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One of the most important things to remember when faced with all aspects of your business is that you are your own best marketing agent. Who better to promote your product than you?

Every Opportunity is A Marketing Opportunity : Etsy Marketing Tips

Sunflower Pendant by TheGreenGroovy

I took this one sentence out of four years of Marketing education and made it my mantra, “Every Opportunity is a Marketing Opportunity.”  (Spoken from the same teacher who said Walmart would be huge…and at the time had only opened one store…) I have applied this mantra in my professional career, and so should you.

One of the most important things to remember when faced with all aspects of your business is that you are your own best marketing agent. Who better to promote your product than you? Who else knows the sweat and tears of love that goes into creating your product?  Furthermore, who else can explain the benefits of your organic lip gloss or plaid Eco-friendly recycled purse?

Here are a few suggestions (and I’m sure you’ve heard them all) to further promote and market yourself and your product.

Lovely Scarf by HandmadeInEurope.

Wear and Use Your Own Product
Do you make handbags, jewelry, or lip gloss?  Is your claim to fame rainbow note pads or organic t-shirts? Whatever it is you do or make, utilize your own product in life.  Show it, love it, use it and promote it.  Someone will surely ask “Where did you get that cute t-shirt?”  Believe in your product and wear it to work to get it noticed!


Honeycomb Ring by ArchetypeZ

Your Friends and Family Are Your Co-Marketers, Don’t Be Scared
I’m here to tell you that your family and friends are your best outlets for helping share your product.  Does someone in your family work a front desk at a busy company?  Adorn them with your jewelry and business cards.

I hear this objection all the time–people are scared to post their items to their “personal” Facebook or tie in a business page to their Facebook in fear they will be too “salesy” among their co-workers, friends, or family members.  Wrong again.  You will have those few that may ignore your posts like Uncle Ralph who only cares about sports.  The majority however will be proud of you. Aunt Edna is going to share your items because she has bragging rights. Your cousin thinks that your latest item is super cute and shares it 800 miles away to her college friends. They share and they share and pretty soon someone in Florida has either bought your item or favorites your shop and buys items from you.  The trickle effect does work, so use it!  Ask them to share the link to help you and they will.

Creative Etsy Success Pack, and more tools to help you at HandmadeologyBiz.

Your Online Storefront Isn’t Going to Sell Itself
Even Etsy has instituted the Facebook and Twitter share buttons for a reason (and now focuses on relevancy searches). Social networking is key and a must to promote yourself , your product, and your business. One big objection is “I don’t have time.”  Make time.  You can do this in ten minutes per day at first, so that just means setting the alarm clock ten minutes early or going to bed ten minutes late.  You owe it to yourself to do the best you can.

Some of you do have a Twitter, Facebook, Blog or Website and use other networking tools.  If you already have these in place, use them ten minutes more a day.   If you only have some of these in place, take steps to work on another avenue. Perhaps you are strong in Facebook but not on blogs. If that’s the case ten minutes a day can help you get better! The big time saving goal should be that once you have a blog, Facebook and Twitter in place you can link them all together. There are free applications that will auto post your blogs to your Facebook and Twitter or vice-versa.  They are easy to set up and will save you additional time.  Imagine, one post, ten minutes, three outlets. What’s not to love?

Vintage Glove molds, RetroChalet.

Listen to Feedback, Market to the Massses
Let’s say you make the cutest earrings and you wear them everywhere. You have gotten ten compliments on them last month alone and after you told them you made them five of them asked if you offer matching pendant sets. (Which you presently don’t.) Listen to the feedback and tailor your marketing plan to include what your customers want.  Perhaps your earring shop would fare better if it included pendants and bracelets, and maybe a few rings.  Instead of just an earring shop it’s now a one stop shop for jewelry of all kinds.

Wedding Coaster by AngelEllie.

Husbands and Teams and Etsy Marriages
Just when I thought my husband wasn’t big into my work, and lives in what I call his sports-BBQ-sports-food-sports world,  I heard him bragging to some friends about my writing and mentioned I was working on my Vintage Blog.  I then had a talk with my husband and told him that my art room would be a lot less cluttery if he continued to spread the word about my sculptures and the basement less jam packed if he could start promoting my vintage shop!  I assume it was just the thought of less junk around was motivation enough and now he carries my business cards everywhere.  He has proven to be a benefit!

If you sell your product on Etsy, join a Team. Teams are a great way to form more marketing opportunities with others and develop a sales strategy.  The Handmadeology team is very focused on promoting items and selling, and has it’s own team tag HMET where customers can find your wares.

I also believe in the Etsy Marriage, which I have wrote about here on Handmadeology, so please do check it out.

In Retrospect
Keep vigilant, determined, dedicated, focused, and remember everywhere you go, and everything you do is a marketing opportunity.  

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