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Etsy SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Products for the Etsy Search

Etsy SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Products for the Etsy Search


My name is Scott Taft. I live in Chicago with my wife and 2 dogs. Content marketing is my passion and OG Content is my way of exploring strategies and processes that work. I want to teach you to be better at marketing on the web.

There are a lot of good resources out there about Etsy SEO and how to optimize your Etsy product page for search engines, but I want to explore in more detail how to rank higher in Etsy’s own search engine.

After some careful experimentation it seems that Etsy SEO and their own search algorithm might not be that complicated for long tail search terms.

My wife’s Etsy shop AbleGrable sells vintage kitchen items. She has an item that is a Federal Glass bowl with a sunflower design on it. It was showing up in Etsy’s search for the phrase “federal glass sunflower bowl”. Granted this is quite a specific search phrase but I wanted to find a search where the product was showing up on the first page of the Etsy search results.

Her Federal Glass bowl was ranked about 32nd on the first page for this search. I started looking at the products ranked in the top 4 and looked closely at their product pages. The first thing I noticed was the product title of the first three items all the had the exact phrase “federal glass sunflower bowl”.

Being an SEO expert, I know how important a title is so it made sense the product title would be so indicative of how to rank the product. So the first step to optimizing your Etsy products for the Etsy search engine is the product title.

Disclaimer: So far these strategies appear to only be working for longer tail search phrases (4 words or more).

Step 1: The Product Title

Title tag - One of the most important aspects of onsite SEO is the title tag. Turns out Etsy pulls populates the page’s Title Tag from the item title. Also, I noticed once I changed the item title to include the exact phrase “federal glass sunflower bowl” it jumped up a to about the 10th spot immediately!

Just like your regular keyword research, the short tail search terms are going to more competitive and take a lot more than just an item title to compete. In this preliminary research, I haven’t discovered a pattern for the shorter tail keywords. The strategies in this post work better for long tail keywords.


etsy seo

H1 Tag - The item title is also your H1 tag which is another important onsite SEO attribute that helps search engines understand what your page is about. When you change your item title you are actually killing 3 birds with one stone (see next section). It’s just important to note the extent of the impact this item title can have on organic SEO.

etsy seo

Image alt tag - The final SEO attribute that the item title affects is the image alt tag. This tag communicates to search engines what the images on your page are about. Etsy automatically populates the alt tag of ALL your images from the product item title. Make sure to add the maximum number of images (5) to get your image alt tag on the page as many times as possible.

etsy seo

Check out the rest of Scott’s Etsy SEO post over on his blog.  HERE 

Scott goes in to more detail about your item descriptions and Etsy’s search algorithm.


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  1. Fantastic information! I currently have only one photo for each of my digital downloads but now I see even a better reason to get busy and add more! SEO can be so confusing…thank you for helping me to begin to crack the code! Also, thank you for the 12 point checklist! Looking forward to using it when I upload new items…as well as going over the rest of my inventory to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Again thanks for the great info!!

    Joanne over at joee ink design studio

  2. Thank you for posting!

  3. What on earth is a long tail search term!!!

  4. Hi Scott,

    Etsy optimization impacts greatly onto your conversions. Making your profile and your product page attractive, filled with full content helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your idea.
    Moreover, I have recently wrote an blog on complete SEO guide for SEO experts like you.

    I hope you may like it.

  5. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article. Thank you
    for supplying these details.

  6. Great post. Thanks so much for posting. I followed your SEO tips with one listing and it moved up from about number 90 to number 6!

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