Friday , 17 September 2021

Art Show Tips

5 Articles You Must Read Before Your Next Show

craft show tips

Art show and craft fairs played a huge roll in growing my creative business. I was able to connect with customers on a face to face level, get instant feed back on my products, and test out new ideas. But most importantly I was able to tell my story. The individual story behind the item that the potential customer was holding often made the sale. Read More »

A Great Big Craft Show Checklist

Last week I wrote about my best tips for selling at craft shows and promised to provide this big checklist of items to consider taking with you to a show. While not every item on the list is a must, I hope it will be helpful to have a list for all the aspects of your booth to take care of, including you! Read More »

Gearing up for a Big Show

What started as a fun trip to the weekly farmers’/art market has turned into a full-fledged business. This wasn’t an accident, I have worked hard to build my brand and build my business. Read More »

Diversifying Your Handmade Business – Trade Shows

Dinah Coops launched her line of modern, hand silkscreened home and personal accessories in 2007 and already has several tradeshows under her belt. This Q & A will give you a sneak peek at the tradeshow panel discussion featured at this years School House Craft conference happening this September in Seattle! Read More »

Should you sell at craft fairs?

Yes! You should sell at a craft fair. There is no better way in the world to learn more about your target market and your customers. You have instant feedback as you watch your customers browse your products. Who stops by? Who lingers? Who buys? Read More »

Craft Show Manager

Keeping track of your finances at a craft show can be complicated. That’s why we’ve been working the past month developing the ultimate craft show solution to make your craft show season go so much more smoother! Read More »

How (not) to do a Trade Show Part 2

So, Lesson #2 is to have realistic expectations of what you will get out of the show. Sure, there is always one exhibitor who does tons of business their first time out – but it will probably not be you, no matter how fabulous your work or how well you plan and execute your display. Read More »

10 Tips To Rock It At Your Next Craft Show

Starting out a crafting business can be scary. Most of us start online through an Etsy shop (or something similar). A great way to gain exposure for your company is to showcase at local craft shows and fairs. It’s an opportunity to network and give customers a chance to see, smell touch your products. Read More »

How (not) to do a Trade Show

It’s pretty slow for retailers right now, in stores and on-line, no money left to be spent, no traffic. You can keep yourself busy taking back holiday returns, marking down the leftovers, and preparing for your fiscal year-end inventory, but there isn’t much business to be had. T Read More »

The Ultimate Craft Show Preparation Link List

The holiday craft show season is upon us.  Having done done a number of shows in the past, I know that preparing for a craft show can get a bit nerve racking.  I have scoured the web for the best articles on preparing for a craft show. Enjoy and good luck this season! Preparing for a Art or Craft Festival ... Read More »

Square Tested

While a woman was looking at my $6 coin purses, she said, “I love these! And I can afford one because I still have a little cash left.” I said, “I take credit cards!” She ended up buying about $34 worth of merchandise. Read More »

Tips for Art Festival Success in the Rain

MagMoment says: Today was a rainy day at the Sandy Springs Festival in Georgia. I am ever the optimist and sold more art than the dry day before. Yes! That’s the first lesson in today. The second is — Here is a list of supplies for rainy art shows because my tent leaks: extra trash bags and baggies of different ... Read More »