Saturday , 5 December 2020

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JoArtyJo Etsy Seller Interview | Getting Past 100 Sales

Joanne Waring of JoArtyJo on Etsy is an artist from the United Kingdom. Her shop includes color-your-own pages, original artwork and bookmarks! She's also a member of the Handmadeology Etsy Team. She fought long and hard to get to 100 sales. She's now seeing business pickup, and feeling more confident about her shop and her products. Hear her Etsy story here. Read More »

Interview with Amy of Funamals

Get to know Amy of Funamals. This is a tale of painting at an early age, and her love for animals helped her achieve doing what she loves to do! She makes custom pet portraits, and fun animal watercolor paintings. Her work appears on other items such as necklaces, greeting cards, and water bottles! Read More »

Etsy Tips – Relisting Power 2:1 Ratio

Many of us have Etsy shops, and "Relist" items frequently. Some of you may even use automatic relisting services. I wanted to tell you some things I did this year with my re-listed items because I've noticed a big difference in their sales ratio by making small changes. Read More »

Etsy Marketing Tips – Reaching Customers On YouTube

Have you ever used YouTube to promote your Etsy shop, product, or website? I'm sure you've heard others mention this tip to you, but today I'd like to really point out the benefits of it. If you aren't, maybe you should. If you are, maybe you should think about how to expand to using YouTube to promote several areas at a time. Let's discuss. Read More »

The Power of Three : Relevancy Matters

Filmstrip “3″ Buckle by Bmused on Etsy. Three, a number to remember.  I’ve gotten into the habit of rethinking three key areas of my Etsy shop, and it has helped me dramatically. So I’m giving you a three point checklist of things you should double check before listing or renewing an item.  They may seem insignificant, but they do work! ... Read More »