Monday , 10 May 2021

Don’t Let Your Mojo Die


Got my mojo workin. Funky home decor. Creative mojo. by: moonandlion

I started this little creative project a while back. I decided I was going to make a flag bunting to add some color & a decorative element to my studio. You’ve seen them, right? They seem to be everywhere these days & I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I think they’re adorable! So I checked out a few DIY bunting posts & I was pretty sure I could handle it.

I went to the fabric store & got the fabrics & supplies I needed for the project, came home, & got started. I cleared my space, got all my supplies ready, & prepped my fabrics by ironing them. Then I realized that I needed to make a pattern & before I made an actual pattern I needed to decide what size I wanted my little flags to be.


Size? OMGoodness, I didn’t even think of that. Not a big deal though, right? Just pick a size, make your pattern, & get to it.

Well for me it wasn’t that simple. I spent {way to much} time thinking about where I would put it. “My desk or the wall? If it’s on my desk, it will need to be small. If it’s on the wall, it can be bigger.” By the time I was finished “deciding”, I was fresh out of motivation to continue. I’d already wasted way too much time on such a simple project, my kids were due to get up any minute, & I was just getting started. Frustrating!! So I decided that I’d pack all my stuff back up & work on it at a later time when I was in a more creative mood. Lord knows if I try making something & I’m not feeling it…it’s probably gonna suck!

Guess what? Yeah, I still don’t have a banner for my studio. Not because I haven’t been in any creative moods lately because I certainly have, but because I let my being indecisive kill my mojo or my passion for my project.

Have you ever had that happen to you? Sure you have! We do it a lot…especially as creative business owners, but I want to encourage you today to STOP taking forever to decide on things! It not only kills your creative mojo, but it kills your business mojo too.

When you have a new idea pop into your head, write down everything you’re thinking of at that very moment. Be detailed & specific because I guarantee you you won’t remember it later. Organize it into actionable steps to get you from where you are now to completing your idea then get going. Don’t wait. Don’t take too much time to decide if it’s a good fit or how you’re going to market it. You know if it works for your biz & you’re never gonna know if it will catch on until you do it & test it on your market. If it’s a keeper, focus on marketing, pricing, & all that other stuff then.

Don’t let your mojo die! Stay excited about your plans & don’t let them fizzle out.

Tell me about a time when you let indecisiveness kill your mojo in the comments below! 

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  1. I am very guilty of this!!! Either thinking too hard or having an idea I just know I’ll remember only to sit down days later to discover I forgot! Thanks for the reminder to keep it easy!!

  2. great post !
    more action less thinking !

    to much thinking can kill every good idea

  3. Guilty as charged! Great post and so glad to know I’m in such good company -smile-.

  4. Oh yes, indecision is the partner of procrastination! Happens all the time. Sometimes you have to force yourself to just DO, and go with what you are feeling. Can be a tough one, but action is key. right on.

  5. Yup! Been there too, and I find that, if I’ve lost my mojo, I find it again through taking action.

  6. I do this alllll the time! That part where you realize you need to make a pattern and make a few daunting decisions if it’s going to come out perfectly…it’s caused the derailment of many spontaneous ideas. Lately I’m learning to just go with it and get it done, then worry about the outcome later, as you suggested. Trying to make everything perfect in the beginning just takes the wind (and fun) out of my sails. This post really hit home!

  7. I try to do things as I think of them. I seem to forget to do less this way. I agree that indecision can definitely put a kink in the process. When this has happened to me, I set aside the project, then put a sticky note on it with a date that I will go back to it. Usually about a month out. Then when I pick it up again, I find that I may have a different twist on it…


  8. Oh does this sound like me! I get this great idea then I pick it apart…will it sell…what color…does someone already have something similar etc. By the time I have some of my answers I’m tired of the whole project! How do I stop this???

    Great article, thanks!

  9. Well, now I’m at least encouraged that I’m not the only one! Your story is so like mine, and I couldn’t list when it happened because there are so MANY times it happens to me. I just analyze until I’m paralyzed and just put it away for another day… Your tips are great-I’m sure I’ll be trying them out very soon!! Thanks so much!

  10. Less talk (in your head), more art!!!

  11. We all need this reminder (ahem, kick in the pants)from time to time, because we do get bogged down and forget. A prime example right now is my analysis paralysis over choosing a service for my website. I just can’t choose, because it’s a pricey decision with lots of work involved, and I have an almost non-existent budget so there’s no room error and trying this and that service. So I don’t choose, and stay where I’m at.

  12. Wow, you all have a window to my soul right now. I am so indecisive, I’m surprised I ever started my Etsy shop to begin with! I definitely need to do more “doing” and less “thinking about doing”.

  13. Less talking, more doing always leads me to less burn-outs or indecisiveness. :)

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