must have thorough knowledge of what your audience expect from you. I am also of the view that we must move ahead of just blogging, and there isn’t anything better than writing a book on what you write for your audience on your blog. Great share mate, keep up the good work.

    Cheer !! :)

  32. Great advice! I have done some of these in the past, but need to revisit and adjust some of those plans, and stick to a schedule again!

  33. I need to organize in reverse. I’ve got years of old, unrelated blog posts. It’s a daunting task, but I need to go through and clean it up. I belonged to a blog group a long time ago and we were given various topics to write about. It’s a mess.

  34. This is a great article, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been having trouble relating my blog posts to my business but have been coming up with some new ideas. I like the idea of an editorial calendar so I think I’ll implement that.


  35. Creating an editorial calendar has changed my life! I’m much more organized now and my posts are getting more consistent and creative, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas!


  36. Been checking on your blogs today. Found a first link somewhere. Picked up some great info to think about as I work out my sales strategy, blog topics, and other projects I am involved in and trying to “achieve.”

    Your history sounds interesting. I am hoping to build supplemental income, or more, as I go though my senior years. Etsy and blogging seem to be the best outlets for me.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  37. Just because you can do something on your blog doesn’t mean you should. If you learn to write a bit of code and can start to create things. Don’t put something on your blog just because you know how to do it. Only put info, images etc on your site that enhance the readers experience!

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