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I could go on about search engine optimization, or how to take better pictures, or go into the whole philosophy of Winnie the Pooh, but this is easier, more basic, and I believe more necessary. Five Basic Lessons of Marketing (Or, How To Win Some)

Back to the Basics – 5 Simple Marketing Tips

Triple Leaf Bracelet

Triple Leaf Bracelet |by: kpglassjewelry1

by: Fine Heart

I could go on about search engine optimization, or how to take better pictures, or go into the whole philosophy of Winnie the Pooh, but this is easier, more basic, and I believe more necessary.

Five Basic Lessons of Marketing (Or, How To Win Some)

1. You are not what you sell. I don’t care if you literally put your own blood on there (yeah, don’t ask), but it is not you. It is your stuff. You are selling stuff. Not you.

With that in mind, remember, not even Elvis or the Beatles had 100% of the market share when they were at their hottest. So, get over yourself.

Your new mantra: “Not everyone is going to love my stuff.” I repeat, get over yourself. Realize that some (read: many) people will walk away and not even look at you. Do not take it personally.

This is business and it just is. No deep philosophy. No “it’s okay, it’s not you, it’s them.” It just is.

So, look up, smile, you need to get busy. Your new goal is to find the people that will love your stuff and keep them coming back.

2. Set your goal: “Find the people that will love my stuff.” This is a fancy term used in professional circles as business development, marketing and the like.

Now, how to do that? There is a key. This is very important and it will take some work on your part. You need to figure out what types of people will like your stuff. Who is your audience?

Some Easy and Obvious Samples.
Selling earrings? People with ears.
Selling signs that hang on doors? People with doors.
Selling sugary baked goods? People who eat sweets and who are not diabetic.
Selling life coach techniques? People who live life.

When you figure out who your audience is, you need to get answers to the following questions. What type of things do they like to do? Where do they live? Where do they hang out? How can I get there? Meet them? Know them? You need to spend the time to figure this out or you will not know where to go next.

Once, you answered the questions above. Then, start hanging out at those places. Find their common interests. Find their goals. Figure out their problems and offer them solutions. Investigate this. Once you find them, then, you can tell them about your stuff. Be yourself, or at least be really really nice.

3. Don’t just stand there, show off ! After you have found the people who love your stuff, show them your stuff. Take great pictures if an online shop, or present a great group of items in person. Be neat. Be professional. Look your Sunday best. This is the impression they will take with them. Yes, this is when they will judge your stuff. No pressure. But, this is the reason they will stay and look, or go buh-bye with their wallets.

4. Keep them coming back. Once you have found the lovely people who love your stuff and stayed to give you their money, then, take care of them – very well. It does bear repeating, take good care of them.

This is also known as customer service. Provide a great one and they will keep coming back for more. Then, they will tell their friends about your stuff. Their friends will probably be the same type of people that they are. So, there is a good likelihood that their friends will also love your stuff. And, these new friends will also be telling their friends about your stuff. And on and on the circle goes.

You just tapped the best kind of marketing in the world, word of mouth, a.k.a organic marketing.

5. Grow. Change. Be better. We all love the way things used to be. We all like to go back to the good ‘ole days. Nostalgia is deceivingly fun. It’s a distant memory and it’s over with. So, of course it is fondly remembered.

But, reality is we are in the here and now. And, reality is everything changes. Everyone changes and people do grow. Do you want to play catch up or do you want to be in front?

So, change, improve, get better. Somehow be more interesting. If you are more interesting, then, you are not boring. I know, it is so obvious. Yet, it has to be said. Do not be boring. People are just not attracted to boring people. Just saying.

So, five very easy and basic tips. Now go on and do.

Original article>>> Fine Heart 

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  1. Great info to remember!

  2. LOVE this post…it is basic info that seems to have gotten lost with all the info out there on SEO, google analytics, etc. This is good basic info that anyone is capable of carrying out…THANKS:0)

  3. Love it. Plain and simple info, but so true. And sometimes overlooked. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Your first tip is my favorite. It is so easy to take it personally… and harder to step back and remember that it is not me, it’s them. Especially with our handmade items, we do put so much into them… and we have to just. step. back. (and follow your next four tips!)

  5. Great advice stated in a light hearted way! Awesome!

  6. I love the simplicity of this article. And #1 is so important. I’ve stopped worrying about getting everyone into my shop. I want the people who want to buy my stuff. Everyone else can go on their merry way.

  7. Too true – enjoyed your way of getting it across !!

  8. Appreciate the lack of sugar coating!

  9. Obvious advice, but so true. Thanks for the honesty and openness.

  10. Don’t you just love basic, basic, basic?

  11. Thank you for the great advice.

  12. I enjoy reading this….it is business and life join!.

    One of the things i adore are creating and meeting nice people… and osme how they could go really well together.

    Great article

  13. Thanks for keeping it simple.

  14. Thanks for this article. I get worn out just thinking about all of the things I’m supposed to be doing to get my stuff to sell
    (and a failure when I can’t get it done). I like this bare bones explanation much better! It helps me think I can actually do these things

  15. Thank you and it is time to remember the basic and get back to them.

  16. thanks for the reminder…it all comes back to the basics!

  17. We need to be reminded of this KISS principle now and then. Thanks for the kick in the a**!

  18. Yes, be interesting,kind and friendly and take a pride in your work. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

  19. Great STUFF! (hehe). Thanks for such a fun read.

  20. Missed this yesterday. Glad I read my email today. Always learn something. Targeting your audience was especially good advice.

    With thanks,

  21. Sell earrings to people with ears! Although you forgot to mention that pierced earrings require an additional hole in those ears….

    We can’t assume everyone was born with extra holes. ;)

  22. Thanks for the great article. Especially like #4 about word of mouth rewarding good products and customer service, the most important parts.

    I have a feeling, people who love and buy vintage and handmade things might be the last to respond to Twitter/Facebook marketing and all that.

  23. Wow, how simple is that!! I’m saving this info!! I need to llok at it daily.

    Thank You!

  24. Great info. You made it easy and straight to the point. This is the type of marketing advice most creative people need. This would have save lots of time and money from reading all those other business/marketing books.

    Thanks for keeping it short and sweet.

  25. You really cut to the chase! The basics, and that’s what I like. Now to get to work on these lessons.
    Thank you.

  26. Am new to handmadeology and am enjoying all the great articles including this one. Thanks! :)

  27. Very good advice! Thanks for this sharing!

  28. Thanks for sharing~ :)
    I like the way she writes~

  29. Wonderful common sense approach! Can’t go wrong with this advice …..

  30. Nice article ~ Your winnie the pooh comment made me laugh!
    I always remind myself that I can not be all things to all people – so I can associate with your not everyone will like your stuff point.

  31. In love this kind of advice, I love the whole KISS Keep It Simple Stupid way of understanding about business.

    Marketing is a mystery to most of us, but these ideas above we can all understand. I find step 3 the most difficult. Someone says something nice about one of my products and I shy away…..still working on this!

  32. It really is about the fundamentals, isn’t it? Like anything else, it comes down to basic skills. Thanks for this reminder, written in a bright and breezy style.

  33. No sugary coating here, love this advice. Its simple, basic, to the point, and 100% accurate! And now…off to find that audience who will enjoy my special blend of perty tricks…

  34. This advice was just what I needed to hear today!! Thank you so much. I love how you put your ideas into words that everyone can understand. Still trying to master SEO’s, relevancy etc. :)

  35. We should always be striving to be better and embrace change ~ change is good :)

  36. Fantastic, “tell it like it is” post! Thanks for being real. *Off to find more people with ears.*

  37. Very good, basic tips! It’s especially hard to remember that you can’t please everyone. Not everyone is going to like your things, so true & so ok!

  38. Great ideas ! Thanks for reminding us it can be simple.

  39. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Thank you :)

  40. Thanks for the KISS (keep it simple, stupid)! Sometimes, we all get so complicated that we forget the basics.

  41. To the point and a good reminder to love what you do and someone else will too! not all will love your items but some will and its no big thing

  42. Wow, relevant much? I had just been thinking last night about why I would sell something that I’d only put part of myself into, but your comment on, “You are not your stuff” really brought me up short. On one hand, it rings true, and I find myself nodding my head. On the other hand, it requires some stepping back and reflecting and taking it in, at least for me.

    The part about finding the people who will LOVE your stuff really hit home, too. I realize that I’ve been worrying so much about reaching the people who might not want my stuff as much and how to convince them otherwise. Waste. Of. Energy.

    Thanks for a helpful, relevant post!

  43. Practical advice. Thanks for breaking it down!

  44. Love this post. Straight forward and to the point. It’s just what I needed. Find the people who love your stuff.

  45. You mean it’s not the fault of the show’s promotor all the time?? lol Love the comment about getting over yourself.

  46. Great advice! I just asked former Etsy Seller Lead about the top 3 questions Etsy sellers ask, and here’s what she said:

    1. How do I get found?
    2. How are my prices?
    3. What am I suddenly doing wrong?

    Read Danielle’s answers here on


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