Friday , 10 July 2020
8 Articles to Read Before Buying Etsy Stock

8 Articles to Read Before Buying Etsy Stock

There have been concerns for fake handmade items on Etsy for years. Resellers, as the handmade community would call them.  Resellers defined: Passing off items that are not handmade.

Here is the recent research from Wedbush.

Our research indicates as many as 2 million items on Etsy (>5% of all merchandise) may potentially be either counterfeit or constitute trademark or copyright infringement. We believe the share of GMS may be greater considering Etsy has become a go-to destination for counterfeits. Counterfeit candidates include items infringing on Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Michael Kors, as well as a wide range of Disney and NFL brands. Sample of high risk listings indicates some violations may be 20x more likely on Etsy than eBay and even more likely than Alibaba’s Aliexpress.

Shares of Etsy fall on concerns over counterfeit goods ( Yahoo Finance)

Analysts warn that Etsy might have a big problem with fake stuff and now the stock is getting crushed ( Yahoo Finance)

Does Etsy Have A Problem With Fake Goods? (Forbes)

Etsy’s First Downgrade: Wedbush Cuts To Underperform, Cites ‘Counterfeit Risk’ (Benzinga)

Will the High Level of Risk in Etsy Stock Pay Off for Investors? 

Etsy Faces Some Skepticism as Coverage Starts: What Wall Street’s Saying (The Street)

Why Etsy’s stock is not a buy right now (market Watch)

Etsy downgraded on alleged counterfeit concerns (Market Watch)


In the midst of all this relseller nonsense, there are REAL creative business owners trying build a thriving business.

Check out our Road to 1000 series, where we highlight sellers who are working their way to a thriving creative business.

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Etsy shop critiques




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  1. etsy will always have issues with its content, because etsy admin has NO concept of what is actually handmade by the artisan. Recently open the flood gates to include factory made, collaborations and “member” of shop only “grays” the waters for actual hand crafted products.

    etsy polices itself, and what it doesn’t catch, it relies on sellers to rat-out.

    If etsy stayed true to their infancy philosophy their stock would worth more than 8.2%. I’d buy in and encourage other artisans to buy in as well.

  2. I’m Trying to open an Etsy shop for a friend. If somebody can direct me to a directory or videos where I can get the step by step for dummies (like me) it’ll be greatly appreciated.

  3. I also need some explanation about inventory. We bought some beads from Etsy, but we changed our collection and a huge amount of the beads we can’t use anymore. I was wondering if we can sell our inventory on Etsy. Don’t want to do anything until we get an answer for that. Thank you so very much for any help we can get.

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