Wednesday , 28 October 2020

Behind The Etsy Shop With Red Marionette

Steve the Orange Cat - Felt Pocket Animal

Steve the Orange Cat - Felt Pocket Animal

I wanted to connect. I wanted to personalize. I wanted people see all that went in to what I make.
All of these reasons are why we decided to jump in to the project of making a video for Red Marionette.

I was inspired by the videos on Etsy called “Handmade Portraits“. These videos show crafters and artists in their own element talking about their process. I loved “meeting” the people behind the Shop. I thought it was fascinating how you could nearly feel their passion for what they do. I wanted to share, too!

We hatched the idea for the video to educate about how all art begins the same way, but also to show behind the scenes in a fun way.
It came to a screeching halt when I realized that no one wanted to watch me cut out one critter for 20 minutes, and then turn around and hand stitch it for another 20 or so minutes. Yikes. That’s nearly as bad as watching grass grow or paint dry.
Mr. Red Marionette suggested we do “speed sewing” which was using some editing programs and some fancy technical footwork from him to make it fast forward through those sections and build before our eyes.
Here it is and I can finally share! Welcome to the land of Red Marionette.

 Forest Floor - Art Wreath

Forest Floor - Art Wreath


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  1. Love this little fox and nicely done video thanks for sharing

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