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Call Me Old Fashion…But Customer Service Matters

A Nest of Owlets (Sweet Needlefelted Friends)

A Nest of Owlets (Sweet Needlefelted Friends) | by: BeneathTheRowanTree

BeneathTheRowanTree says:

Call me old fashion…but customer service, even online, matters.

When I was a teen I worked for a pharmacist/ pharmacy owner who had built his store for his customers~ no cattle herding lines, lots of staff, five star treatment for customers… and I learned a lot from his high standards and unfailing patience with even the most difficult people (and being a pharmacy, there were lots of difficult people).

I try to practice these same courtesies in my business.

And yet I keep bumping into sellers who lack the basic courtesies… even those who get angry/ blame the customer for pursuing and expecting fair treatment (extending to retaliatory feedback and ‘bashing’ in other forums).

It is a customer’s right to receive a product as described. It is the seller’s obligation to make sure it arrives, and is in the ideal condition. Period.

The pharmacist I mentioned would bend over backwards to make it right~ sometimes it wasn’t his responsibility at all, but he considered it a cost of doing business to make each customer leave satisfied.

So if it gets lost in the mail, or is faulty, or not as expected… fix it! Yes, people can be difficult, even decietful, but at the end of the day you can always choose to do the right thing for your business.

This has just been on my mind and I am feeling a little frustrated with being consider ‘unreasonable’ for expecting great customer care!

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  1. YES! This is such wonderful advice…and advice that I always practice in my business. On very few occasions in the past 960 sales in my Etsy shop I have had problems, either with shipping damage or broken products. I ALWAYS try my hardest to make it up to the customer, either by sending replacements, resending lost items, etc. My customer service policy (including great communication) is so important and has made repeat buyers out of my customers!

  2. As a newbie on Etsy, I am starting my business with “an old fashioned” care for my customers. I have the luxury of checking in with my custoners…’Are you a collector?’, ‘Do you sew?’…are some of the questions I ask. Also, when shipping an item, I tie a ribbon bow around the packing materials before placing in the
    box. First impression are important! And of course, I include a Thank you note…
    I just ordered business card for this purpose. They serve as a note card and a reminder of my shop name…Everyday is a learning experience…and lots of fun!

  3. Very well said and I totally agree.

  4. As stated above, i totally agree and believe that this will and does keep people coming back! THEY are buying our art! they deserve to feel like royalty! and it is really irritating to purchase something and get no note, no confirmation fomr the seller, no thank you, the item shoved in an envelope and stuffed inthe mailwith no note or wrapping…all of those things are so important..since our buyers can’t see our product befo0re they buy, when they get it it should be stepping into your shop for real!! if they are disappointed, you just lost more sales!! i know there are several shops i won’t go back to becuase of the treatment, and others that i will just becuase of the wonderful treatment!!
    Thank you for the reminder..”The customer is always right” goes long way, even if you feel they are not, it will be good for you to make them happy!
    Love and traffic and sales to you all

  5. Well said!

  6. Why would you put your blood, sweat and tears into your work and NOT care for the buyer who also obviously loves it?

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