Friday , 7 May 2021
I can’t tell you how much it has helped my business already. I have increased the traffic on my Facebook page significantly!

Etsy Jewelry Seller Nearly Quadruples Her Facebook Reach with Fanpageology in Just One Week!

Many of you have been asking for real world examples of how Fanpageology works for creative business owners. We are going to follow many fan pages closely and share with you how everyone is using Fanpageology to grow their businesses.

First we have Janet from  JKC Creations Page, a jewelry seller on Etsy.  She says,

“Tim has just introduced the Fanpageology website. It is a website that helps you create fan gates and custom tabs for your Facebook Page. I have been watching for this for a while now and the minute I saw that it was live, I signed up. I have wanted, for so long, to be able to create tabs that can generate fans of my JKC Creations Page, and I finally am able to do it! I believe in what Tim teaches and I know that he genuinely wants ME to succeed. I know that he wants this for every single person that has it in them to pursue their dreams and go after what they desire. I was not even remotely apprehensive to sign up for this. I can’t tell you how much it has helped my business already. I have increased the traffic on my Facebook page significantly!”


Want proof? Here are my insights that I just took a few moments ago…

janet Facebook insights


You can easily see her results before and after the use of Fanpageology – an increase of 263% in Facebook Reach (the amount of people that see your posts in news feeds).  THAT IS NEARLY A FOUR-FOLD INCREASE!  Did we mention that she gained 60 new Facebook fans during this time?!?!?!

Fanpageology also improved her Etsy shop views and favorites as the 60 new fans started checking out her Etsy shop and products while they were on Facebook.

 “A big “Thank you” to Tim, Handmadeology and Fanpageology for helping me to find more ways to pursue my desires! You have truly opened my eyes to what it means to FOCUS!”


First:  Janet made a Fan Gate on Facebook.

A Fan Gate is a simple way to increase the likelihood of new people liking your Facebook page by providing them a reward after liking your page (like a coupon code, a downloadable tutorial, entering a contest, or any other incentive you can dream up).

She made the following Fan Gate with the following Fanpageology features:  Etsy banner, rich text editor, count down timer, and image.

facebook etsy app


In this example, Janet used Fanpageology to gain more fans to her fan page by giving away a free wire wrap tutorial.

Second: Janet ran a promotion on Facebook.  Mothers Day Coupon and Video

Everyone knows a hot promotion is hard to ignore, so she ran a Mother’s Day Special using Fanpageology that informed her fans of the promotion with a video, some of her Etsy products, and a coupon code giveaway.

She made the following promotion using these Fanpageology Features: Etsy banner, video, Etsy shop, countdown timer, rich text editor, picture.

janet tab final


In this example, Janet used Fanpageology to create hype around her business with excitement around a Mother’s Day sale.

With Fanpageology, this is what happened for one Etsy seller in just one week with by just creating two custom fanpages!  Imagine what it can do for you. . . Fanpageology empowers Etsy sellers to perform Facebook marketing like never before through the use of 19 features that can be organized in infinite ways.

Want to learn about all 19 features?  Click HERE.

Want to start seeing results like these by building your own custom tabs with Fanpageology?  Click HERE.

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  1. Tim,
    I just started my Facebook Business Page. Will This work with it? Im finding it’s quite different than the Facebook personal page.

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