Thursday , 4 June 2020
I have sales! I have sold the featured set FIVE times in three days, so I have made my money back and I still have 87 days left on my featured item!!!

An Etsy Shop Advertising Experiment – The Best Bang for Your Buck


Handmadeolog  Market is Awesome!

As you all know if you follow this blog, Tim does wonderful stuff for all of us that make handmade goods. The tips, the tools, everything on Handmadeology helps me improve my Etsy shop, as well as my website. Now, Tim has gone a step further and created the  Handmadeology Market,
where we can promote our handmade wares.

On the Handmadeology Market you can show off your stuff for FREE! You get unlimited FREE listings with descriptions, pictures and links back to your Etsy shop or website. If you want to show up as a featured listing, it is ONLY $5 for 90 DAYS!!! THAT’S RIGHT!! THREE months of advertising for $5!!! You can’t beat that anywhere!

I did an experiment to see how it all works. I listed 5 free items on October 14th. My most popular of the five free listings was my Funky Christmas Tree Clip Art. Three weeks later, that listing has 42 total views, 5 today. It also is the last listing on the Paper Goods page, so I think it is great that even being the last listing of 6 pages it is still getting views.

Then I purchased a $5 featured listing on November 1st. I listed a similar set- my Whimsical Christmas Tree Clip Art, three DAYS later I have 156 views, 2 today. WOW! Big difference! Three WEEKS- 42 views, three DAYS-156 views. I guess I don’t have to tell you there really is a remarkable difference, and for such a small amount of money. The views on my Etsy shop for the SAME set in the same THREE days is only 32. And YES, I have sales! I have sold the featured set FIVE times in three days, so I have made my money back and I still have 87 days left on my featured item!!!

Here are some things that I think are GREAT about Handmadeology Market

* It’s FREE! You don’t have to pay a penny. List unlimited free items, if one of them isn’t getting viewed a lot, just take it down and replace it with something else- run your own experiments, it might give you some great insight into what people are really looking for.

* People SEE your stuff! The amount of views is amazing! And who knows, someone may like your “style” and buy more items than just the ones you have listed, become a fan of your Facebook page, you never know what might happen.

*Links- You can link to your website, Etsy shop, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. People can find out more about you, and what you sell. Plus, back links to your Etsy Shop and your website are GREAT for helping you move up in the Google searches. Learn about creating backlinks for your shop here.

* Listing is EASY! You can use the same pictures you use on your Etsy shop, cut and paste descriptions, and once you put in the links to your social media sites the first time, when you start typing, if you have autofill turned on- they fill in. You can display five pictures of your item with descriptions, this is VERY helpful for being found in searches (SEO). Tim did a post about this here.




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  1. Love this article! Thanks for sharing about your experience and giving “real numbers”. And love, love, love your graphics. I have both of these sets. Superior quality compared to other graphic sets I have purchased from others. Talk about a great Bang for your Buck!

    • Thanks Siswell,

      I really do recommend getting a feature listing or two- I wrote that article last week and have sold that set a bunch more since then!!

      glad you like my graphics too….thank you so much!!!

  2. I totally agree. I was one of the first to pay for a featured listing – and I sold three Grandmother Bracelets within a week or so!
    Love it!
    Fat dog beads

  3. That sounds great and your clipart is adorable! Quick question..if I purchase a featured listing and the item were to sell, does the featured listing still link back to the sold or renewed item for the remaining 90 days? Thanks for your help!

  4. I am going to have to try some listing on Handmadeology. I hadn’t sat down long enough to figure it out yet, but will have to! This sounds great! Thanks for doing that experiment!

  5. I took your advise and posted something this morning and already I have had 75 hits on my Old Blue Chevy watercolor. super exciting.
    thank you

  6. Great post, and I totally agree! Just put my third ad out today and will be adding more….this is a great site with amazingly helpful tips and doubles as an affordable way to get your work out there to the masses!

  7. Great great Information! I had no idea and can’t wait to do this! Thanks for always keeping us informed and helping everyone’s businesses moving forward!!!

  8. Thanks for all the help! Just listed a recipe box as a featured listing..looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  9. Another great article from Beth! She always has great words of wisdom backed up by real research and desire to share it with others. I know I can trust what she says. What a great team – Beth and Handmadeology!

  10. Again, Beth rocks on her recommendations for selling on etsy. I’ve never tried the feature item option but will do so now that I know Beth uses it with great returns. One thing for certain is Beth is a talented graphic artist and is an expert at selling on etsy. thanks beth

    • thank you Beverly!!! I appreciate all the compliments! and I think you will have GREAT results- so far I have! thanks for taking the time to comment!

  11. Wow, what a great article, thank you so much for the links and to Tim and Handmadeology for this great service! Deb

  12. I have had some of the same experiences, the featured ad had far more views than the other listings. Five dollars is a great deal for advertising and it’s well worth it to add a feature or two among your market listings for such a small amount of money.

    • Thanks Shelley- seems they really are seen a lot more- helps that Tim tweets, and pushes them out to the social media too- all that for $5- sweet deal if you ask me!

  13. Great article Beth, as always you are just a fabulous resource for business information!


  14. Great article!!!

  15. Hi, I offer advertising from 10$ from etsy shop on my blog and social media sites.

    Many other blogs do this, you can click on advertising or contact blogs you like and see if they offer ads

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