Saturday , 15 May 2021
So, here’s a question for you: did you know you can “like” businesses on Facebook or follow them on Twitter from your cell phone? Even just by sending a quick text?

A Simple Way to Gain More Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers at Craft Fairs

So, here’s a question for you: did you know you can “like” businesses on Facebook or follow them on Twitter from your cell phone? Even just by sending a quick text?

Recently, Smaller Box wrote a nice little article called Getting Social Media Love on the Go and quickly covered how one can gain likes and followers on the go (such as at a craft fair!) by asking a customer to like or by posting a sign informing them they can quickly become a fan via text. Smaller Box even included a nice link where you can make your own sign for Facebook (so check out their article already!).

I read the article, but it is true I was still a little confused on how the process worked. I knew I could follow someone on Twitter from my phone, but I don’t often do it, and I have never tried on Facebook, so I looked around for a bit more information about it all (read some of what I read here and here).

I learned that if I sent, for example, Like SundayAfternoonHousewife to 32665 (or FBOOK) on my mobile the I can like a business just that fast. Is it really that easy I wondered? Well… It isn’t THAT easy, but it sure isn’t hard. First of all you (or your customer) have to have a cell phone set up to interact with Facebook or Twitter, so let’s look at that first for each.


Facebook gives you a nice little tutorial so you can see how connecting your mobile phone to Facebook will work. It looks like the photo above. After you mess around, you will see the link that says “Sign Me Up for Mobile Alerts” or something similar. If you do not see the link, go the right hand corner of your Facebook, click Accounts, then Account Settings, then in the menu bar, click on Mobile and follow the prompts to sign up. You will need to text an activation message to Facebook and then enter in a code online to verify your mobile number, then you are all set to post status updates or to easily “like” a business. After you activate it, you can set your settings as you desire.


If you already have a Twitter account, you may already have your phone linked up to it. If you don’t have your phone linked, you can add a mobile device by going to settings then add your mobile device. If you don’t have an account, just follow the steps as you sign up. Now, as Twitter tells you, you can do more than tweet, you can command. Text Follow

to 40404 to begin following someone right away.

So, why exactly is this so awesome? How many times have you walked into a shop and seen a sign that says “Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter” but you forget by the time you get home? How often do you tell your customers you are on Facebook or Twitter, but they walk away without your contact information? Well, now that you know how to easily add a business via text, you can tell your customers, too! What a great way to grow your fan base right at a fair!

You could even do a small promotion and offer a free sticker or button to people who like or follow you right on the spot. This would ensure your ability to follow up after an event ends! What other ways might you encourage people to like or follow you right away?

By the way, are you in need of a custom Facebook URL so people can easily text to follow? Get it here: 

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  1. Cool info thank you so much!

  2. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. No problem! I hope it helps you both!

  4. So doing this at ArtWalk 2012 in McKinney, TX!! Thanks so much for the tip!

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