Wednesday , 1 April 2020
Celebrating Recent Etsy Sales Milestones (From 10 to 10,000)!

Celebrating Recent Etsy Sales Milestones (From 10 to 10,000)!

Celebrating Recent Etsy Sales Milestones (From 10 to 10,000)!

Hi Everyone!  Jason Malinak from  I was just surfing through the Etsy forums today and kept seeing so many awesome sales milestones.  I wanted to share some of them with you.

All of these Etsy sellers posted in the forums to celebrate with other Etsy sellers.  Many “congrats” were spoken. From 10 to 10,000 sales, we need to:

  • Celebrate – do something special, grab a special meal or treat, or do something out of the ordinary to mark to occasion.
  • Include Others – A celebration has to include others to be a party. (Extroverts – tell everyone!  Introverts – tell your family and friends.)

Help me celebrate with these Etsy sellers as they each had a reason to once more do the “happy dance” for the 10th time or the 10,000th time!

Regards, Jason Malinak


10 – SuziandMarie 

I DID IT!!!  I got my 10th sale!!! I am so ecstatic you guys have no idea.” – Ashlie B. 



10,000 – IchLiebeVintage 

“I really never celebrate milestones I was excited when I reached 1,000 it was a long time coming. Possibly by the end of today it will be 10,000 sales. I think a celebration of not cooking will be in order.” – molehilltreasures



40 – MariwetherKNCRs

“YAY! I’m so pumped! Today I got my 39th & 40th sale :] The big 40 was my end of February goal, so for it to come so soon is awesome! I’m officially over the hill :P” – Nicole Peters



500 – BearlyInMontana 

“I just hit 500 in my store yesterday =D.” – Bearly Makin It -n- Montana



90 – KaurtureInc 

“I just hit 90 in my store.” – Sharan



1,000 – DancingEyeJewels 

Yes, 1000!!!!” – Larisa Zimin



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  1. Maintained steady sales after leaving my 9-5 job in May of last year (2014). I’m not heading to any luxury vacation spot yet, but who know what next year will bring…LOL

  2. Congrats on all the milestones! It’s nice to see a celebration among all the hard work

  3. Congrats on all the milestones. Don’t we all love getting sales?

  4. I just hit 300 sales, at my 6 month anniversary of my shop opening! :) This has been such a fun adventure!

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