Thursday , 9 July 2020

Etsy Shipping Poll – What Shipping Service Do You Use?

Mail - Original Fine Art 8x10 Photograph Print

Mail - Original Fine Art 8x10 Photograph Print | by: MidnightFarm

So the question is, what mail service do you use?

What Shipping Service Do You Use The Most?

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Why do you use the mail service that you use?  In the comments below I would love to hear why you use the mail service you use.

For 95% of my shipping I use USPS.  For smaller packages national and international they can’t be beat.  I do however use UPS for any larger items like my furniture.  I love that UPS will package any item for you and if they do it is 100% insured.  If it breaks they replace. 

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  1. All of my items are small, so the USPS is the most affordable option. Not to mention that I can create labels with pay pal and there is no waiting in line at the PO. I just drop and run…which I love since I work and 8 to 5 job on top of my Etsy and ArtFire shops.

  2. The USPS can’t be beat for pricing and I have never had a single piece lost or damaged (hmmm where’s that piece of wood to knock on?!?!?) Also, the little PO where I mail from is wonderful… great service and never super busy.

  3. I love the small box flat rate priority through USPS!

  4. I love the USPS service use those small boxes for everything. My shipping problems are international.

  5. I wish I could say that Canada Post is a cheap but it’s my most affordable option.

  6. UPS has done right by us when shipping our large paintings. We had equally good success with USPS for small shipments. I would love to hear about experiences using FedEx.

  7. I’m like everyone else, Tim, in that USPS is the best option for most of my shipping. With small jewelry items, and little knitted baby hats, it the most inexpensive way to ship (and I can print labels at home). However some of my clothing items and larger handbags weigh to much to ship first class, and priority shipping for one item (not over 3#) is getting a little pricey. (I shipped one ladies knit top lat week from CA to TX that cost me $9.00 Priority!) I’m thinking of using FEDex ground for those items as it seems to make the most sense. The USPS flat rate boxes are good if you have heavy item/s. The free shipping supplies from the USPS are a big help!

  8. All of my jewelry items are small, so USPS is the most affordable option for me. Plus I can create labels online. And I have never had anything lost. (knock on wood)

  9. I always use USPS for all shipping. You can’t beat it with furnished supplies, too good to pass up.

  10. I use USPS for all my shipping except large furniture. I print my labels on line and the mail man picks them up right at my job. The only time I have to go to the post office is for international sales.
    I did sell a large piece, shipped through UPS…they wrapped for me and it was totally insured…well they totally destroyed the piece! Luckily it was completely insured! But the piece can never be replaced, it was an antique bar unit and I have never seen a piece like it.

  11. For anyone who can afford it, appears to be a great idea. Never go to the P.O. again! Right now, they’re running a free 30-day trial period. After it runs out, the cost is $15.99/mo.

  12. Love the flat rate boxes, convenience of making my labels online and I have found the USPS to be the most gentle with packages.

    I use to work in a place that used UPS for everything and I saw how they handled their packages and how many claims we had. We also used the USPS and never had one problem even for our international shipping.

  13. I find Usps the most affordable way to ship and has been the most positive. I pack my own things and buy postage through paypal, so convenient! Flat rate always costs more than using my own boxes. Ups for large items like furniture though.

  14. USPS is the most economical and for the money is far faster than UPS or FedEx. If I’m shipping something that is original or crumple-able (such as artwork on paper) I will ship Priority Mail, but for most digital prints or ACEOs I use 1st Class or Parcel Post, because customers don’t want to pay $5 in shipping for a $5 to $15 item.

  15. I voted for the wrong one…LOL I voted for UPS when I should have said USPS. I use it through PayPal. When I have a sale out of the US I take it to the post office.

  16. USPS for me! I also sell small jewelry items and it has been an incredible time saver to be able to print labels at home on domestic orders. I do take international packages to the post office. Flat Rate Priority envelopes are great for magazines I sell on ebay.

    Had a lost package about 6 weeks ago and I had to replace the item. :( Now I’ve started including a PACKING SLIP in every order – in case the outside of the envelope gets massacred by the post office machinery, the address will be inside.

  17. I would put a packing slip in every time you never know how things are thown about at the PO. I only have the option of the PO. As I live way up in the mountains. I think to use A carrier would cost the earth.

  18. USPS is the most economical and fastest option for shipping my work. Since I’m sending jewelry, most of my packages are small and are appropriate for the shipping and handling fees I charge; even internationally. Plus, for U.S. shipping I can get my shipping fees all complete on Paypal along with a packing slip and a shipping confirmation for only 19 cents.

  19. I am from Malaysia so I ship outside of the US. But I ship via registered mail which has a tracking number. (although tracking options is limited) There had been cases where the parcel ended up where it was not intended for, like a parcel to Franch ended up in Germany (for some unknown reason) and we could still track it down eventually with the tracking number.

  20. usps is the best price to ship my jewelry and that is with delivery conformation.

  21. I’ma retired Carrier w/ USPS so of course I have to ship that way! Honestly it is because when shipping small light packages they are the best rate. : )

  22. Oh yay!! I already posted USPS but I had to com back to see if I finally have an avatar! Yay! I’m not a ghost anymore! :)

  23. I use the USPS . I ship small items and I also ship handbags . So far so good with the shipping , but I will say it can be a nail biting experience . :D


  24. After awhile you still get hurt but as time goes by you learn more about what its going to cost to shipp with end a few cwnts on small items ,But like Diana large items can scare me.

  25. I usually ship my larger pieces with, much better than Greyhound!

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