Saturday , 19 September 2020
Are you a Joann Craft Master? September 2014 DIY QUIZ

Are you a Joann Craft Master? September 2014 DIY QUIZ

We know you love Joann stores, but do you have what it takes to be a Joann Craft Master?

Click the image to learn more about the awesome project and see if you you really know the time, skill, and process behind these projects.

All 3 right or all 3 wrong . . . you always win, because you are discovering new projects at Joann!

Please share this game on Facebook and post your score.  Help the world discover these awesome projects on Joann.


1.  Which project can be completed in under 1 hour?

A) Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit


B)  Chalkboard Travel Globe

Chalkboard Travel Globe

C)  Fall Into Reading Bulletin Board Décor

Fall Into Reading Bulletin Board Decor

2.  Which project requires no experience  necessary?

A)  Teal Dreams Earrings

Teal Dreams Earrings


B)  On-the-Go Garment Bag

On-the-Go Garment Bag


C)  Wood Slice Shelf


Wood Slice Shelf


3.  Which project can be completed in 6 steps?


A) Wine Knot

Wine Knot


B)  Striped Fabric Teepee

Striped Fabric Teepee


C) Leather Studio Boots


Leather Studio Boots


3 correct . . . You’re a Joann Craft Master!

2 correct . . . You’re a Joann Craft Expert!

1 correct . . . You’re a Joann Craft Novice!

0 correct . . .You’re a Joann Craft Cub!

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