Saturday , 15 May 2021
Since the relaunch of Handmadeology in early August 2010 there has been over 17,200 comments posted. Comments are the lifeblood of any blog. Comments build social proof and let you know as a blogger that readers are reading.

800 Comments In 30 Days – Tips For Leaving And Getting More Comments

letterpress card. we go together like blogs and comments

letterpress card. we go together like blogs and comments | by: shopsaplingpress

Since the relaunch of Handmadeology in early August 2010 there has been over 17,200 comments posted.  Comments are the lifeblood of any blog.  Comments build social proof and let you know as a blogger that readers are reading.  Comments can also help your blog or site gain page rank and improve your Google search position.   I have gathered the best of the best articles on blog comments.  Enjoy!

More helpful blog links!


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  1. Woo Hoo first commentator! 1 comment down – 799 to go.

    Thanks for the trackback and link love,great little list you have put together here Tim, glad to be a part of it

  2. Yay! I’ve been following for a while (it seems like it’s been longer than the beginning of August), and I feel compelled to leave a comment pretty often. You always give me good info for my shop and my blog. Nearly every day you give me a tip or two that I can implement immediately– and that’s the sign of a good blog! Congratulations, and keep it up! I’m reading and learning!

  3. This is a very timely post for me, as just last week I decided to try to keep my blog more active. I very rarely get comments, which is hardly a surprise, as I don’t write on a regular basis. So now that I’ve decided to try to post more often, I’ve been feeling a little lonely, with so few people noticing me. I really like Alex Whalley’s writing and have read a few of his posts….now off to comment!
    Thanks, Tim, for putting these together. And, by the way, when I checked my google info the other day, handmadeology ranked 3rd in getting people into my etsy shop and having them stay there for more than 4 minutes…..nice!

  4. thanks for sharing these goodies… off to read them all over a cup of coffee now :)

  5. Thank you for this list, I’m going to try to employ some of the ideas. I don’t have a blog, but I have a facebook fanpage. I have about 4 people out of 241 people that ever leave comments. Sometimes I feel I am just talking to myself.
    I have tried to not fall into the trap of just posting whatever I have just listed in my shop, but when questions, and trying to get a back and forth gets me no where, sometimes I just post my lastest listing. I started the fanpage, not as just a “here’s my newest item” page but I wanted to form a commmunity of people w/ like interests. I try posting other Etsy finds, try to get people to show their blogs, fanpages, etsy shops, etc. I have tried asking people about their hobbies, interests, collections, etc. It can get very frustrating when you can’t get others to comment.
    I also make sure I comment on other peoples, pages, etc just so they don’t feel like they are talking to themselves.
    So, I will keep trying, and reading this post has given me a boost to keep at it.

  6. WOW – A great list ! I feel like I’ll deserve a certificate of graduation when I get through reading all these :-)

  7. I always enjoy your articles, but seldom comment. This one in particular has encouraged me to be more of a “commenter” when I check out other artisan’s blogs and websites. I am going to study the links you have suggested and implement as many of the ideas as possible. Thanks for all your wonderful help and ideas.

  8. Thank you for providing all of these links. I hope to get back on track with my blogging and make it more of a routine thing for me ~ no just something I do when I remember to do it.

  9. I love checking out your blog, FB and twitter feed. You have great tips and info for all of us Etsy Shop owners. Thank you for always taking the time to share great & helpful info. I loved your post about for Strange Women. It made me feel so much better about growth & how you may have sales and your business can be growing but cash flow can be hard in the first few years when you are building and growing your business. I couldn’t remember if I posted about that article or if it was a mental thought of come back to it! In regards to this article my blog, FB & twitter are the last in my to do list so they get the least amount of attention the busier I get it. It is good to be busy but I miss the promotion, marketing and networking side. Sounds weird I bet but it’s part of wearing many hats as a small buss. owner. I like to wear them all!

  10. Wow, there is so much to learn. Thanks Tim for sharing. I have a blog and i don’t post that often but i’m planning on spending more time on that and hopefully people will interact and leave comments. There are so many trick that needs to be learned to get more exposure and with posts like Tim’s we get better at marketing :D Thanks again!

  11. Your blog is so useful it is unreal. l get notifications by e-mail and l always find your posts interesting and very relevant.

    l have a youtube channel and l am hoping some of the suggestions you make here will help me out over there!!! l also have a journal on Deviantart so l will be trying to apply some of those tips to that too!!

  12. Thanks for the articles. Looks like I’ll be reading all day:) I try to comment on each site I go to but some just send me in circles. I have an older, slowwwerrr computer and just as slow internet. This makes it hard to leave comments too. Sometimes one comment can take an hour just trying to get it posted. But I keep trying.

  13. Thanks so much for the list! People hate leaving comments on my blog. :( Unless I’m having a giveaway, or they’re a spammer, it can get pretty lonely over there.

  14. THANK YOU — definitely what I needed today.

  15. excellent advice! I tend to be one of those ‘lurkers’ sometimes, and then wonder why nobody visits my blog ;D Silly me. I will be more active – there are some fabulous blogs out there that deserve more comments!

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