Saturday , 8 May 2021
This is the first article in a series of blog posts for Etsy sellers who want to learn more about how to use Pinterest to drive sales.

Etsy Sellers Can’t Afford to Ignore Pinterest

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Pinterest

By Lynne Brehmer – SpreeWorks (

This is the first article in a series of blog posts for Etsy sellers who want to learn more about how to use Pinterest to drive sales.

Does it seem like Pinterest came out of nowhere? I try my best to stay on top of the latest social media trends, but Pinterest caught me off guard. A few months ago I started to see posts in my Facebook feed about so and so “created a board on Pinterest” or “pinned a pin on Pinterest”. What was even more interesting was that it wasn’t my techie friends that were posting these items. It was my artistic, high school friends who were sharing their recipe ideas or their excitement for the latest fashion trends. I decided to find out more about this Pinterest thing….

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I became addicted to Pinterest immediately. I clicked on one of the clothing ensembles displayed on the Pinterest home page. I loved being able to get ideas for new outfits and that all I had to do in order to get a particular fashion “look” was to click on the image and it would take me right to the store where I could buy the item online. Genius!

Apparently, a few other people thought so too. Pinterest has become the fastest growing social network. Here are a few stats about its adoption rate and demographics.

  • There are 11.7 million unique monthly visitors to the Pinterest website
  • Pinterest retains and engages users 2-3 times more efficiently as Twitter did at the same age
  • American users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest compared to Twitter at 36 minutes, LinkedIn at 17 minutes, and Google+ at 6 minutes.
  • 87% of the users are Female with the majority being between the ages of 25 and 44 and living in the mid-western states
  • 60% of Pinterest members have a college degree
  • Pinterest accounts for 3.6% of referral traffic, roughly the same as Twitter at 3.61%

Did these stats catch your attention? If you sell products online you’re probably anxious to learn more about Pinterest and get your products on their website ASAP. I know it may seem overwhelming to learn the ins and outs of a new social media network so we’ve created a quick guide to get you started.

What Exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is simply a virtual bulletin board where you can organize and share things you find on the web. The focus of the site is on images which makes Pinterest visually appealing and different than other social media sites like Facebook which focus more on text updates.

Here are some common Pinterest terms that you’ll need to know.


Pin – An image that you want to post on Pinterest. You can either upload the image from your computer or link to it from another website. You can also add a text caption to the image.

Pinboard (or “board”) – A virtual bulletin board where you organize your pins. You’ll need to give your board a name. Most people create themes for their boards like “living room decor inspiration” or “places I want to travel.”

Re-pin You can choose to “re-pin” any pinned item on Pinterest into one of your own boards. You can change the text caption for the re-pinned item if you like.

Following You can choose to “follow” all of someone’s boards or just one of their boards. When you login into your Pinterest account, you’ll see a stream of items that the people you are following have pinned. The same happens for people following you.

Like You can also “like” a pinned item. Liked items appear in a different stream than people/boards you are following. People tend to use “like” when they don’t have an appropriate board to add the pin to or they don’t want others to see that they’ve liked the item.

Wrapping Up

In our next post, we’ll walk you through how to sign up for a Pinterest account, create pins and boards, and how to add “pin it” buttons to your product listings so you can starting generating Pinterest referral traffic.

Lynne Brehmer is the Director of Product Marketing at SpreeCommerceSpree offers a solution that empower sellers to create an online store in minutes. There are no technical skills required. Etsy store owners can also easily synch their products with their SpreeWorks store. Checkout the SpreeWorks website for more information on how you can start building youronlinestore today.


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  1. I am TOTALLY addicted to Pinterest! I joined after reading how it could generate traffic to my site (never did figure out how to do that– looking forward to the next post!) Now I’ve got my mom, sisters, and even my husband signed up!

  2. I am also addicted, along with most of my family and friends. Looking forward to the next article!

  3. I adore Pinterest. I had to take a break for awhile because I was so addicted. Now I’m using it more for advertising. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten any sales from it but my Etsy stats show traffic from the site.

  4. I have been using both Facebook and Twitter together for my jewelry and supplies promotions, and a friend of mine who is a PR and marketing expert said that Pinterest is the only other one of these networking sites which is in the top three. It goes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (in that order.) So, I have done it and started a couple of boards just of my own merchandise on Pinterest. I like that you can cross promote between the three sites. Also, she said that as for the others, like LinkedIn, that the return is negligible from them. Why waste your valuable time? LOL
    So, a Pinning I shall go!!!

  5. I’m hesitant to sign up for more sites…so I’m insterested to hear more on the subject!

  6. I’m very interested in your follow up article, as I’m not sure how to promote my own items on Pinterest ~ willing to learn though! :) I thought self-promotion was discouraged…?

  7. I love Pinterest and I hear so many people say they are addicted to it. Need we say more? On Etsy, I pin a few of my beads but mostly I use it to promote others’ products. When I am featured in a treasury I have 1 item, I call it a ‘Pin Pick’ and I promote it. It’s my favorite item. I have various categories set up on Pinterest to organize my favorite treasury items into.
    I also have a few other categories outside of the Etsy realm such as places and creative spaces. It’s a fun way to promote Etsy and the cool things found there. If everyone on Etsy did this regularly it would benefit us all1

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