Thursday , 29 July 2021

Etsy On Sale-Quick And Easy Way To Put Your Etsy Listings On Sale!

ON SALE ON SALE! The Man Bookmark, Crocheted Football Bookmark

ON SALE ON SALE! The Man Bookmark, Crocheted Football Bookmark

Every Etsy sellers dream….a way to put items on sale quickly and easily! This website, Etsy On Sale, allows you to put a shop section on sale. It simply uses Etsy API to edit your listings for you. I tried it myself and it works great!

So here’s how it’s done.

Go to Etsy On Sale, at the top right corner, click “Sellers”.

Etsy sale

Click “Sign In” with your google account (or watch the demo video below it instead). After signing in with google, you will be asked to set a time zone, and to allow Etsy Access. This is necessary in order for the site to be able to use Etsy’s API to edit your listings for you.

etsy on sale

Now you will be taken to a page that tells you to choose a shop, and you will see your shop banner. Click it!

Etsy on sale

Next you’ll go to your dashboard. To create a sale, click “Sale Events”.

Etsy on sale

After clicking that, click “Create New Sale”. Follow the instructions on that page. You will be able to name your sale (this won’t show up anywhere on Etsy, it’s just a way to keep track of your sale events on your dashboard), choose a shop section you want to put on sale, choose a start and end date, a certain amount of $ or a percentage off your item prices, and also a title that will appear at the beginning of your listings.

When you’re done, click “Schedule Sales Event”.

Etsy on sale

And that’s it! Now you will see your sale event on your dashboard like this:

Etsy on sale

One thing though. When it’s time for the sale to start, give it 10 minutes to begin. That is how long it takes for the site to edit your listings.

So in other words, if you schedule a sales event for 4 PM, it will start at about 10 minutes after.

Have fun with Etsy on Sale, and I hope this saves you a lot of time!

Oh, and just so you know, I used this to put my manly sports bookmarks on sale at 25% off! Manly bookmarks for boys and men.

Etsy on Sale featured on Etsy’s Handmade Code – HERE

Learn more about what Sales you should run this holiday season.

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  1. Thank you so much! Y ou alwasy have the best advice.

  2. This is great! The ability to put things on sale are a function that I wish Etsy would add. Maybe sometime soon?

  3. Went to the site- couldn’t register, seems like it’s still under construction, saw similar comments on Etsy forums

  4. I didn’t even know this existed on Etsy, great advice!!!!

  5. Thanks, Tim! I went to the website, and the directions are very simple. I can’t wait to “run a sale”!!

  6. My short sale just ended and I had 9 sales – that’s a record for me in such a short time. Plus it was easy to do. Thank you !

  7. AWESOME!! Thank you for this great bit of information – !!!

  8. I did it! Really easy, thanks a heap!

  9. This application will not allow me to offer “FREE SHIPPING for the Holidays” sale. Wants a specific dollar amount.

  10. Thanks! I have been asking Etsy Admin for this FOREVER. Finally I can have my SALES.

  11. Wow! Grest stuff, keep it comming! Thanks!!

  12. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!!
    I did it! Can’t wait to see my first sale!!!Thank you for helping!

  13. I joined for a week. These guys rolled this program out way too soon, it’s got too many bugs in it and is way too invasive for me. In order to join this group – which is not Etsy but a google group – you have to authorize the google group to access your Etsy account with you account name and password… anyone see the inherent issues there? I do. I unsubscribed from Etsy-On-Sale today.

  14. awesome tool!

  15. This is a wonderful tool, works great.

  16. So cool! I am so excited I found this, thank you!! – FizzyArtist

  17. I just set up a Black Friday sale using your instructions!! It worked perfectly, thank you!!

  18. Sounds like a cool tool to put listings in your shop on sale! Thanks!

  19. wonderful tips thank you!

  20. Thank you for this easy how-to! However, I just noticed that Etsy on Sale will now be charging their sellers a small fee for their services, which could really put a dent in our profit margins, especially if we all already having an Etsy sale in our shop!

  21. I looked at Etsy on Sale when I first started Etsy a few months ago but also noticed that it charges a fee. Has any one found this to be a money pit or actually beneficial for sales?

  22. I need someone from etsyonsale to help me . I cannot access etsy on sale . I used to have a shop called Stitchesandjewels . I have changed the name of that shop . I now have two shops . One is called jewelsbygillian and it is connected to ghe email address. My other shop is called Gilliansstitches and it is connected to the email address Somehow a gmail account which I do not use and am trying to figure out how to cancel is connected to my etsyonsale account and I cannot get into my account to create a sale . Please help

  23. I just completed a SALE with them and they have amazing customer service. You can contact them by email:

    If you are new to this app, you can use this referral code when linking your shop to Etsy On Sale to claim your 10$ free credits:


  24. Thanks so much for posting this! I thought for sure Etsy already had an option to put items on sale. It’s a much needed feature! But I’m trying this app to run a Cyber Monday sale. I hope it works out.

  25. I just placed my first sale with this app starts next weekend 25% OFF hope it generates some sales. I think because they gave me 5 free credits that it was FREE, anyway looks like it doesn’t cost much to use this app and so convenient.

  26. I added one of my shops and ran a sale on that. Then I wanted to add my second shop, and had some problems. Sent them a couple of emails, but have had no reply.

  27. I signed up based on your review, thanks so much! I have a dumb question though… so your customers don’t have to use coupon codes for your sale in Etsy checkout because Etsy On Sale is adjusting the price to the sale price, right? Thanks!

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