Wednesday , 1 April 2020
Connect with These 10 Etsy Sellers

Connect with These 10 Etsy Sellers

Connect with These 10 Etsy Sellers

I know the feeling of creating a to-do list that keeps getting longer and longer.  Items on my list get crossed off for one of two reasons:  1) I finished the task or 2) I just don’t have time to do it anymore and something else is of greater importance.

Through my interactions with Etsy sellers through Etsy-preneurship, I try to connect with new Etsy sellers every day.  Here are some of Etsy sellers I’ve come across recently that have awesome shops and budding businesses.


Etsy feature

Art is about feeling and provoking thought. I have loved art since I was little when I began to draw at the age of 8, I loved to draw animals and that has not changed. Nature and people are the center of my art, I am inspired by their colors, expressions, and beauty. I hope that when you visit my shop you will get that same feeling!


Handmade Etsy Items

My name is Efrat. I live in Israel In a small village with my husband and our three beautiful children, who are my models and my main inspiration.  I am a graphic designer and therefore affected by it in my designs.


Etsy Jewelry

I’m never happier than when I am creating! I am currently working primarily with metal clay, and I love using mixed media techniques with gemstones, glass, polymer clay, beads, resin, and more. I love to create unique, fun, colorful, and artsy jewelry. Each day, I am grateful for the chance to pursue my jewelry dreams.


etsy cards

I’m a graphic designer who loves using design to create products for the home. To keep things special, the products are only produced in small batches and most can be personalized so you can add your own spin on it. I also love yoga so you may find a few things with a bit of a hippy twist.


etsy cakes

I have two passions in life- my family and my Etsy Shop! I’m a work at home Mom, working hard to make it in the online marketplace. All Diaper Cakes ironically was inspired by my own personal journey with fertility issues and trying to conceive my second child.


etsy metal

I have always been creative. I was the kid who wanted to stay in and create something on a Saturday night, rather than going to a party. Drawing, painting, crafting, you name it, I love it. I started metalsmithing in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. I love creating elaborate chains and working with customers to create the perfect design for any occasion.



I’m Ashley, wife to Kevin & mom to B, L & M. We are an air force family stationed in Phoenix, AZ. I love to sew & run BabyBug Creations.


handmade jewelry

I have been making jewelry in my little home studio (aka: my kitchen table) only for the last 6 years, but my love of gemstones and agates dates way back to my early childhood



I’ve crafted for my entire life, but in the last several years, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much waste there is in our culture. I make all my own clothes, and sew for others, and even that isn’t very sustainable because of the remnants left behind.



I love to do all types of arts and crafts and have been making things most of my life. I believe that God has given me a creative talent and I want to share it with others. I am hoping to spread some “Blessings” through the things I make.

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One comment

  1. Tim,
    Thanks for the list of shops to visit and to connect with. However, I see nothing exceptional about the products they are offering or the shops themselves. They are pretty common and for the most part similar products can be found at craft stores. Where are the high end shops with gorgeous items made by people with exceptional talent?

    Cheers and hugs to Macy and big brother Cam


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