Thursday , 9 July 2020
Etsy Manufacturing Directory

Etsy Manufacturing Directory

Etsy has launched a new beta manufacturing directory that will  help connect designers with manufactures.  Will this change your creative business?

New York Times Article: Etsy Welcomes Manufacturers to Artisanal Fold

Etsy Manufacturing Application

Etsy Manufacturing About Page


Little Goodall featured in the NYT article

 Little Goodall

 Little Goodall

 Little Goodall

 Little Goodall


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  1. I wonder if this is in response to amazon about to eat them.

    How is this any different than me crafting a product in skectup and sending those design details w/ graphics to a manufacturer on alibaba? Which people give so much fuss about.

  2. As a thirty year plus craftsman, in two countries, I aver, you are violating the basic principles and concepts of craft work. There is a valid place for the designer – industrial production link. I do not think ETSY is it. I resent that you are blurring the distinctive concept of craft and craftsman production, which for most people is already fuzzy. When I get a craft show visitor asking me, ‘Where in Asia is your work produced?’ I have an overwhelming desire to punch him out. BUT IT IS NOT REALLY HIS FAULT. It is the fault of contemporary production and marketing which derides and destroys the concept of hand make craft and reduces the whole concept to merely product.

    In addition I resent you moving your tax base to Ireland to escape supporting the society which supports you.

    • “Where in Asia is your work produced?”. How often do you get this? They probably think you’re some type of reseller since your work looks a bit asian in style. I would never assume this about someone. It’s an insult to automatically assume someone is a reseller. I would say it is his fault. Some people should think before they talk. Maybe throw out some feeler questions that only a handmade woodworker could answer about his craft/product.

      The only place I have seen resold goods being sold as handmade, was at ETSY. I don’t know what goes on at tradeshows, but that takes a lot of balls to sell resale asia goods there as handmade. Since you’re lying to peoples faces. I may have mistook “destroys the concept of hand make craft” as you implying that lying was going on in the handmade community, sorry if I’m mistaken.

    • Bravo Norman! Exactly, and thank you. Your work is top notch and if a potential buyer were to see that in person most of them will see/feel that it is truly made by hand by you. I think that the outcome of all this is that the online market in handmade/artisan made items will decrease and buying in person will be the only sure way to buy a beautiful authentic handmade object. The word in the arts/craft markets is that online is dying and selling your work yourself is the way to go. I have run a market for 20 years and sold in many for much longer than that. Artisans are telling me that their online sales are on the decline. They are all telling me that person to person is back.

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