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Clean Up Your Etsy Item Tags For More Views

Bonjour Vintage Suitcases Gift Tags

Bonjour Vintage Suitcases Gift Tags | by: GaGa4GiftTags

There are many was to get more buyers into your Etsy shop.  A few good examples are running sales, properly placing keywordsgetting featured in more treasuries, and as SavoyFaire an Etsy seller points out changing up your tags.   Here some great tips for cleaning up and changing your Etsy item tags.

SavoyFaire says:

This Spring I wrote a Spring version and time to revisit: (tweaked a bit and added a lot!):
My views were very low so when that happens I know it’s a good time to stir the pot so to speak. I’ve done it before and it helped. Change is good. I now do this at least twice a year Spring and Fall or whenever I take things from my expired items. I do a much different group of tags if it hasn’t sold. I take matters into my own hands so at least if it doesn’t help I know I did all I could tag wise.

I know you do need the 6 or 7 tags (maybe more or less) like jewelry, necklace, beaded, choker, white, pearl, etc. but now is a good time to look at the others identifying your items. Are urban chic bohemian gypsy belly dancing zombie gothic fortune tellers really needing my tournament hold em poker cards? Not likely. Ok so I don’t sell cards but I sometimes get carried away with a few mysteriously named tags when it does me no good. Here is where Google helps by showing you which tags get how many views! Go ahead and tag one or two items that way for fun and laughs (and to find out where they’re living) but keep it fresh too. Then watch and see what sells better. It’s your own marketing strategy trial and error. (After writing this in Spring I got shop hearts from belly dancers, gypsys and fortune tellers! YAY!

1. Make two “similar” listings (change up the tags a bit) and keep the name at least one word off as google doesn’t like duplicates) and see which sells first and sells again… Use different photos of the same item as well. I found there are more rag dolls holding tea parties than champagne drinking ballerinas even though there are both alive and well! So I keep both listings! But there weren’t many gypsy fortune tellers. (Except one darling one down in the bayou now reading my tea leaves). Different things attract different people. Caviar vs. Bigfoot. You never know!

2. Take only so much heed to what has or hasn’t worked for others here. (When asked how long they tried something it’s usually so short term it didn’t give google a month or so to kick in so the experiment was wasted). But they don’t sell exactly what you do and how do you know when, where, how many, how often they did something? When they relisted at promptly 9:15am every day, they got nothing but perhaps your demographic was on then and you sold very well! If you have an idea, try it then share! If we don’t recreate by exactly the same conditions at the same exact time then it’s not apples to apples. September isn’t October so it’ll never be the same!

3. Think outside the box. Have a crazy theory? Try it! You could very well stumble onto something great!

4. I used to keep a list of tags (now I remember) and the date I launched the changes actually so it’s easier to change instead of looking at each listing as well as to see how it’s affected my sales during that period. (I know seasons changed and the economy but it’s still worth it to me)You won’t get that on google or wherever. It’s going levels deeper than what you can learn anywhere but your own tracking devices.

5. At a dead end for different or new tags? is a great source as you compare one vs. another and below the results there is a Tag Summary Cloud and Materials Summary Cloud with tons of suggestions! Ones in bold are main ones being used (the bigger the tag is the more it’s used on etsy). Very helpful to make sure you’re on the right track. Be sure to pick one of the small unhighlighted ideas too as those searches won’t be as competitive and your item could show at the top!

To read even more tips about cleaning up your tags, head over to the Etsy forum

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  1. Who knew??? These are great tips! I can’t wait to try some out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, I’ll e sure to give this a try.

  3. Sounds like this is worth a try! Thank you for this great advice.

  4. Thanks for the great tips – I’m always looking to shake up my tags!

  5. Jeez, it seems I’m always tweaking the pictures and the tags! *laughing at myself here…
    One of these days my solutions will begin to show profits. Thanks for the advice! The tag website is great…

  6. I’ve been think about tweaking for a while now – I recently started renewing and took a look at my original tags- what was I thinking ? And it all seemed so reasonable at the time :-)

  7. Thank you for the tips! I “struggle” with my tags, this helps!

  8. Great advice. I will do some tweaking today. Thanks!

  9. great article… as usual!!!

  10. Wonderful. Let me shake up a few tags & see what happens! Thanks.

  11. Sounds interesting. I might try for my shop. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the tips. I tell myself to not be lazy and just press the renew button, but to actually read what it there, in case I need to change or improve it.

  13. Hi! thank you for the heads up, sometimes a lateral approach is required. Very keen to try this out.

  14. Really have enjoyed all these articles on this handmadeology site, Thanks

  15. Thanks for the article, it is helpful. I agree with ChayaGallery that I have looked at my tags too and on some of them, I also wondered… what in the world was in my head at the time…

    Thanks Again!

  16. Great tips, I also use the Tag Report to see which tags are getting the most hits.

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