Monday , 25 January 2021

Creative Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop : Tips From Red and Main

Red and Main

My best marketing technique – by far – was to put high quality photos of my products on my business cards. Using the super easy uploaded for Etsy, I picked my top 12 favorite pieces and had them printed.

Now when people ask me what I make, I have a portfolio with me on my business cards. The cards have been a godsend when I’ve been in situations where ive bumped into someone with authority (a shop owner or buyer) who has asked for examples of my work; theyre also great at craft shows. People will flip through all my cards to find the animal or monster that they like best

Red & Main


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  1. Fancy seeing you here! Your work is still adorable!

    Everyone else, the interview below is a must read! Very motivational for beginners!

  2. I ordered some Moo cards and I can’t say enough good things about them! I love being able to show people what I do/make from reclaimed clothing!
    Here are some other great ways to promote with or without moo cards:

  3. Thank you for sharing – what an excellent idea! Hope you and your cute menagerie weren’t rattled by that crazy earthquake. Best wishes and stay safe!

  4. Yes, definitely a good idea. Love your pictures!

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