Sunday , 29 November 2020

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How to Make a Copper and Bead Busines Card Holder

Today Albina from AroundBeads will show you how to make a business card holder/display. You will need: · 16”(40cm) of 14ga round dead soft wire( you may use 16ga half hard wire as well). · Beads with large hole (optional) · Round nose pliers · Wire cutters · Flat nose pliers Step 1: Straighten and then cut the 14ga round ... Read More »

Funky Photo Stands How-to

Funky Photo Stands By Christine Lehto Supplies: Wire cutters Pliers Wire, 14-guage galvanized Masking tape Apoxie® Sculpt Small amount of olive oil or latex gloves Glitter Clear glaze Beads Super glue Use a wire cutters to cut three pieces of wire: two pieces each approximately 14″ in length and one piece approximately 24″ in length. With a pliers begin to ... Read More »