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If you know you need to be remarkable but aren’t sure how to go about getting there, don’t stress because I’m going to give you 3 tips to creating or revamping a product that will make it remarkable.

Creating a Remarkable Product

Purple Cow

Purple Cow | by: debimcswaind

So how do you go about being remarkable or creating a remarkable product? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to read the intro to this post on my blog here.

If you know you need to be remarkable but aren’t sure how to go about getting there, don’t stress because I’m going to give you 3 tips to creating or revamping a product that will make it remarkable.

1) Study your competition.

If you have an Etsy shop, have you looked around at other shops that sell similar items as you? What’s different about their products? What makes them stand out?

Maybe you offer services online. Let’s take web design for instance. Have you researched several leading web designers? What’s different about the packages they offer? Do they include bonuses to their packages? Do they include extra revisions? Do they offer extended customer support? What is DIFFERENT?

Maybe you have a booth at the local farmers market where you sell homemade organic jams & jellies. What can you do to draw attention to your product that differs from what others are doing?


Yes! It’s terrible. It’s horrible. It’s despicable & if you’re going to call yourself a creative business then you can’t do that because there’s nothing creative about it.

I’m in no way saying that you can’t take something & make it your own. I mean, I didn’t invent the bib or anything, but I took my auntie-in-laws idea for one & went with it…with her blessing of course! How are my bibs different from the hundreds of other baby bibs on Etsy? Well you tell me. Just look at my awesome bib. How is it different?

Eco-Friendly Baby - Washcloth Bib - Green Jungle Animals

Eco-Friendly Baby - Washcloth Bib - Green Jungle Animals

I’ll tell you how. It’s one-of-a-kind. No one else makes them {yet}. It’s made using a washcloth. It has a pocket at the bottom for catching food. It’s an eco-friendly option. Plus it not only keeps your kid’s clothes clean, but it cleans your kid. Hence the washcloth. Not to mention it’s stinkin’ cute & it fits babies & toddlers.

That’s how my bibs are remarkable.

3) Market remarkably.

This is the second most important part of selling…IMO. Marketing that is.

First you have to have an awesome product that people need & want. Now you can have a great product that is well made, looks great, is packaged great, has great descriptions, & is priced for your target market. But, if your target market isn’t aware of it, then what good does all the rest do for you?

You have to market it & by market it I don’t mean only passing out business cards or putting ads up on blogs. Everyone passes out business cards & puts ads up on blogs. Everyone even creates a blog for their business too. With creative businesses being the “it” thing & the rampant use of the internet as a marketing tool, it’s a challenge for your product to get noticed. So when you think of remarkable marketing, what comes to mind? What stands out to you?

For me it’s the iPhone & it’s commercials for high-end cars like Mercedes, Volvo, & Lexus.

Yes, I do realize that these are huge billion dollar companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from them.

Graphics are a biggie. You want your business cards, magnets, brochures, & so on to grab your customer’s attention. Simple is great. Color is awesome. There are tons of graphic designers that can work with you to come up with a logo that’s perfect for the big idea behind your product. The key is for your graphics to reflect the brand of your business so that your target market knows what you’re about just by looking at it.

Then you have to get your marketing materials in front of your target market. So that first requires knowing about them. Where are they at?

Once you know this, go to town getting your product or business in front of them. If you have a blog, post valuable content to your readers, get help with SEO {search engine optimization}, & do some guest posts for blogs where your target market is at. Get your products featured on websites or blogs that your target market visits. You can handout business cards, brochures, or samples in some places that your target market would be.

Make sure in all you do, whether it’s online or in person, that there’s a way for your customer to get to you easily. It can be a website url, a link, an email address or a physical address. The whole point is to be noticed & be found.

So, being remarkable takes a remarkable product & it takes some remarkable marketing.

To learn more about being remarkable, read Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow” {affiliate link} available on Amazon.

Have any more tips on ways to be remarkable? Leave a comment below! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic advice!

  2. Remarkable article!
    Thanks for the in depth review.
    ♥ Godin’s ‘ The Purple Cow’ too.

  3. Ya’ll are so welcome!

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