Thursday , 13 May 2021

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Interview: A Charming Hint of Success

I’ve been admiring Beth’s work at Hint on Etsy for several months now. Her talent and good intentions seem to shine in each of her handmade charms. She writes an intriguing blog titled hint jewelry, where it becomes obvious that she takes great care and pride in everything that she does. Read More »

How to Gain 100 New Customers this Month: Part 1

How to Gain 100 New Customers this Month: Part 1 I ask you to come to this article, and everything you read about business, with an open mind. Take a moment to notice that your perspective of your small business is always askew—you’re simply too close to it, it’s personal, and you probably carry a lot of fear and negative “what if’s” around with you. Read More »

Creative Business Q&A: Copyrights

I recently wrote an article, titled “How to Ride a Trend”, in which I explained how to turn a celebrity-inspired trend into a commercial for your shop. One of the readers had this question: I was thinking of making [something] similar to [a bracelet] worn by a character in a movie, but I was concerned it’s copyrighted and I’m not ... Read More »

The Uncomfortable Zone: It’s Lovely Here

If you desire a full and extraordinary life, comfort zones are incredibly dangerous ruts. I’m currently being challenged in this lesson. My youngest child is headed off to school, and I want to build the career of my dreams from all the things I love to do. Read More »

Your Dreams are Waiting for You! What are YOU Waiting for?!

You must begin to pay attention to where you apply your attention. Just like time, you can’t waste attention and use it productively at once. If you remember, I’m a clickaholic, therefore, I can’t obsessively click my 6 favorite websites waiting for something to happen and make something happen at the same time. I have to choose one or the other. Read More »

Ready Up For Change

Change is born of your desire to grow as a human being. It’s part of evolution. It happens regularly as you shed who you were and open up to whom you are meant to be. Read More »

Increase Your Etsy Traffic and Sales With an Affiliate Program

How to Create an Affiliate Program Are people buzzing about your shop? Do you customers write and tell you that they recommended you to all of their friends? Are blogs running your give-aways and promotions? Turn that chatter into sales by creating your own affiliate program. Courtesy of Wikipedia: “Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards ... Read More »

Think from the End

Imagine the success every opportunity might create. This means to never get stuck in beginning- or middle-thinking. See everything you do as a seed you are planting for success. Read More »