Sunday , 20 June 2021

8 Tips For Getting LOADS of Etsy Sales

Here are some outstanding tips for getting more sales on Etsy.

WinchesterLambourne says:

These eight things are what I learned are the most crucial of all, when it comes to Etsy. There are others, but in my view, they somehow lead back to these:

I. Identify the purpose of your site
Ask yourself:
- Why am I joining Etsy?
- What is my goal?
- How can I achieve this goal?
- What is my intended target audience?
- How can I appeal to this group?
- How can I enlarge my target audience?

From that, you will find what you offer which is unique and what gap you fill. In my case to give an example, I’ve discovered that people who use my services are those who want their items featured within the designs themselves, who look for traditional 3D graphics rather than modern vector art, who prefer a dark elegance to bright, cartoon-like works. While I can do both, I am most in my element when I do the former, and that is my ‘niche’. Others are very good at creating beautiful clipart, 2D vector art and appeal to another target audience. Even if you make the same thing as 100 other people, you do it differently – find out how you differ. In other words:

II. Stand out from your competitors by emphasizing what you do differently.
- is it being more enthusiastic, truly believing in what you do?
- is it offering better value, because you found a great supplier that gives you products for free or cheap – perhaps shipping packing material from an art store that throws away the cardboard, etc.
- is it offering a better range of products, so that people have more choice? There is a soap seller here who is so incredible – absolutelly STUNNING – because she makes works of art in her soaps. She has those gorgeous soaps that have a golden coin buried half in the sand under a clear blue sky (all within the soap), and her label is a treasure map. I’ve never seen such unique soaps in my life before.
- is it offering better customer service than perhaps mass competitors?
- is it giving more information, unique details that aren’t elsewhere

III. Create interesting listing descriptions:
- Create a listing description that follows the two Cs: that is concise and compelling. Help people evaluate the items through this tactic.
- Make sure you focus on the crucial details: size, materials, any relevant information that one must know about the product.
- Strive to become an authority in your craft/field of work: if you give something that not everyone knows, that is more rare than readily available, this will intrigue customers and persuade them to purchase. People who buy handmade want you, not your echoes of what everybody usually states.

To read the rest of these tips check out the post in the Etsy forums HERE.

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  1. Great tips….I am going to the forum to read the rest of the article.

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  4. But the biggest tip for getting more Etsy sales is having Winchester Lambourne give you a “Makeover” as she did me….she is the best, a true delight to work with, reasonable, and incredibly talented, knowing what you want and need when you have no clue yourself!

  5. Thanks for the great advise! I’m going to look over my Etsy shop again.

  6. Thanks! Just your suggestions for identifying our purpose serves as a beginning business plan. The rest really rounds everything out.

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