Thursday , 9 July 2020

Etsy Announces The Release Of A New Checkout System

Shimmer - Pencil Drawing

Shimmer - Pencil Drawing | by: FinePointStudio

Etsy announced that they are releasing a new checkout system that will address many of the common complaints with the old checkout system.  Below you will find the announcement made in the Etsy forums about the new Etsy checkout system.

ericds says:

—–Here’s an overview:

We retired the idea of committing to buy, so submitting an order is no longer separate from paying for the order. When paying with PayPal, you submit an order after authorizing payment at PayPal and items aren’t marked as sold until the payment is complete. We also removed the confusion created by entering a shipping address on Etsy and Paypal. When paying with PayPal, you enter the shipping address once at PayPal.

The current shopping cart can make it difficult for shoppers to feel comfortable making a purchase decision and proceeding to checkout. We made changes to improve that. In the cart, we include shipping costs and an order total, and we provide a space to write a note to the shop with any info needed to complete the order.

In the new Checkout, you can purchase from one shop without having to remove everything from your cart that you’re not ready to buy. We also streamlined inline registration so it’s easier for new members to check out.

—–And here are the details of the new Checkout:

When shoppers view their cart, their items are grouped by shop.

For each shop, shoppers see the following in their cart:

- the items from the shop
- space to write a note to the shop (similar to the old “Message to Seller”)
- a drop-down menu to choose their Ship to country
- choice of payment methods (depending on the shop’s preferences)
- an order summary with sub-total for items, shipping cost, and order total
- a Checkout button

In this version of Checkout, shoppers purchase from one shop at a time.

–Here are the steps when paying with PayPal:

- Click Checkout button on Etsy.
- Confirm or enter payment method and shipping address at PayPal and click Continue.
- Click Submit Order button on final review page on Etsy.

When shoppers click Submit Order, the PayPal payment goes through and the items are marked as sold. The order will only have one shipping address (the one entered at PayPal), which will appear on the Etsy invoice page. It will no longer be possible to be a “non-paying buyer” if the shopper chooses PayPal as the payment method.

Read more about the new Etsy checkout system HERE.

Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy  sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply! 

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  1. If the forums didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have noticed :)

  2. omgosh, I am so happy you can now checkout from one seller without having to checkout or deleter items that you may have in your cart from other sellers! I often have a cart full of various sellers that I’m “thinking about” so this solves that dilemna! yay!

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