Saturday , 10 April 2021

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Craving visibility? 7 ways to get seen this season

The buzz over the holidays has begun and you are about to enter the best time of year to be a handmade business. As more people crave shopping local and buying smaller what you do becomes increasingly important. But this is also a time to rev up for next year with some cash in your pocket. Read More »

5 Things I’ve Learned About Building Your Creative Dream

Here are five things I learned this year about building my dream. There really are more than five but these are the ones at the top of my list. Whether you are still gathering momentum, are in the midst of your best year yet, or are ready to evolve I think these will resonate with you. Five things I’ve learned about building your dream: Read More »

5 ways to have your best season of the year

Make the most of your holiday season by adding a little more to your holiday plan. Create some assurance that this season is setting your up for next year, selling the brand you worked hard on in preparation, and above all else don’t let the hectic-ness get the best of you. Read More »

How to be a walking, talking brand

How to be a walking, talking brand Have you ever cringed when someone asked you, “What do you do?” Even when I discovered work I truly loved doing and practiced how I would tell others the moment the spotlight was on me I froze! In these moments you have two options–one is to state your “role” in your industry such ... Read More »

Let’s talk about brand, baby

If I took away all the products that make up your creative business how would you define yourself? A little scary, isn’t it? The product and business can become synonymous and when a creative business relies on the product we can inevitably get stuck. Stuck between where we started and how we want to move onward as a brand. Read More »