Thursday , 9 July 2020

Etsy Steampunk Jewelry Poll

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction, that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes fictional works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used – usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era Britain – but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, often featuring futuristic technology as the people of this historical period would have envisioned it to look like, i.e. based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, art, etc. :: Wiki

Here are a few of the top Steampunk designers on Etsy.  Click on the pics to find out more about each design.

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Which Steampunk Design Do You Like Best?

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  1. How is the bezel attached to the watch movement?

    I love this – so clean!

  2. I love this. I make jewelry and lamps from old car clock parts.. dating from the 30′s and on.. hope you like them.. thanks

  3. Love the robot ring! The lobster clasp claws make him look like a robotic crab. Awesome!

  4. Grats to Catherinetterings for being featured in Handmadeology! I own a beautiful octopus steampunk necklace ( ) by them. That ring actually was a Daily Deviation on DeviantART. Love their store!

    I found Catherinette Rings through DeviantART. It’s

  5. I’ve been creating art, in numerous forms for as long as I can remenber. I love the creative aspect, and am thrilled when someone delights in one of my pieces, and purchases it. But I don’t have the time or computer savy to promote my shops adequately. Well, maybe this will be a step in that process.Please visit my Etsy stores, and tell you friends what you like.
    Your, SJM

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