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There are several others shops that do some of the same work as I do, so I have to find ways to make myself stand out. (I welcome competition; it makes me focus on doing a great job.) A few rules I use are:

600 Etsy Sales – Tips To Help You Stand Out In The Crowd

Dog Magnet - Recycled Mtn Dew Can

Dog Magnet - Recycled Mtn Dew Can

Standing out in the sea of sellers on Etsy is important.  Here are a few tips from ideasthatbloom .

ideasthatbloom says

I used to have a shop on here for a few years where I sold accessories for female sports fans. Did well, but not great. I decided that I needed to completely change my product line into something fun and easier to make inventory stock. (The former ended up being a lot of custom orders…lost it’s luster after a while and became a nuisance when I would see a sale.)

I started doing recycled art last August, but didn’t really focus until about October. I did three craft shows to test the market, and because it was well received I moved forward with it. Knew this was something I could easily build up inventory. I work f/t, go to school, am single (so guess who cuts the grass??), and found this works much better for me than the sports items. And they were very seasonal and only good if the team was doing well!!

There are several others shops that do some of the same work as I do, so I have to find ways to make myself stand out. (I welcome competition; it makes me focus on doing a great job.) A few rules I use are:

- Focus on 100% customer satisfaction. If I’m not 100% satisfied with the item before shipping, how can my customer be?

- Ship within two days of payment (this is my personal goal). Customers don’t want to wait weeks for an item, unless it’s super detailed or stated in the description.

- Gift wrap each item with my shop label so the recipient has my info too!

- Respond to all customers inquiries within 24 hours, if not sooner

- Offer custom orders if possible. I may not have an item made with a particular can, but if it’s something I can get I’ll do it. That will be one happy repeat customer!

- Don’t promise something you can’t do. It’s okay to say no, but kindly explain why…especially if you know the outcome won’t be quality work.

But mostly…enjoy what you are doing and promote, promote, promote!!!

Good luck to everyone with their Etsy shops as well!

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Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply!  Find more Etsy tips HERE!


Pig Magnets - Soda Can Art - Recycled Black Cherry Can

Pig Magnets - Soda Can Art - Recycled Black Cherry Can


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  1. It’s tempting to be the Yes-Girl…”Sure, I can track down a vintage Chinese dictionary from the year your grandmother was born and make her a pair of earrings from the words that translate into “Super Nana” for the same price I normally charge!” Uh, not worth it.

  2. Thank you! Great tips.

    I must admit I find it hard to say ‘no’ to custom orders, even though my time for crafting is very limited. I get far fewer in any case, now that Etsy remove the ‘Request Custom Item’ button if you haven’t ticked the box under Shop Settings/Options.

  3. bobbi helms/fatdogbeads

    great article. One thing I also do, which surprises some people, is that if a customer wants something I can’t do, I will gladly refer them to another seller on etsy.

    Hopefully, someone will do the same for me someday.

    • Bobbi…I do that as well. In fact, one of my competitors called me about two months ago to ask a question. Said she understood if I didn’t want to talk. We now talk at least once a week and actually share tips…and customers! She does a few different items than I do, so I gladly send them her way if I can’t make them. Great tip!

  4. I love it all and this has really Hyped me up!

  5. I want those pigs! Great tips, thank you.

  6. Thanks for those tips, customer service is very important!

  7. Very informative article and your stuff is adorable; but, aren’t there copyright/trademark issues with your offerings?

  8. LOL That cringe of dread when you see a sale! I remember that!!

    My problem was that I wasn’t pricing my custom work accordingly….
    “I can paint this in x-number-of-hours, and materials are $x.xx … a bit of profit… (little calculation).. and Voila! Custom price!”

    Unfortunately an 8×10 commissioned painting takes twice as long to create, as a self-inspired piece… no, wait, 3x longer… erm, okay, maybe quadriple!

    You will be constantly referring back to your customer, who will undoubtedly change his/her mind 5 times, or come up with new ideas….
    and you’re afraid to risk disappointing them by saying, “Stop!”

    Anyone doing commissions should have prices flexible enough to cover re-workings, or a firm set of rules (and strong willpower).
    Which is why I took my listings down… unless they ask! Bwahaha ;)

  9. YES! All excellent tips! Customer service is KING!

  10. Ahhh, the custom order… It’s joyful to know that out of everyone out there, they picked me. Sweet. Only I have to make two of everything to guarantee the quality. (As a potter, the kiln gods can humble you at any moment.) After a few frustrating custom orders, I rethought where it went wrong. Now I have in my shop policy section, under additional policy/FAQ, my custom order info. I can easily cut/paste it into any correspondence with a potential customer or people can read it while looking over my shop. It’s been a relief and a help. Things are running much smoother.
    Sally Anne

  11. I dig the pigs, too.
    Good tips, if not a bit basic. Of course, some shops are going to make more sales than others, and anyone with the ‘ah, cute!’ factor is going to get impulse buys.
    I’ve only been asked so far to make one custom necklace by a friend, since her Mom doesn’t wear earrings. But then Mom wanted some earrings instead of the necklace! Kinda funny, but I was left with a necklace I don’t really like. But a donation opportunity has come up and goodbye custom necklace! Another friend asks all the time for custom earrings, but she’s easy to please and very specific! So, I’m back to promote, promote, promote…

  12. Wow…early check in on Facebook and I see my dog magnet. AWESOME! Thanks for featuring me. I hope that I can help a few people with my basic tips on reaching my goal of 600 sales. Trial and error comes with the territory of starting/switching a business. I have worked incredibly hard to get to that number (and growing)…proof that persistence pays off. Good luck to everyone and again, thank you!!!

  13. Great tips and ideas. Above all else is quality and customer service. I started out doing affordable and sustainable custom applique tshirts- I still do them too. They’re one of my best sellers… but I started to get the ping of dread and as someone mentioned earlier its so much easier to create from your own inspiration as opposed to commissioned ideas. I wanted to get out into the craft shows and decided I needed to add some inventory that was easier or rather less time consuming to make and could also appeal to those on a tighter budget. I guess I didnt mention anything here that hasnt already been said earlier. Great read though!

  14. offering custom orders is HUGE! Most of my sales are custom requests, and I am a much better seller because of it. Customers will really appreciate your ability to make something especially for them – and it’s what really sets handmade apart from mass-produced merchandise!

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