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Early-Bird Special: Build a Better Creative Business

Early-Bird Special: Build a Better Creative Business


Announcing a two-day only, early-bird special to the Spring 2014 Build a Better Creative Business Course! Today we’re offering an offer like you’ve never seen before.

The Build a Better Creative Business course is only open twice a year (spring and fall semesters). We get requests year-round for access to the materials, and now’s your chance. Enrollment for this session will be $199, and that’s an amazing value in itself. But for two days only, we’re offering a special package and discount. Do think it over, but don’t delay because this deal ends on February 28 at 11:59 PM (Eastern).

Here’s a breakdown of all that’s included inside our five-star Build a Better Creative Business course …

How it Works

The course is run on a password-protected website, and participants have three months’ access to the material. Enrollment is open for the current session now through March 9, 2014. There are eighteen classes inside the course, ten of those are led by either Lisa or Timothy. The rest of the classes are taught by an extraordinary line-up of expert contributors.

In addition, there are four mastermind sessions, and these are live events hosted by Tim and Lisa. If you’re not familiar with mastermind sessions, think private group coaching + brainstorming session + solution-generating magic.

Inside the course, experts in the field unleash an abundance of insight, next actions, downloadable tools, resources, and specific how-to information. The classes are broadcast on our website 2 times per week throughout the first eight weeks of enrollment. After those first eight weeks, the course remains open to the participants so that you may revisit any lessons, gather all of the downloads, ask any further questions, etc.

What You’ll Get

The Build a Better Creative Business Course includes:

  • 10 Private lessons led by either Tim or Lisa.
  • 8 Bonus lessons from our selected group of masters: we called in the big guns of our industry, and you’re going to be blown away by the people you meet inside this course.
  • 24/7 Personal email access to Lisa: Ask her anything and everything, day or night
  • One-on-one coaching calls with Lisa: Two weeks’ worth of private shop critiques, marketing strategy, brainstorming sessions, and more by scheduling a Skype chat.
  • 4 LIVE mastermind meetings with both Lisa and Tim present and catered toward your needs
  • Private networking and support among like-minded creative business owners
  • Tools and resources for your creative business: we’re throwing it all in–worksheets, planners, checklists, marketing calendar, media contacts, and more.

What You’ll Learn

This section is immeasurable, but here’s a sample of the information you’ll walk away with:

  • How to organize your business and create your own success
  • How to improve your product and blog photography
  • How and where to advertise your online storefront or blog
  • How to create and support a professional network
  • How to build a team of affiliates
  • How to improve your website’s cohesion and make a killer first impression
  • How to optimize your keywords
  • How to improve your website’s SEO
  • How to brand your business
  • How to convert visitors into paying customers
  • How to write effective listings and descriptions
  • How to attract an audience and engage your fans
  • How to find and gain media exposure
  • How to get your product in front of celebrities
  • How to license your designs
  • How to avoid burn-out and boost your productivity
  • Plus tips on financial budgeting, bookkeeping, pricing, better business planning, and merchandising

In fact, we are so confident that you’re going to have serious breakthroughs and quantum career leaps using this course, that we’re planning to turn several of your successes into featured stories and publish them around the blogosphere.

What it Costs

We know that your business funds are precious. We can absolutely relate, and helping creatives build a thriving business is our passion. Therefore, we wanted to turn this into a no-brainer investment for you. Enrollment opens on March 1, and all that’s listed above is included with your $199 membership. Because we want this to be the biggest + best running yet, we’ve created an early-bird special.

The Early-Bird Special Includes …

:: A detailed shop critique of your shop, performed by both Tim and myself. We could think of no better way to get to know our members than to dive in and explore your storefront. If you’re not already familiar with our work, Tim’s a social media guru with tons of knowledge on SEO + keyword usage, and I’m a creative biz wiz and marketing maven.

We’re going to get together on a recorded call and spend time getting to know your shop. We’ll tell you what’s working, what you could do to improve the shop and attract more customers right now, and which parts of our course will benefit you the most. Then, we’ll send you the audio file + a transcribed, detailed analysis of your storefront. (A $249 value)

:: Immediate access to the course. We have a lovely welcome center just awaiting your arrival. In it, you’ll find a ton of amazing resources and beginner materials to keep you busy until the first class (March 10). Among contributor specials, you’ll also enjoy a copy of my best-selling e-program, Shop Fundamentals. (A $249 value + $99 worth of bonus materials and downloads).

I promise you, this learning curve is priceless. We’ve seen our members apply our lessons (improvements that would take years of trial and error to execute) and excel within a matter of weeks using our course. Sign up now and enjoy $597 worth of materials for a discounted enrollment fee of $149.

Tim and I are standing by. We can hardly wait to work with you! CLICK HERE


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  1. This looks like a good course but is it all geared to Etsy sellers? I’m a creative solopreneur with 2 online creative businesses but dont sell via Etsy. My background is in marketing, business & social media which was my career for 25 years prior to going solo a few years ago. There are parts of the course that would interest me but not others – - at what level is it pitched at please? Beginners or more seasoned entrepreneurs?

  2. Hi, I am following your post pretty frequently and storing information for “my day to come”. I just moved back to the US after living in Japan for the past 6 years, we both were working for the same company and he got this ones in live time opportunity, the bad side I had to resign my position to go with my Husband. And I did of course, this was the first time I ever had no Job, this was very strange to me and made me uncomfortable. We lived on a tropical Island and I started cocollecting Coral and Sea Glass and started making things and people started asking if I would sell my treasures, and this is how my enterprise started. Because we lived in Japan I could not utilize the Postal service effectively I was selling most locally on fairs and showes. But I knew this is what I would love to do when we move back to the states again one day, I collected plenty of Coral and Sea Glass and I will be good for a long time creating. I also collected vintage Obis and Kimonos to make awesomeness. Right now I am still in the process of getting our lives back together, our Household goods are on a big ship crossing the Ocean for the next three month or so, (my Ocean treasures are one there as well). I was so happy doing what I loved to do and I can’t wait to take my “business” to another level. I hope you offering this amazing coach event again, I would also like to see feedback from all the lucky ones they have a chance signing up right now. I would love more interaction with other creative souls to get more comfortable and confident on those many days I am not quite sure about my dreams.

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