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If someone gave you 14 opportunities to make a sale, would you decide to only use 10? I doubt it. Don't do that with your tags on Etsy either. You may miss the boat!

Use All 14 Etsy Tags – Blank Tags Won’t Make a Sale

Gift Tags - Handmade Coffee Stained Assorted Birds

Gift Tags - Handmade Coffee Stained Assorted Birds | by: seasonaldelights

Article by :Jacqueline Jewelry

Tags: 14 Opportunities to Get it Right

If someone gave you 14 opportunities to make a sale, would you decide to only use 10? I doubt it. Don’t do that with your tags on Etsy either. You may miss the boat!
The first tag is Etsy’s official category list. Choose the one that most accurately fits your item (warning: Etsy does respond to complaints about mis-categorized items, so beware. Yes, we all want visibility, but not at the expense of customer good will.

Etsy has Tutorials and Help Articles

Etsy has several articles and helpful tips you can use, and they discuss using tags, choosing categories, and many other helpful items to set up and organize your store.  So don’t overlook all they help they give to sellers.

Tags: Use ‘Em All

Standard tags I think you should use ALL THE TIME:

FIRST:  The NAME of your Store

If you have promoted your store on your blog, if someone else has mentioned your store on their blog, or if they heard about you from another customer, you want them to find you, don’t you?  Maybe they actually purchased from you before, but don’t want to go through their list of past purchases to find you.  Whatever the reason, or however they know of your store, make that one of your tags.

SECOND:  Your Name, or the Name you Use with your Creations!
This is another, to me at least, no-brainer.  Friends and people at work may not remember my store name, but they will know mine.  I always tell customers they can find our store on etsy, so they may remember that and go looking. BUT my store name, since I have a business partner, may not be quite that easy to remember.  By entering my name in the search text, my items should pop right up.
Remember, your customers can’t walk in your store and ask questions, or ask for you, so you need them to find you, quick, easy and accurately.

More Tagging Suggestions

Describe your item in the next tags. Now, descriptions are a bit more tricky. Of course, you do want to be descriptive, but not so detailed that no one would ever use that as a search term. Cream, tan, or brown may be terms customers would use to search for a purse color, but ecru? Well, probably not so much. But if you have something that is a well known trademark name, be sure to add that. Let’s say you made a wall hanging using Mary Engelbreit material. Be sure you list that as an item. Customers would search on that, since it may be something they specifically want to find!
I sell jewelry so I am sure to list color, type of gemstone, and generally whether it’s silver or gold or copper, etc. I might also add the type of clasp, if it’s unique, such as heart toggle. I list the gemstone, if it is one I think customers would search on, such as turquoise, amethyst or sapphire. But I might not add that if the stone is uncommon, such as rhodochrosite, and especially not manganese carbonate! Who knows that! Not many customers. And if they do, they will also know they more common ways to find it, such as searching for pink or rose colored.

Team Tags

OK, maybe you have passed the obvious tags, and now you are wondering “what else?”  Is this where you used to quit (used to, because you know you won’t do that anymore, right?).  You have listed the basic descriptive terms, your name and your store.  Next?
If you are the member of an Etsy team, add that as a tag.  I have personally used this in so many ways, and it’s great. First, if anyone has promoted your team  in a blog post or article, customers may search on the team name and get not only our store, but many of our individual items also!  Second, if I am writing the article, I can search for our team name and immediately get items from our members stores that I can then high-light and link to in my article!  Quick, easy.  Third, it also makes it easy for a member to work up a treasury that will focus on team offerings.  Finally, sometimes I can’t remember a member’s store name (in fact, some members may have more than 1 store).

Locator Tags

I also list tags about where I am located.  I’ve never used “United States” but I may need to remember that one myself.  But I list my state and usually my city.  Or perhaps the closest large city to where I am.  Many people try to shop local whenever they can, and I want them to find me.  Maybe they will contact me for a custom order if they know we can meet and discuss it in person.  Maybe they have a store and would take some of my items on consignment.
Also, if your item is somehow connected to a large special event, add that as a tag. If you make handmade wedding invitations, using calligraphy, you want that in your tags. If your item uses an image of Italy, or the Eiffel Tower, be sure those are tagged as such.  Is it a bookmark with a cross?  Maybes you add the terms catechism or baptism or confirmation, since these might be great gifts for such occasions.
It is not a tagging error to help customers find a gift for that special occasion or for someone who has a particular hobby or interest. You don’t want to be overlooked.  Tags are your ability to suggest something from your shelves to your customer.

Special Considerations

Today, an important and popular item to search for are those that are environmentally or ecologically friendly? Is your item a recycle or re-use of something else? Is it “green?” Are you donating some of the profit to a special cause, such as the Susan Komen for the Cure? For the latter, I’d use Komen, Cure, Breast Cancer, donation, fundraiser, maybe even pink ribbon. Also, if you know your item has some controversy around it, and you want to assure your customer that this it uses only “fair trade” components, tag it.  If you only use organic ingredients, add that tag!
If you just lowered the price, update those tags: sale, discount, clearance, reduced, special deal. Are you offerring free shipping? Add that tag (be careful of these, I did that once and had to re-tag everything for that month AND then “un-tag” it all after the special ended).

Now What?

OOPS! Maybe you filled all your tags but have another word or 2 you want in there. Isn’t that a great conundrum? Far better than leaving them blank. You can put 2 words on 1 tagline as long as they aren’t long. For example, “blue” and “aqua” will fit on one tag, or perhaps “blue” and “teal” for another option. Double up your terms whenever possible to make the most from those 13 extra text boxes Etsy lets you use! Is the item a photo of a flower? An iris? Put iris flower in your tag. You have a total of 18 characters/spaces available; use all you can.
OK, maybe you’ve exhausted the city, state, country, colors, components, your name, store name, and team. Still searching to fill up those spaces? You can stretch a bit and still be quite appropriate in all your tags! Does your elephant pendant have crystals around the neck, like an elephant in a circus? Add “circus” as a tag.

No Instant Answers

No, I don’t have all the instant tags that will drive customers to your store, but I do hope you have stretched your imagination. If you had a brick and mortar store and this item was in your store, and a customer came in and asked for “X” what “X” would lead you to recommend this item? Simply put: “When would you suggest this to a customer?” Those are the terms you want to use as tags.

I hope this list, while far from exhaustive, helps you think of some extra tags. While a tag may not work, I can guarantee you that a blank tag WON’T EVER work! Good luck and happy tagging!

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  1. I didn’t know you could combine keywords in the tags! I guess I have some more work to do!!! Thanks again :)

  2. Wow! Thanks so much, I had never thought of that, and it makes so much sense. So grateful.

  3. Thank you, I Never Ever thought of using my location, and name in the tags!!!!!!

  4. Learned so much. Thanks. THIS article (and others like it) is why I hang around Handmadeology so much!

  5. Great article…Very helpful! Thanks so much!

  6. Holy Cow I feel silly!! Thank you for sharing, I never realizrd you could put more than one keyword per line!!

  7. Thank you for this, there are several ideas here I hadn’t thought of, like location or the donation one, I donate to Autism Speaks, why haven’t I used this as a tag? My tags definitely need an overhaul!

  8. One of the suggestions I make all the time to those who don’t! Thank you for some excellent ideas! I always debated whether to tag my items with my shop name- you make a good point- and they don’t have to search only by seller that way. We tag our team items with a team tag so other team members can find them, so why not our own tag? I also loved the point about eco-tags, etc. Loved this post!

  9. Ack!! Sorry to bring this bummer into an otherwise awesomely helpful post (seriously, I’m about to go do some tag updating with location) BUT you are actually NOT aloud to tag “stuff”, which means stuffing two words into one tag unless they go together. For example:

    “antiqued brass” is allowed…

    “blue aqua” is considered tag stuffing…

    and is illegal and you can get in trouble with Etsy admins for this if caught.

    Hope this helps!


  10. but you can use “blue paper”, “red apple”, and such

  11. Thanks, Tim for these suggestions! I’m going back into my tags and revising them.

  12. So using “blue aqua” is considered tag stuffing, but using “aqua blue” wouldn’t be, would it? That seems like a reasonable combination of terms to me.

    Honestly the whole tagging thing STILL confuses me a bit. Not sure if using “sterling silver” will get me the same folks as people who just look for “silver” or if those looking for sterling will use both terms…I guess a lot of it is subject to how well the buyers know how to use tags themselves.

    One thing I have an issue with is the location tag. I’m in the UK, and for a while I was tagging my items as such, but then I wondered if I was actually losing out to people who didn’t want to buy internationally (although I offer shipping for one very reasonable price internationally, the shipping time can be long). It seems that some folks are leery of purchasing internationally, while some of us don’t have much of a choice, as Etsy is comprised primarily of US sellers. So I took out that tag in the hopes that people would see my item and decide they wanted it regardless of where it came from, instead of being swayed primarily by location. That might not be important to anyone outside the US, but I think it might be an issue for Canadian, European or UK sellers.

    I usually try to figure out how I use the search feature to produce my tags. I think, “if I were looking for this item, or something like it, what would I search for?” and especially “if I weren’t very familiar with terminology, how would I refer to it?” and try to build them from there.

    I used to leave tags empty too, now I have a very long list of possibles. I especially try to use descriptors of fashion styles like “bohemian chic” or “modern vintage” to describe specific pieces for the more fashion conscious jewelry buyer, and there are certain fashion sites I find very helpful for that information. Just started that actually–we’ll see how it goes. :)

  13. Thank you so much for these great ideas!

  14. Wonderful ideas! Thanks, now to go and add more tags to all my listings.

  15. This is an excellent SEO article. Some I already knew but it needed reinforcing and some was totally new. Well thought out and well written.

    Thanks for taking the time to do it,


  16. Your article has helped so much! I didn’t know about Etsy team tags – thanks a million!

  17. Thanks so much! It is helpful!

  18. Thanks for this article! This is truly very helpful information!

  19. Thank you for these wonderful tips.

  20. I know this article is a few years old, but I just found it, and I am so glad I did. Learned a bunch of new tricks here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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