Tuesday , 4 August 2020

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Why Do You Create? – Crochet Hooked

‘Why do you create?” I create my bracelets, to share the joy, excitement and hopefully to put smile on someone’s face. Not for a day or a week… but for years to come. Even now I think about how excited she was and I begin to smile. Read More »

Tips for Art Festival Success in the Rain

MagMoment says: Today was a rainy day at the Sandy Springs Festival in Georgia. I am ever the optimist and sold more art than the dry day before. Yes! That’s the first lesson in today. The second is — Here is a list of supplies for rainy art shows because my tent leaks: extra trash bags and baggies of different ... Read More »

Handmadeology Magazine – April 2011 Issue

  Handmadeology Magazine – April 2011 Issue April 2011 yielded 100+ articles on Handmadeology. Written by our team and submitted by bloggers from around the handmade community, Handmadeology is more than just a blog, it’s a resource. With the volume of articles published every month it is difficult to glean all the information. My passion is to help crafters and ... Read More »

Etsy Opens Doors, But It Is Up To You To Enter

When you open your Etsy shop there is work you have to do to get people to notice you  and start shopping.  As Melissa from HautTotes says “Etsy opens doors, it is up to you to enter, push through the crowds and up the stairs!”.  Here are Melissa’s tips for doing just that! Melissa from HautTotes says: Etsy opens doors, ... Read More »

‘Good’ Business Ideas: News for Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs – Business News Daily

  Socially responsible business practices – including organic, fair trade, handmade, giving back, and going green – are becoming the norm for for-profit, as well as nonprofit, businesses. We’re committed to covering this side of small business with our weekly wrap-up of news affecting businesses that have embraced this socially responsible model, combining a for-profit business with nonprofit sensibilities. Getting ... Read More »

Teacher! Teacher!

‘Teacher! Teacher!’ by gaudyfairy I want all of these for my classroom! I don’t know why I don’t just buy them all considering I make an oober amount of money! NOT Readers are Leaders Read Sig…   SlippinSouther… $42.00 Vintage Mid Century Herman M…   DailyMemorandu… $200.00 Scotch Industrial Retro Tape…   AtomicAttic $38.00 Vintage Commermorate Moon Gl…   vintagecals ... Read More »