Friday , 7 May 2021
I started my Etsy shop 2 years ago. Since then I have had over 6000 sales. A lot of people have been asking me lately for advice about selling on Etsy, starting a business, and finding your niche.

6,000 Etsy Sales – Tips That Will Make You Think

Rosewood - lip balm in tin

Rosewood - lip balm in tin

ForStrangeWomen says

I started my Etsy shop 2 years ago. Since then I have had over 6000 sales. A lot of people have been asking me lately for advice about selling on Etsy, starting a business, and finding your niche. I am a pretty opinionated person so do not think of this as fact, it is just a view into my own world, the way I think things should be- it works for me, and it might work for you. Hopefully there are some new concepts here for you to think about!
(I posted this earlier without realizing the rules changed and I cannot link to my blog- sorry! I really want to share, not self-promote.)

1- Allow your art to consume all aspects of your life. You should be conscious of what your style is, and if you are freely expressing yourself as you should be, then your entire house or studio should naturally make a perfect setting for photographing your products (although you only need one spot).

Also, have you ever noticed when you go to one of those juried art fairs, the artists in the booths always seem to match their work! The lady who makes fuzzy textiles has frizzy hair, the ceramic artist wears same the earthy colors of their glazing, the stained glass guy is wearing nice glasses, the tall thin person creates tall thin sculptures…. these people are successful with their craft because they are intertwined with it. They do not make their art from 9-5 and come home and live a different life, as the corporate world does. They are expressing themselves (oftentimes unconsciously) through their work so much that it shows when they are standing next to it. If you do not “match” your work, it is possible you are not expressing what you want to with your work. (because you want to express yourself, right?)

2- If you are not beginning your business with $10-20K in startup revenue, the first 10-20K that you earn with your art/craftwork will need to be reinvested (in better tools, materials that may need to be bought in bulk, things that will make your production faster/more efficient, independent contractors to do easy but time consuming tasks, hiring a designer*, etc.) before you start making a profit and paying yourself. This is just an estimated price range, and maybe not necessary for everyone, but this is what I did for myself.

3- About hiring a designer- I spent about 3 years working as a graphic designer. If you do not have this kind of time to spend to learn how to create an original brand, packaging, etc. you should really invest in a good designer to make something for you. When people shop online, they are not able to experience your products in person. They only have your branding, your photos, and your description to experience. Your branding is extremely important and you should treat it this way.
And if you find a really good deal- $50 to design your logo, banner, business cards, and packaging, you are going to get what you pay for. Usually hiring a professional designer to do this kind of work will cost a minimum of $1,000, and even 2-10x this much. There is a huge range of talent and it would be wise for you to hire the best you possibly can. Always look at a designer’s portfolio before you decide to use them.

4- Good design is most often measured in simplicity. Do not over embellish for the sake of it (that goes for your product photos too) or your work may begin to look like your mom’s scrapbook. (although mom I think your scrapbooks are lovely)

5- I have mailed thousands of orders, and have never included a printed receipt. This means I have saved thousands of pieces of paper and no one has complained! Unless it’s a wholesale order, people probably will not want a receipt anyway, and if they do they can easily access it online.
I also never include more than one business card (unless requested). I find it excessive and impolite to do so- I always tell or write down names and web addresses if I recommend something to a friend, because I do not carry around copies of everyone’s card with me, and I assume this goes for others as well.

Read more of these awesome tips HERE in the Etsy forum.

Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply!  Find more Etsy Tips Here!

Decadence and Debauchery - natural perfume oil

Decadence and Debauchery - natural perfume oil


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  1. Sounds like very good advice. Thanks!

  2. This is great advice! Packaging and branding is very important- I always seem to leave it as an afterthought but I am trying to take it more seriously!

  3. Great advice. In keeping with being totally involved in your craft, I am in the process of transitioning to a new shop that will better reflect what I do. It’s a lot of work rephotographing my work, but I am engaged in being engrossed in my work to be able to sell it better.

  4. Great advice. Thank you for the tips.

  5. Really great post and some fantastic tips, point 3 and 4 especially! I laughed about ‘letting your art’ consume your life. I have my Etsy store which I love and does consume me (happily) at times. But my main income is as a Graphic Designer. It was so refreshing to here a fellow Etsian talk about the importance of creating your brand. And you are so right, with a cleaver creative designer it doesn’t have to be too expensive!

  6. Great advice and tips. I have a lot to learn. I operated a retail store for 18 years, but selling online in my etsy store is totally different. It is a challenge to get the customer to buy when they can’t actually see and touch my stained glass work or pottery.

  7. Wow…this is TRULLY inspiring…the 1st thing I’ve read in a while in this area that really kept me engaged. Very enlightening! :)

  8. This post was FaNtAsTic!! Thanks for helping me find it. I am sure I’ll be coming back to it often for direct quotes because that’s some excellent advice!

  9. I so couldn’t agree more concerning getting a designer! It’s an integral part of business and so many people leave it on the last possible line of the budget when it should be one of the very first considerations!

  10. So thoughtful and well written – thanks for such an inspiring post!

  11. I can see you are a ¨what you see is what you get¨ kina gal. I really enjoyed your post. I love your little boxes and tins you use for you products so pretty. So many creams and lip balms these days come in boring containers I’m not suprised you’re doing so well. What you say about artists being like their art is true too. I bet we will all notice that even more now we have read this. Pam

  12. A lot of useful information. Thanks. I always use to pack my leaf art with household card boards from shopping trips. Always try to reuse items and sustainability is my motto. My store

  13. Great Post especially all the advice. Now to start from 1 and work my way to 5. Thanks My store

  14. Thanks! It’s true. I don’t send receipts either, I know they will just trash it and the invoice is on Etsy. Good tips!!

    Artistic Inclinations

  15. Great article, great advice! Wonderful to hear of your success!

  16. I love forstrangewomen and frequently share your beautiful shop with others. It’s absolutely true what you’ve written, especially embracing your shop into your life and life into your shop. It makes for such cohesiveness and an overall oneness, and that’s really apparent in your shop. Thanks so very much for sharing your professional tips…and congratulations on your continued success.

  17. Sounds like some grounded and honest advice, thank you!

  18. Great tips – and a lot of things to think about! Thanks for this post.

  19. As much as I might agree with everything you say here, and made me rethink my stance on some things like the printed receipts, I”m not exactly sure what that has to do with you making 6,000 sales.

    Or are you saying that after 6,000 sales, this is what you’ve learned?

  20. Thank you so much for the interesting post.
    Do you have some tips about promoting your Etsy shop too? Because you must do something right ,in this end ,for you to get to 6000 sales.

    I’ll appreciate your 2 cents on this very much.
    Since i have had only 34 sales,in my 2 years on Etsy. And i have a really unique and well designed products, with pretty good photographs to show them off and i post new and original stuff all the time.

  21. This is great advice! I never include printed receipts with my orders either. One thing I never considered until reading this is that including more than 1 business card could be seen as rude. Great tip!

  22. Thanks so much for writing this very interesting post. You are so very right about people looking like what they sell. And that is usually what “sells” me on their stuff.

  23. I love the tip about living your art. That is so true, that people tend to “match” their art. I think that is also the best way to show others the quality and passion put into your pieces. If you like wearing/displaying/using it, others will too!

  24. Great advice about being entwined with what you do and about branding. Also love your observations about how people make art that represents themselves – I will have to look at my pieces more closely! ;o)

  25. Lately for me views and sales are down, so your article brought some glimmer to my mind. Discouragement sets in easily for me. Etsy is so large and competition fierce. Sometime we forget, in between blogging, facebook, twitter, that loving what we do is essential. Thanks for some great iseas. Karen

  26. I love your first tip about letting your work consume you. The things we create are a direct extension of ourselves and that should be reflected in every aspect of our business. Your photos are exquisite, too. =)

  27. Living my art happened before the art did; the women in my family have always been rock collectors (bought even more at the natural museum on Monday!), so I can say without any doubt that I live my art. I like the way you state that and your observations, because it is so true! (My poor tiny little apartment has more rocks, geodes, mineral clusters, spheres, eggs and tumbled rocks than furniture!)

    Thanks for sharing; great article!

  28. Congrats on your success and thanks for sharing the information :)

  29. Found your site via Paper, Cloth & Scissors. Love the article. am considering opening up an Etsy store w/ collage kits I’ve made. Still in the investigation stage.

  30. Keeping it clean is my motto! I only send a “thank you” card with a discount code for future purchase.

    I once received a package that had so much paper, confetti, etc., it turned me off so much that I didn’t want to order from them again, even though their product was great!

  31. I like the idea of not including a receipt to save paper and ink. I just don’t know if I can break my previous habit and implement this… It makes a lot of sense though to direct a customer to the online copy of their receipt if necessary. Good suggestion! :)

  32. Excellent advice! Thank you for the tips! I really like the idea of finding a style an sticking to it! I tend to have a very unique sense of style and fashion, and i am hoping it will really help me with my handmade jewelry!

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