Friday , 10 July 2020

Spot Light Feature

Spotlight Feature – Meli Melo Creations

Polymer Clay Jewelry for everyday life My name is Erin and I design jewelry and accessories using polymer clay. I love how there are endless possibilities when working with clay and I am constantly discovering new techniques and applying them to my creations. Read More »

Spotlight Feature | Deb Babcock

Handmade Ceramics and Pottery by Deb Babcock I am a studio potter who works in porcelain and stoneware creating one of a kind, functional pottery including whimsical teapots and tea cups, bowls, casseroles, plates, tumblers, platters, vases and tiles. Read More »

Spotlight Feature – GemSprouts

  GemSprouts are wearable plant necklaces that are made from recycled plastic and contain real living plants. Each GemSprout is grown in central Florida in pesticide free greenhouses, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to Conservation International. Read More »

Spotlight Feature – Archetype Z

I recently started Archetype Z as a way to feed my need for creative expression and design work. I have a background in architecture but, despite the misconception, most architects get to do very little designing. Archetype Z definitely fills that void for me. A lot of my work focuses on perforated surfaces and geometry, and is heavily influenced by ... Read More »

Spotlight Feature – Ahoy Graphics

Ahoy Graphics offers branding solutions for the modern indiepreneur. I offer Custom Logo Design, Branding Suites, Super Starter Packages, and Brand Consulting. I also offer my services to organizations and corporations if they need a Freelance Design Consultant to work with their staff to make their projects come to life. Read More »

Spotlight Feature – BabaMoon Baby Hats

I like to source my inspiration from the things both I and my children love, hence there being a very prominent animal and flower theme throughout the store! I make a range of styled hats like beanies, bonnets, newsboy caps, cloches and also like to make headbands and costume items such as my Fluffy Angel Wings. I try to make sure there is something for everyone when it comes to styling, so you will find that for certain items you can choose from a selection of yarns, colors and types to customize as you'd like. Read More »

Spotlight Feature – Lather and Lotions

Lather and Lotions sells kits and supplies for making soap, bath and body products. Soap making is a fun hobby and a great business. By making your own bath and body products you can control what goes on your skin and you can keep it nice and healthy using handcrafted bath products. Our online store carries soap bases,fragrance oils, soap ... Read More »