Tuesday , 4 August 2020
Why hit the pavement day after day in your business? How about in place of working HARD (ie. 12 hour days, mile long to do lists, and 5 email accounts) you worked SMART?

7 Tips for Working SMART

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Why work hard when you can work SMART?

Why hit the pavement day after day in your business? How about in place of working HARD (ie. 12 hour days, mile long to do lists, and 5 email accounts) you worked SMART?

Working smart looks like this–less time with more intention, one task with big impact, and busy work windows narrowed down to 1-2 hours in the entire workday (which, by the way, workdays should not exceed 8 hours).

Here are my 7 tips for working SMART–get rid of the tough, hard nosed, always doing something mentality and work with intention. You just might be surprised.

SMART tip #1: One goal, One year  | 
What ONE single goal would take you an entire year to complete? There it is, this is your ONE goal that should be worked towards every single day with the intention of completing it within ONE year. Less is so much more.

SMART tip #2: Watch other’s failures |
You might not have the time ahead of you to make all the mistakes you need to make in business. So instead, ask how other’s have failed. Watch other’s fail (and bounce back). Understand your vulnerable spots and play the, “what if I failed here” game. Now go out and learn how other’s have failed doing the same thing and recovered.

SMART tip #3: Be smart, really smart
 | Read a business book/week. Or at the very least set aside 30-60 minutes a day reading. It will propel your business faster than you can imagine.

SMART tip #4: Never be in high need | 
“High Need” is leaving access to you via email, phone, social media, Skype, etc. open at all times. Close them up! If you are focused on your most impactful task of the day every other mode of access needs to be turned off, silenced, covered, etc. I check email 2x a day. That’s it!

SMART tip #5: Start your day with IMPACT
 | Ask yourself when you arrive to work every day, “What ONE thing will have the biggest impact on my ONE year goal today?” Then complete that task first.

SMART tip #6: Finish what you start
 | Leaving even 1 task open ended will screw with your success rate, let alone 10 or more! Clean off that to do list and finish what you start. Need to have a “on deck” to do list? Make one so all those ideas are out of your head but only work on your open ended, biggest impact tasks. Things like newsletters, emails, reading taking up time? Batch those tasks–like with like will get completed with more efficiency than switching gears.

SMART tip #7: Keep your own records
 | You are a one-person show and you will not remember your yearly or even seasonal to-do lists. I recently listened to an awesome panel speak on time and money and how we really can’t afford to play a guessing game. Take notes for your month, impactful days, or seasonal needs so next year you have a map, not a tentative plan.

There you have 7 tips for working SMART.




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  1. Good advice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh! This is me! LOL Particulary #s 3 & 4! Thanks for the great advice!

  3. These are great tips and reminders of helping to create our goals. I have set my one goal….now it is off to making it happen. Thank you.

  4. this is awesome, to the point advice! thank you!

  5. hollycraft originals

    outright has really helped me on #7!!!

  6. Really helpful.#1 & #5 is very very useful for me. In New Year Resolution, I always write a lot goals but finish zero. Thanx for sharing your creative and brilliant tips.

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