Tuesday , 11 May 2021

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Insights After 4 Years And 4,400 Etsy Sales

I love to see successful Etsy sellers sharing their tips with the Etsy community.  Here are some amazing tips from a 4 year veteran with 4400 plus Etsy sales. Analiese says: Over 4400 sales later, I would love to share some updates on some tips I gave a long time ago……… I am happy to say that I have been ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Kaboogie

Joining Etsy has cemented what I already knew about business from my other experiences. There is a market, a niche for everything, and our job is to find it. The bigger the market, the stiffer the competition. Be DIFFERENT. Make them try to copy you. Read More »

Start Your Etsy Relevancy Strategy Today

Have you lost views and possible sales since the recent change Etsy made to their default search? Do you feel lost when it comes to devising a plan of attack to get your traffic back? The Etsy relevancy search change is an opportunity get your items in front of buyers. In the long run this is a very good thing for Etsy sellers, but it has to be done right from the start. Read More »

My Etsy Story : Glowgirl – 6,000 Sales

I have learned there is so much to learn! You need to work SO hard to get your product seen, to turn interest into sales and to keep up with all the technology you need to know to accomplish that. I take none of my success for granted and work every day to better myself as a human and as a self employed business owner. Read More »

Hey Stay At Home Moms – Here Are 5 Tips To Boost Your Etsy Sales

AlpacaCreations says: If you’re a stay-at-home mom like me, you probably laugh every time the “Quit Your Day Job” advice hits your inbox. Although I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve wanted to, the simple fact is…we can’t quit our day jobs! While I love the Etsy marketplace, the fact is 70% of my sales last year were local. ... Read More »

Why Do You Create? Delirium Designs Jewelry

I create to express my deepest self. I enjoy learning new creative processes. I have studied jewelry metals fabrication, lost-wax casting and found object composition, ceramics, precious metal clay and beadweaving, sewing, cooking…Hey! I spend my life creating. Read More »