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Are you prepared for the influx of customers that may come knocking on your business's door? If not, I'm here to to give you a quick tip that can make your holiday experience a much easier one.

A Quick Tip for Managing Your Orders This Holiday Season

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As you know, the holiday sales season is the busiest time of the year for retailers, local and online. Are you prepared for the influx of customers that may come knocking on your business’s door? If not, I’m here to to give you a quick tip that can make your holiday experience a much easier one.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is…

Create A System To Fulfill Your Orders

It’s that simple.

When you prep for the holidays you’re getting ready for all the things you’re expecting to happen in your business, but even after all that work, you still have one thing left to do. You have to put your incoming orders together quickly and efficiently in order to keep your customers happy. That is the final step.

Creating a system will help you do that.

A system allows you to be more productive in a several ways.

  • You stop wasting time running back and forth to get things you forgot.
  • You put orders together, start to finish, in less time.
  • You can be confident that you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • You get orders processed and shipped out quicker.

Systems are a great way to organize your business at anytime, but they’re especially helpful during the holidays. Did you know that the majority of retailers make 20-40% of their yearly sales during the last two months of the year? That’s a lot! That means that we should all pay attention to the holidays, and take advantage of this time to grow our businesses.

Not only is a system for fulfilling orders beneficial to you, it’s beneficial to employees or helpers you may hire during the holidays. Employees won’t know your process off the top of their head. Having a system to follow will help them be able to process orders without having to ask you for help constantly!

How To Create An Order Fulfillment System

Now that you know how important it is to have a system to help you be productive, let’s talk about how to actually do it. Below are the steps you can take to create your system and make fulfilling holiday orders a breeze!

Step 1 – Write everything down

This is self-explanatory. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and write down everything you need to gather to put an order together. Supplies, the product, packaging materials, shipping supplies, marketing materials, etc.

Then below that, write down the steps you need to take to put the order together. Be as specific and detailed as possible. The point is to have it all written out so you don’t have to figure anything out later on.

Step 2 – Proof-read

Here’s where you’ll look over everything you wrote down, and you’ll double check it for accuracy. Add in anything you missed or anything you think would make your process easier. Make sure everything sounds good and is easy to read. Finally, put everything in order from start to finish.

Step 3 – Walk through it

Now that you’ve got your system written out, give it a run through and see if you find any missing pieces or hang-ups. If so, correct them. If not, move on!

Step 4 – Make it easy to access

Lastly, once you’ve created your system and tested it out, format it to make it look nice and easy to follow.

Next save it to your computer in an easy to find place so you can access it when you need to process orders. It’s also a good idea to print it out and put it in view of where you normally package your orders. You don’t want to have to jump on your computer to find it every time you need to put an order together.

Meagan Visser is the owner and resident herbalist at Growing Up Herbal, an organic skincare and herbal medicinal business for children. She also loves to talk business over at, and is the author of The Customer Discovery Report, a guide and workbook that will help you discover the perfect customer for your business. 

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  1. Thanks for this quick tip. Being ready can be as simple as a little time, pen and paper. Trying to do things without a plan can lead to a lot of wasted time. Thanks for this reminder.

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