Friday , 10 July 2020

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Tools Of The Handmade Trade

I recently asked the Handmadeology facebook fans what tools they could not live without! What a great list! sewing needle, emb. floss, and thrifted sweaters round and flat nosed pliers dental picks my hands Fiskars rotary cutter imersion blender elderly 1973 Kenmore sewing machine pencil coffee pot pen and paper drill or my torch modgepodge jewelry saw and stick blender ... Read More »

Etsy Admin Gives Advice To Newbie Etsy Sellers

Etsy admin HeyMichelle give her detailed tips for newbie Etsy sellers on getting more views and sales.  Here is a little peek at what she had to say! HeyMichelle says: Hi everyone, The most common questions that I’m asked in our Newbie Chat sessions in the Virtual Labs are about how to get more views, and make more (or any) ... Read More »

Ask The Etsy Experts!

Have you ever wondered how the top sellers on Etsy do what they do? How did they get so many sales? What their marketing plan is? Or even where do they find the time? I am starting an exciting series of in depth interviews with some of the top sellers on Etsy. I will be interviewing sellers from many different ... Read More »

How To Protect Your Custom Work

Here is  must read article for any artist creating custom work. It covers a quick story and how to protect yourself with a paper trail. National Jeweler Network: In this case, because of the jeweler’s careful paperwork, the terms of the contract were very clear. She and the customer agreed that: 1) The jeweler would design and produce a ring ... Read More »

20 Tips For Boosting Your Creativity

There are times where all of us need to create, design, and come up with new ideas, but sometimes we get tuck in a creative rut.  Here are 20 tips to help boost your creativity. Here are a few highlights! Be committed to your creativity Make time Fight your fear of failure Create a flow chart Read all Tewenty @ ... Read More »

Consignment or Not? The Solution

shamarjewels says: Several years ago I had a brilliant solution to the question, “Do you do consignment?” and it has been very successful for me. It has enabled me to get my work into museum shops as well as boutiques. Part of the consignment problem is that a store will always push the merchandise that they have money invested in. ... Read More »

Etsy News – Make Your Purchases Private

Etsy admin announced today that they are sean11 says: We’re introducing a new Privacy tab in the Account section of Your Etsy for managing the information you expose publicly on the site. With this enhancement we will give you the option to make your purchase history private. Purchases are currently public on Etsy by way of our feedback system. Etsy’s ... Read More »

Etsy News – Changes To US And Canadian Shipping Address

ioates says: As part of the new Checkout, we are changing all US and Canadian shipping addresses to have standard state and province abbreviations. This change has two parts: First, whenever you enter a new US or Canadian address, you now choose the state or province from a drop-down menu instead of entering it in a text field. This is ... Read More »

Etsy News – Things Happening Inside Etsy, Inc

Story by Rokali People Etsy has 125 employees now. I remember when we were just four people, working from my apartment in Brooklyn. At that time, it was crazy to think we’d ever need more than twenty employees to make Etsy tick. And now, at 125 employees, we’re still hiring. Why? Because we have more work to do. We’re hiring ... Read More »

Etsy Admin Talks About Getting Featured On The Etsy Front Page

emilybidwell says: Hi! I hope I can help clarify the homepage and Featured Seller process from Etsy’s end. Homepage: Etsy’s homepage is curated by the community through Etsy’s Treasury: Etsy selects particular Treasury collections for the homepage based on seasonal themes, a strong display of item diversity from across many categories, and strong photos with clearly represented products. Additionally, ... Read More »

How To Add Your Avatar To Handmadeology And Other Blogs

The question is how do I add my avatar to Handmadeology?   The answer is simple and will also help you brand your self when commenting on other blogs and sites. Gravatar is the answer and here is how you solve the problem. Head over to Gravatar and sign up for an account.  There is no charge and it is simple. ... Read More »