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DIY Snowflakes for Holiday Decorating

DIY Snowflakes for Holiday Decorating

DIY Snowflakes for Holiday Decorating
By, Sommer Poquette

Photos Courtesy of Sommer Poquette

The weather outside is frightful! Well, at least where I live. This means less outdoor time and more indoor decorating, cooking and crafting. Even if it’s not snowing where you are, the season for holiday and winter decorating is here! For me, this means that as the snowflakes fall outside my window, I’m creating my own indoor winter wonderland-except, I’m warm and cozy!

To help you create a winter wonderland, I’ve been enjoying working with DIY metallic snowflakes. The shimmer will add to your holiday décor and when you tell your guests that you made them, they’ll surely be impressed!


Before you begin, you’ll need the snowflake kit from M-D Hobby and Craft. One kit will make up to three metal snowflakes, and extra metal sheets are sold separately if you want to make even more. In addition, you’ll need tin snips or heavy duty scissors and safety gloves. When cutting metal, always wear metal safety gloves-I prefer leather ones. Everything else that you need to make your DIY metallic snowflake is included in the kit.


Step 1:
Use a pencil to trace the two templates that are provided for you on the metal sheet that comes in the kit. This part is a little tricky so I advise you watch the how-to video from M-D Hobby and Crafts. You will need to trace template number 2 four times for one snowflake. In all, you will be cutting five pieces for one snowflake.

Tip: Don’t stress about cutting the metal perfectly. When you decorate with the glitter glue, the mistakes are quickly covered up!


Step 2:
After you’ve traced template 1 and 2, use your tin snips to cut out all five pieces. If the edges are rough, you may need to use a metal file to smooth them. I opted to not file the edges. If you decide to not file rough edges, be careful when handling the finished snowflake.


Step 3:
Insert the end of shape 2 through the opening of shape 1 and fold. Repeat this four times. Remember, each snowflake has a total of 5 metal pieces.


Step 4:
Decorate your snowflake with glitter glue and rhinestones, provided for you in the kit. Remember that any imperfections will be covered up by the glitter glue. Plus, no two snowflakes are the same!


Step 5:
Let your snowflakes dry and then hang them using the ornament hangers, provided for you in the kit. For me, this is the most exciting part because I get to add the shimmering snowflakes to my holiday décor. Who doesn’t love the end result?


Each kit will make 3 DIY metal snowflakes for your holiday and winter decorating, and although the kit makes it easy to get started, if you already have the tools and ornament hangers, you could just buy the sheets and make an entire blizzard of glowing flakes. What a glittery addition to our home this holiday season!

What I love about this snowflake kit is how easy it was to make the snowflakes that I can use over-and-over each year. There is gratification in knowing that I personally made this classy, beautiful decoration, and as I sip my hot chocolate and stay warm indoors I can enjoy the snowflakes hanging inside. These are perfect for any winter wonderland themed dance, party or event. My daughter even asked to hang them in her bedroom just because they were pretty!

Sommer Poquette is a creative mom who writes for The Home Depot founded She provides DIY ideas and fun advice on sprucing up your home for the holidays. If you would like to make the snowflakes that Sommer talks about in this article, you can find snowflake kits and many other Holiday decorations at The Home Depot.


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