Wednesday , 28 October 2020

Affairs of Living

Ill admit I am a little biased regarding this seller that I am featuring on my blog today. Not only is she a phenomenal chef, blogger and crafter, she is my Sister-In-Law.
Kim has been artistic her entire life but I just have to share some of the amazing things she is coming up with in the last couple of years. She has a blog for people with severe and not so severe allergies called Affairs of Living
She whips up amazing goodies for people with diet restrictions and allergies. Her recipes are easy, realistic and tantalizing. Her writing is enrapturing, honest and clever.
Not only does she write, she has an Etsy shop called My Little Ideas

In the shop she has wonders like her newly released recipe calendar (photo shown) that have been selling like hotcakes and other goodies such as jar coozies for the sustainable lifestyle of reducing the use of plastics.
Here is the link to her favorite food storage containers video (which I think is amazingly educational) Food Storage
Where she discusses the use of jars versus plastics.

She also hosts recipe challenges and giveaways on her blog too! I cant tell you how chocked full of fun it is, you have to check it out!

Let me and Kim know what you all think of her goodies by leaving a comment here or on her blog.
Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Her recipes look amazing!

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