Thursday , 13 May 2021
This week you will find an amazing mix of art, jewelry photography, robots, and more. Spanning across the United States all the way down under to Australia , these Etsy sellers all have under 150 sales, but are well on their way to reaching that mark!

Break Out Series – Top 10 Etsy Shops Under 150 Sales

Handmadeology is on a mission to find the best of the best! Etsy sellers who are just emerging on to the scene, is our target for our new Break Out Series. Tune in each week to see the top 10 new Etsy sellers straight from our Facebook Fan page.

Etsy Break Out 2011

This week you will find an amazing mix of art, jewelry photography, robots, and more.  Spanning across the United States all the way down under to Australia , these Etsy sellers all have under 150 sales, but are well on their way to reaching that mark!

{1} Twin Leaf Teardrops

{2} Game vs. Gamer

{3} Jasper Teardrop Necklace

{4} Dizzy Diagonal Stripes Dog Collar

{5} Annabelle Necklace

{6} Recycled Gold Wool Brooch Pin

{7} iPhone Photo Lightning

{8} Milfred Blue and Tan Robot Sculpture

{9} Effort Responsibility Pride

{10} Bottle of Icy Glass Sea Glass

Want to get your Etsy shop in the running for the Break Out Series here on Handmadeoloy?

Here are the simple steps:

1. Leave a comment here on this post telling us what your favorite shop was from this week.  Be sure to leave your Etsy shop link.

2.  Share on Facebook, Tweet, bookmark, or blog about this weeks featured shops.

Why go to all this trouble? The Break Out Series is designed to expose these new shops to more shoppers.  By helping us spread the word, your are helping these new sellers. 

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  1. I love the Jasper Pendant from Smitherine Designs! Beautiful design and the photos are outstanding!

  2. Hello ! What a delightful collection of items. My favorite is the Game vs Gamer polymer clay photo stand ! It is too cute!

    Best wished to everyone and happy 2011

  3. BonAndChi has so many cute items. I was attracted by the Game vs Gamer, but their Ninja Shapes clay charms really won me over. It’s so fun to look at undiscovered shops!

  4. I really like the iPhone Photo Lightning. What a great series. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Awww…”I love you too, little robot waving at me!”

    Awesome picks! Off to share!

  6. Love the bottled beach glass necklace.
    My shop:

  7. Love the Jasper Necklace. What a beautiful stone and gorgeously photographed!

  8. WHOA!

    Thank you! I am thoroughly thrilled to be in such amazing company. Grateful for the nod.

    Karen Smith
    Smitherine Designs

  9. Lucy Ingels shop is my favorite. I love her colorful inspirational art.

  10. I really enjoyed looking at all the creative jewelry made by Karen Smith of Smitherine Designs. Such a nice variety from cuffs to earrings to watches, her photos are crystal clear as are her descriptions of her pieces. Very nice!

  11. Bottle of Icy Glass Sea Glass Pendant!

  12. I liked RockRibbons the best with the earrings. The earrings are great and she has many lovely items in her shop!

  13. Thanks for adding my collar to the mix. I am sooo thrilled to be a breakout seller and hope to become very successful on etsy.

    All my Love,

    Chloe’s Collars

  14. Pixie Dust Fineries

    What a great selection and ideal. My favorite is the Annabelle Necklace and the Topaz Glam it up Earrings in the shop “Two Cheeky Monkeys (dspdavey)”

    Please dont skip over me, I would love to be in a breakout series.

  15. I have to say that the Annabelle necklace really caught my eye.
    What an inspirational post.

  16. My favorite is the Dizzy Diagonal Stripes Dog Collar by Chloe’s Collars!!

  17. Thank you so much for these great tips. Something else that’s related to green and eco-living principles is this video I saw on YouTube from GreenopolisTV. The video recaps the top ten great things you can do for the environment.

  18. I love Chloe’s Collars Striped Collar! That would be perfect for my dog Roscoe!

  19. I LOVE Bon and Chi! Their little polymer clay “Game vs Gamer” is absolutely adorable. Just browse their shop and see their intricate little polymer clay creations. Amazing work!


  20. I love the ‘game vs. gamer’ done by . I have turned into a big fan of the.irs not only for their cute and comical figures and their crazy creativity but because of all the hard work and helpfulness that they have done for others.

  21. I think that the striped dog collar by Chloe’s Collars is the best. So cute!

  22. I had a really difficult time picking just one favorite. However, after careful consideration, I love Effort Responsibility Pride. I love the saying that goes with it too. But I also love the gamer vs gamer because it reminds me of my husband and his twin brother. Very cute!

    • Thank you Jennifer! I love to combine inspirational words with art. I visited Glass Addictions….beautiful work! I’m developing a love for lampwork beads and am always on the lookout to incorporate them into my art. Best of luck!

  23. After careful deliberation, the Jasper Teardrop Necklace from Smitherine Designs the best. The photography is excellent!

  24. OMGOMGOMG~ X3 Thank you sooooo much for the feature!! I didn’t expect it at all~ ahhhh~ so excited!!

    And thank you everyone for checking out our shop~ tytyty~ really made my day! XD

  25. I really like ChloesCollars, I’d love to get one of her collars for my dog ;)

  26. My favorite shop is the dog collars by ChloesCollars – She’s got great color combinations and even better, they can be washed in the dishwasher! How awesome is that! It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fellow Hoosier either (or at least there’s a Ft. Wayne in Indiana…)

  27. I love Effort Responsibility Pride. I’m a big fan of mixed media art, and I love the idea of art infused with wisdom!

    • Thank you, Denise! I’m on the hunt for a vintage book that “speaks” to me. A friend uses old books to make amazing book cubbies and shelves. As soon as I find the perfect book, I can have him start. You are in my favorites so I can check back!

  28. My favorite is #8 from RobotsAreAwesome. I actually favorited them a while ago and look forward to purchasing a piece from them in the future.

  29. My favorite would be Effort Responsibility Pride. The mixed media provides a rich texture and the piece would make a great housewarming gift.

  30. My favorite is definitely Lo-fi Photography, #7. The idea of doing something like that with an iphone camera blows my mind! I can’t even get a good picture of my cat. Plus I like the way the photo looks vintage, but it has one of those modern wind turbines.

  31. I really like the pendant from Smitherine Designs. Her work and photos are lovely.

    My shop is

  32. Hi Tim

    Thanks so much for featuring my ‘Twin Leaf Teardrops’ Earrings. You have made my day and what a pretty collection to be part of!

    All the best

  33. Love the beach shop jewelry store best. That little pendant drew me in right away!! Yes, I would love to be featured, I have yet to make 150 sales but I am getting there!!

  34. I love the Annabelle necklace from dspdavey. The soft pink color of the stone works great with the intricate chain.

  35. I really like the necklace from Beach Cove Jewelry. I think its unique and I love unique things.

  36. I love number 10, Bottle of icy sea glass!
    (Beach Cove)

    Cathy at

  37. My favorite is #7 from LoFiPhotography!

  38. Wow.
    I just passed the 150 mark, and im sure these wonderful sellers will too.

    Amazing work.

  39. My favorite store was “Robots Are Awesome”.
    I like their easy to read and fun banner, their easy to follow Shop Sections, and that they are making stuff that men and women might buy, and that men and women might want to have. Heck, even robots might want to buy this stuff!

    This is my store:

  40. I love the dog collar! I am int he market for a new one, so it really caught my eye!

  41. My favorite shop was BeachCoveJewelry, with the Bottle of Icy Sea Glass.

    My shop is

  42. BeachCoveJewelry gets my vote-love the photograph & the price on the item is great!

  43. Bottle of Icy Glass Sea Glass was my favorite. It reminds me of my first and only (but not last)trip to the West Coast. I love beaches and all things that remind me of the Huge Ocean. I filled a little jar of Sand and wear it all the time.

  44. I Love Beachcove Jewelry and the bottle of Sea Glass is amazing and so creative…

  45. Please don’t skip over my new shop. I’m having a little trouble getting off the ground.
    the sheep and i
    Green Acre Farm

  46. I love all of the shops, but the sea glass pendant and dog collar are my fav’s.

  47. hello-love the bottle of sea glass.please take a look at my etsy shop–thanks!

  48. but i love the dog collar, too—what a great shop!

  49. The Jasper Pendant is still my favorite for a great photo, the dog collar is pretty cool as well!

  50. I read SO MANY handmadeoloy articles, AWESOME to be in one. *dance of joy in progress*

  51. I like #7, the iphone photo. I like the mix of new and old techniques and equipment, as well as the fact that while windpower is a new technology, it’s harnessing something that is older than we are, and harkens back to windmills, too. It’s a beautiful photo, but makes me think, too!

  52. Such an inspiring bunch of artists!

  53. Kumihimo Satin Ribbon Necklace with Murano Glass
    was my favorite piece
    I liked the way she added the cultural aspect of Japan to her work.
    Her site is edgy and clean
    very nice
    site #1 is my favorite
    and i love the twin tear drops
    they are lovely

  54. Great selection this week, I have just tweeted the link to this page.
    I liked the Twin Leaf Teardrops really nice

  55. I LOVE Smitherine Design’s shop! Such beautiful jewelry pieces :D

  56. My favorite shop is Beach Cove Jewelry – I love those tiny, little bottles and the pretty treasures inside!

    My shop is called TwoBraids Design and I hand-etch glassware:


  57. I like {6} so much!!! It is so nice to pin on my purse!!!

    My shop is selling handmade clutch purse:

  58. I so appreciate being included in this post. Thank you!

  59. # 10 is so beautiful! the lighting is great. i love these “break out” posts — it’s wonderful to help out up and coming artists.

    i’m a metalworker/jewelry designer — here’s my shop link:

    hope you enjoy!

  60. Oh, poo! Yay for being number 8, but that robot is no longer available! Thanks for featuring me.

    - HerArtSheLoves


  61. I love the Bottle of sea glass in #10. so creative and original idea!

  62. i was really drawn in by photos at Smitherine Designs, i don’t typically shop for jewelry either. i’m in awe by the iphone lightning photo as well- what a great collection of shops and items featured. wishing them the very best-

  63. My favorite is #1-the crystal drop earrings, though it was really hard to decide-love the beach glass in a bottle & gamer vs gamer too!

  64. I love the beach glass in the tiny bottle! A great idea for a keepsake of a beach you go to for vacation!

  65. The striped dog collar for me! We create Animal inspired gifts at Otrada so this fits with our tastes.
    Note: Your Handmadeology blog is on our FB page! Thanks.

    See the Otrada page on FB as well!

  66. They are all fabulous, but my favorite is the bottle of sea glass. Simple and beautiful.

  67. My favorite is #10 Sea glass pendant. So original. Thanks for sharing :)

  68. It is a hard choice the selection is gorgeous and I enjoyed looking through everyones shop, but I have to go with Robots are Awesome as I can sometimes lose time wandering in the shop and I look forward to the sneak peaks on twitter her Robots are definitely awesome.

  69. My ultimo fave Shop is Two Cheeky Monkeys.
    Beautiful work, beautifully presented.


    Mary Serantoni

  70. Wow, it’s difficult, but I think my favourite is “Bottle of Icy Glass Sea Glass”, nice item and great photo!

  71. I love the twin leaf teardrops. They are beautiful and danty. I love vintage looking stuff like this.

  72. I am loving Lucy Ingels shop – the colours, the quirkiness and, perhaps most of all, the wise words behind the art.

  73. I like #7 the best! Great job! :)

  74. Everything is so perfectly crafted. I specially liked #1, twin leaf eardrops caz of my addiction towards earrings. It is very beautiful :)

    Made in Craftadise

  75. I relly like the creation in photo 3: Jasper Teardrop necklace.

  76. ooh those robots are adorable! Who doesn’t love robots eh?

  77. I like the Jasper Teardrop necklace.

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